Japanese Hair Makeover | Aki Hair Studio, Mont Kiara

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hi my darling merrygoers! 

For those of you who have been following my social media accounts, you would have noticed me sharing about my hair makeover experience at Aki Hair Studio recently. If you haven't please do follow me because I am really quite active on them!

Aki Hair Studio is located at Verve Shop, Mont Kiara and they have just recently relocated from the 2nd floor to the 6th floor to accommodate more space for the nail salon. Yes! There is a nail salon within the same premise and I must say the relocation is a great decision. The space makes it more exclusive plus I love the additional space outdoors for tons of photo taking and the lighting is just amazing.

So you can expect a generous amount of photos in this post because I had tons of fun taking them with my darling Tara. Truth to be told, the one who needed a major hair makeover was Tara and when I received the invite to try out the services at Aki Hair Studio, I literally jumped at the opportunity to get her in too. I super love her hair and I'll show you some photos of her hair and link her blog post later for more details.

If you know me well, I'm not really a huge daredevil in terms of hair which means yup you've got it right. I still had virgin hair which has not been dyed before. Most of the time, the only love I actually do for my hair is hair treatments and the occasional cuts especially my bangs. My fringe has been growing out and I was in dire need to trim it as well plus who can say no to more hair treatments?

After booking an appointment with Aki-san, we made our way to the hair studio on an early Saturday morning. Parking is rather scarce but if you don't mind, you can double park on front of the shops. Just take the glass lift up to Level 6 and you will see Aki Hair Studio.

Stepping into Aki Hair Studio was just so calming. I love the interior of the studio but honestly I actually love the smell of hair salons. Aki-san was a bit preoccupied with his client so we looked around the salon and snapped some photos of the place and the nail salon.

I have been in love with gel manicure since I tried them last year and I'm seriously I'm love with the nail salon here. The interior is just so insta-worthy! So white and those sample nail designs are so pretty. Seriously tempted me to book a session for some nail pampering because it was time for me to change my nail designs too.

Enough of exploring around, we were then tended by Aki-san who was seriously super friendly. He asked us what would we want to do and then assigned Masa-san and Rick to tend to our hair. Lucky Tara to get her hair done by Masa who she says is the sweetest guy ever. 

Rick who was the senior stylist there was a super friendly guy and we really kept talking the whole time. After having a look at my hair, we decided to trim my hair a bit and get some hair treatment done. He did say my hair was in healthy condition although I had slightly oily scalp.

Now who doesn't love hair washes at salons? Seriously so relaxing and calming! The Mint Shampoo he used was so refreshing and left my scalp feeling super refreshed. If he wasn't talking to me the whole time, I would have fallen asleep.

Rick then proceed to trim my hair and add more layers especially at my crown since it was getting a bit too flat. If you know me well, I am super sensitive and picky about my hair stylist because I had terrible experience no thanks to my hair type and texture. I used to have hair that literally looked like onjust came out from a science lab! Gosh those memories.. Plus the only one I actually trusted for my fringe is Christine whom have been really so sweet to cut it for me each time. So yeah, I had my concerns when Rick cut my hair but somehow I forgot about it because I was busy chit chatting with him. All of the sudden he was done! So fast and he was so confident on how to cut it too.

Not only that, somehow no thanks to Tara as well, they managed to talk me into dyeing my hair! I have always loved my black hair because my hair is seriously jet black that I get people coming up to me asking me of I dyed it black. Plus I didn't like the idea of bleaching my hair and many of my friends around me who love my hair have always told me NOT to bleach and damage it. So yeah bleaching was never an option to me although I have always fancied those gorgeous ombre purple blue pink hair. Gosh the temptation. But I didn't want to give my mum a heart attack coming home with some unicorn hair and I wasn't ready to part with my black hair yet so I have never dyed my hair. I was actually proud of my black crowning glory.

However, Rick told me he could actually add some blue pigments to my hair making it look healthier and vibrant without the color being too bold and in your face. While I was still thinking and chatting with Tara about trying to dye it, Rick with his efficiency has prepared the blue dye which nearly made my eyes pop out. Like come on, how is that color not going to turn NY hair blue?

He then started combing the dye into my head and boy oh boy was my heart pumping! On the other hand, Tara was super ecstatic that she talked me into it plus I kinda gave Rick the honor of being the first person to dye my hair.

Tara was done before me and I super duper loved her hair! Somehow Masa-san did some magic and turned her hair into these amazing gradient hair which had so many colors. Surprisingly he just used one color to dye her whole hair but somehow, the end result was blue and green and gray tint plus sometimes when the light catches it, there was purple. I loved it!

Then it was time for my turn to wash the dye off and after washing it off, Rick did a hair treatment for me from Lebel. Aki Hair Studio is actually the brand ambassador for Level, a Japanese brand which has some great hair products. I loved the scent from the 3 step treatment and how soft my hair was after using it.

Dyeing your hair can actually damage your hair, making it dry like hay so hair treatment is essential to keep your hair healthy. Thanks to Lebel hair treatment, my hair still felt healthy and soft. Now time for my end result after the blowing and styling from Rick who just enhanced my natural curls. I was surprised that the blue was not apparent! Tata couldn't see the blue at all but she said that there is something different about my hair. It has a kind of glow to it because my black hair was more of a dull black color but now it has more of a shine to it.

