The Ultimate Device for a Healthy Life: A Closer Look at the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro

When you feel healthy, you feel that anything is possible. Now more than ever, consumers are proactive and taking a more holistic approach to health and wellness — from diet and exercise to proper sleep. Thanks to new habits, routines, and interests formed over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing interest in people who want to understand their physical and mental wellness better. 

With this desire for knowledge comes the increased demand for tools that allow consumers to track their overall health. In response, Samsung Electronics has amplified its wellness capabilities. By ensuring that people can access features promoting their fitness and health and receive deeper insights and data, Samsung wants to guide users toward their wellness goals. This solution should not only be functional but also packaged together in a stylish, customizable, and iconic design. In line with this vision, Samsung is introducing the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro. Representing the culmination of Samsung’s wellness vision and leadership in advanced health capabilities, this new series is the next step in redefining digital health and wellness for everyone. 

Samsung’s Most Advanced Suite of Health and Wellness Features 

The core of the Galaxy Watch5 series, Samsung’s advanced BioActive Sensor is the foundational technology driving the next era of digital health sensing — and the first step in helping consumers learn more about their body’s wellness. Through the advanced BioActive Sensor, users can better understand their overall health and wellness through a single chip that efficiently combines three health sensors. Simply put on the watch — ensuring the sensor is touching the skin of your wrist. 

Keep Track of Your Health Journey

Improving your health doesn’t happen overnight. Achieving the results you want is a long journey, full of work, rest and recovery results — and the Galaxy Watch5 series is with you every step of the way. With the watch’s Body Composition feature, you can receive a more holistic picture of your body with key measurements that go beyond your weight, including skeletal muscle and basal metabolic rate. By setting incremental goals, you can stay on track with your progress through a guided approach. 

Measure Blood Oxygen Levels With Ease

In recent years, users worldwide have prioritized having a more holistic understanding of their wellness. Knowing how well oxygenated your blood is can help you better understand your overall health. With this in mind, the Galaxy Watch5 series includes an easy way to measure your blood oxygen levels with technology powered by the BioActive Sensor. 

Achieve a Better Night Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life, which is why the Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro give you options to make the most out of your shut-eye. With Advanced Sleep Tracking Capabilities, you can monitor your sleep quality and patterns with data from stages of sleep, snoring, and blood oxygen levels. The watch’s tailored Sleep Coaching also helps users improve sleep habits with a customized month-long program based on their assigned Sleep Symbol. 

With Better Sleep with SmartThings Integration, you can create the best sleep environment possible by automatically detecting when you’re falling asleep and activating sleep pre-sets for connected devices. What’s more, the Galaxy Watch5 offers enhanced safety protection, so you can sleep soundly knowing that enhanced fall detection alerts are sent if you or a loved one falls from bed. 

Optimize Your Rest and Recovery 

Following a difficult workout, the Galaxy Watch5 series can also help maximize your muscle recovery. The watch offers heart rate data 2-3 minutes after cardio-intensive training and even recommends the perfect amount of fluids to drink based on the amount of sweat lost during a workout.

Enjoy Crystal-clear Durability

As Samsung’s most durable and feature-packed watch yet, the Galaxy Watch5 series is built with premium materials designed to stand the tests of time. For instance, with the watch’s enhanced Sapphire Crystal display, users can enjoy an extra layer of durability that’s 60% harder — perfect for the rigorous demands of even the most active users and outdoor enthusiasts. 

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro offers an even more excellent durability thanks to the further enhanced Sapphire Crystal, Titanium Case, and a protruding bezel that protects the display — so users can confidently take on the outdoors without worrying about wear and tear. 

Built for Comfort and Style 

The Galaxy Watch5 series is designed for all-day comfort, as the ergonomic strap has air pockets that better fit your wrist. Users can wear the Galaxy Watch5 anytime and anywhere, whether camping in the woods or camped out on the couch. Finally, with an even greater selection of all-new straps and watch faces, you can make the watch your own by mixing and matching. 

Charge Up Your Workout 

From running errands to running on the treadmill, users need a watch that keeps up with them every day — that’s why Samsung has offered a watch that lasts all day and then some. The Galaxy Watch5 is equipped with a 13% larger 5 battery capacity — so you can spend even more time on the trail. When you’re in need of a quick charge, you can gain up to 45% of additional battery life with just 30 minutes of charging. For those needing an even larger battery life, Galaxy Watch5 Pro comes with a 60% larger battery, maximizing usage time and lasting twice as long as the Galaxy Watch4. The Galaxy Watch5 Pro even doubles the battery capacity of the Galaxy Watch5, better meeting the needs and lifestyles of its target users.

Always Know Where You’re Going

The Galaxy Watch5 Pro offers many ways for hikers and cyclers to ‘go pro’ with their workouts. With Routes, hikers can record, download, and import hike route data so their trail-mates can follow their lead. What’s more, hikers can keep their eyes on the trail and off their wrists with GPX, which contains GPS, speed, and altitude information. With the help of vibrations and a voice guide, hikers can receive turn-by-turn directions. In addition, with trackback, you never have to worry about getting lost in the woods — you can always make it back to your starting point by retracing your route. 

In today’s world, users are united by the desire to live a happy, healthy lifestyle, and that starts with a better understanding of their current health status. Samsung is guiding its users toward achieving their goals with innovative features that put their wellness first. The Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch5 Pro are packed with new features, including customization options, an expanded app ecosystem, and much more. In doing so, Samsung is providing a cutting-edge, all-in-one tool for holistic wellness to help you not only understand your body and mind but also live your healthiest lifestyle every day. 

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