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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Hey there merry goers!

One of the hottest topic revolving around in Malaysia now is the implementation of GST where we are now charged with 6% GST when we purchase any goods. Of course this new implementation affects hungry people like me where I keep looking out for good deals so that my pocket won't be affected by it. 

To my surprise, my favourite pizza chain in Malaysia Dominos's Pizza has launched their latest offer #PaySameOrLess together with their latest delicious addition to their menu which are their Golden Chicken! As a company that truly cares for their customers, their campaign will ensure that Domino's Pizza customers not feel the pain of any price increment after the GST. The GST will only be replacing the government tax previously and some of the prices of the items will be even lower than before!

Don't believe it? Well you can even check the prices of the items on their website with their Price Checker which compares prices before and after the #PaySameOrLess campaign. The new prices will show the nett amount INCLUSIVE of tax!

Now now let's not only focus on the new prices at Domino's but also their latest addition to the menu which are their new range of Golden Chicken which comes in four delicious varieties: Golden Mediterranean Chicken, Golden Italiano Chicken, Golden Outback Chicken and Golden Mexican Chicken. This yummilicious chicken are oven-baked to perfection and topped with lip-smacking toppings.

For those who prefer a refreshingly sweet and tangy flavour, you can opt to order the Napolitana-topped Golden Mediterranean Chicken while BBQ-sauce lovers will be delighted to know that Golden Outback Chicken will appeal to their taste-buds with just the right balance of smoky, savoury flavour and a tease of spiciness. 

For those like me who love a kick in my meal, you will certainly enjoy the Golden Italiano Chicken and Golden Mexican Chicken. The Golden Italiano Chicken, topped with Pesto sauce offers a delicious well-rounded, mildly spicy and buttery flavour that will surely leave you desiring for more. On the other hand, the Golden Mexican Chicken will appeal to salsa-lovers as it is topped with salsa sauce, pineapple, and offers just the right balance of sweet and spicy, with a dash of chilli flakes. 

I personally really like the Golden Chicken range as it reminds me of a pizza but instead of a pizza base they used oven baked chicken. One main reason why Domino's is my favourite pizza chain because everything in Domino's is baked from their pizza to their chicken wings to their crispy platter and even their chicken. This reduces so much oil and fats making it well seem healthier! I remember the last time I had a pizza fest in Domino's last year and it was amazing.

Golden Chicken is priced at an introductory price of RM10.50, and this price is valid for a limited time only. Known for its value-for-money meal sets, Domino’s also offers Golden Chicken where with every purchase of 2 Pizza Deals, customers can enjoy Golden Chicken at 50% off, offering customers savings of up to RM22.85. This offer is available for deliveries, take-away and dine-in at all outlets.

Learn more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Golden Chicken and the #PaySameOrLess Campaign at http://www.dominos.com.my/ today.

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