Here are some awesome shots by Tara that we took right outside the hair studio. I really liked how natural my hair still looked and the additional layers that Rick did was amazing! I loved how he cut my bangs too because it looked great. Yay! I found another person I trust with my hair.

However, as much as I love my hair color I kinda wished it was a brighter blue especially after getting the same question from tons of people asking me where is my blue hair! So what do you think? Should I really go all the way and get it more blue? What I liked was I did not need to bleach my hair and Rick mentioned that after one month if I go back and dye another layer of blue, it would get more and more apparent after each time plus even when the color fades, my hair would still look good because the base color is black!

Thank you Rick and Aki-san for the hair pampering session and for those of you who would love to get your hair done, visit them!

Aki Hair Studio

Verveshop mont Kiara, 
Level 6, 
No 8, Jalan Kiara 5, 
Mont Kiara Kl

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Tuna Cheese Macaroni Recipe | TC Boy

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hey merrygoers!

Time for another #MiriamCook and it's another super simple recipe you can make under 30 minutes. I actually made this for my sister after she woke up from her afternoon nap hungry and puppy-eyed asking for food. So here's my Tuna Cheese Macaroni.


TC Boy Tuna Flakes in Vegetable OilSan Remo Macaroni CheeseCapsicumCherry TomatoesMilkSaltPepper

Step 1

You can actually cook your own pasta but because this is an instant meal so I used the San Remo La Pasta instead which is super simple to cook. Just cook the pasta per the instruction and after the pasta has been cooked slightly al dente, you can add in your vegetables. In my case, I am adding capsicum and cherry tomatoes since that was what I had on hand.

Step 2

After adding the vegetables, you can add in the tuna flakes. Do drain away the excess oil before adding them to the pasta because you sure wouldn't want oily pasta. Mix all the ingredients together until well combined.

And there you have it! A super simple and filling meal. It is up to you how wet you want your pasta to be. If you like to have more sauce, then do not overcook your pasta but if you like it slightly drier in consistency, you can continue to mix it up over high heat for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Of course do not overcook your pasta unless you like smashed pasta. 

Tip: If you have more time on hand, scoop up the pasta into a baking tray and grate some cheese over it. Then top it up with an egg and place it in your oven for 5 minutes at 200°C. You will then get that super good baked cheesy tuna pasta!

I do hope you enjoy this simple recipe and let me know what would you add to your version!

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Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hey there my pretty merry goers! Time for another #MiriamBeauty post and this time round let's talk about the Mary Kay TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set. 

I received this duo set a while back and have been incorporating both these products into my daily skin care regime so here are my thoughts about it and if it really works to get the look of polished, younger skin and significantly smaller pores.

In the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set you will receive two products which are:

TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Plus Set (RM350)

Microdermabrasion Refine (70g)
Microdermabrasion Pore Minimizer (29ml)

Step 1

So first up we have the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine 70g, RM175 which aims to give you polished, smooth skin in an instant. It has the same key exfoliating ingredient used by many dermatologists. 

The Microdermabrasion Refine:
Reduces the appearance of fine lines
Immediately refines skin texture
Removes surface dead skin cells and buildup from fores

Before I tried this product, I thought it would be just like some other exfoliating cleansing foam but I was surprised that I was not able to see any exfoliating ingredients when I squeezed the product out. It is white and has a slight creamy texture which spreads easily. Once I applied it on my face I finally realized why it was called the microdermabrasion because the exfoliating ingredient is seriously micro-fine. It has a similar texture to fine sand and you can feel it really 'polishing' your face just like sand. It is not harsh and just gently exfoliates your skin leaving it feeling super smooth like after being polished. I seriously love the gentle exfoliation from this product because especially for sensitive skin, gentle exfoliation is very important. I'm taking note to leave this product and give it to my sister to try out since she has sensitive skin.

After cleansing, 2-3 times a week apply a small amount of TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Refine to wet face with fingertips. Using circular motions, gently massage over face. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.

Step 2

After cleansing, the next step is the TimeWise® Pore Minimizer 29ml, RM175 which aims to give smaller-looking pores for flawless looking skin. This is a NEW twice-daily defense against the look of enlarged pores.

The  TimeWise® Pore Minimizer:
Significantly reduce the visible number of pores
Gives you close-up confident skin and better results over time
Comfort skin and reduce redness

This product is more of a serum type of product where you use it after your toner and before moisturizing. It easily absorbs into the skin which is good because I do not like thick serum products. The Pore Minimizer does not leave a sticky feeling after applying too. I like how it instantly creates a smooth and polished skin surface after application but I would have to use it for a longer period to actually judge if my pores are reducing.

Use fingertips to apply 2-3 pumps of TimeWise® Pore Minimizer to face in an upward and outward motion. Follow with your regular moisturizer. The Pore Minimizer can also be used daily, twice a day, to reduce the appearance of pores.

I would recommend you try this product if:
  • You desire smooth, polished skin and/or you’re concerned about the visible number or size of your pores. 
  • You want an affordable, at-home solution for gentle exfoliation that can help combat some of the visible early-to-moderate signs of aging.

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