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Hey there my food hunting merry goers! This is going to be another food hunting #MiriamEats post with the star item Stinky Tofu! I know Stinky Tofu is an acquired taste and smell especially; which may be similar to how some people love durians and some find it so smelly they can just pass out from it. Well, there is another food item that can be categorized under that same category and it is stinky tofu! Stinky Tofu or also known as Chou Tau Fu is actually tofu which is a fermented tofu dish which can be fermented for several days or weeks but nowadays with faster methods it is normally fermented for a day or two giving it that characteristic taste. You will never miss stinky tofu because from a far it smells like garbage, rotten meat or whatever you can imagine to be smelly. However, those who manage to get over the smell of it would learn to appreciate the taste of this dish. I remember the first time I tried Stinky Tofu was at the night market in Taman Connaught, Cheras. That distinctive smell of the tofu lured me in and my curiosity got a hold of me. I just need to find out if I would enjoy Stinky Tofu or would it repel me far away so I dug in and well I find that I rather enjoy it. Well, call my taste weird or whatever but somehow I can stomach food like this, fried insects, live octopus and whatnots.

However, it is not easy to get Stinky Tofu and it is either I have to wait for the local night market and go through the crowd just to get my fill of it or maybe travel to Kepong where there is a place selling it. Imagine to my surprise that there is a restaurant in Puchong who is selling this stinky dish! Stinky Tofu fans who live near Puchong rejoice! Now I do not need to search high and low for this and I can even bring my friends or family along since the restaurant serves up some other good dishes too. Located at Jalan Tasik Prima, Puchong, this is a rather new housing area which I have yet to venture into but I have been around this area and it is really close to the AEON Big. Restoran Longhouse is actually a Chinese kopitiam that you normally see with a few food vendors but the special thing about this Chinese kopitiam is that you will be able to smell the stinky tofu from a mile away! There were several vendors that caught my attention so besides trying the Stinky Tofu, we got some food from the other stalls too.

You can get two variety of Stinky Tofu which is the original version with pickled cabbage or something that I have not tried before which is with cheese sauce. Trust me when I say I was skeptical with the cheese version but it kinda compliments the stinky tofu I guess, since there are people who compares the stinky tofu with blue cheese. Now, if you are a newbie at eating Stinky tofu you can try the one here because it is not as pungent as some of the other stinky tofu I have tried before. Come on, you only live life once! Try it before deciding if you like it or not. However, my friend was literally holding her breath with me eating next to her. I managed to have a short chat with the owner and it seem that this stinky tofu is the same with the famous one in Kepong so trust me stinky tofu fans! You will enjoy this stinky delicacy. The owner is actually a huge fan of stinky tofu and instead of keep having to go far away for it, he decided to open the stall in his restaurant. Bear in mind, the stinky tofu only sells from 6pm to 9pm every day so if you want to get them, make sure you come during this time.

There was a stall selling Nasi Lemak and it is not an ordinary Nasi Lemak stall but it is a Malacca version of Nasi Lemak. The aunty running the store is from Malacca and so there is the Nyonya twist to her dishes. For RM3 you can get the basic Nasi Lemak which comes with acar, something you do not normally get with your Nasi Lemak. Not only that, she also sells pork curry/rendang besides the normal chicken curry and fried chicken. The rice is not as fragrant as I would prefer but the curry and chicken taste rather decent but I would say her acar was really quite enjoyable.

Now here is something different we do not normally see when ordering chicken rice. Chicken rice is one of the stalls you would normally see when you go to a Chinese kopitiam but have you seen the rice served in a pyramid shape? Supposedly this is how they serve chicken rice in Sabah and the owner of the chicken rice stall is from Sabah, hence the pyramid shaped rice. Well, you have got chicken rice balls in Malacca and now you have chicken rice pyramids from Sabah! We really liked the chicken rice here as it was fragrant and well seasoned plus the chicken was tender and juicy too so I would really recommend you try the chicken rice.

If you are looking for noodles, there are two stalls that I would recommend which is the Sarawak stall and the Hokkien Mee stall. The Sarawak stall serves really authentic Sarawak Kolo Mee as well as Sarawak Laksa as the owner was from Kuching. The Kolo mee was springy, well seasoned, not oily which is a plus point and the charsiew served was well prepared. As you can see, there is no coloring used in the charsiew which is definitely something I look out for when dining out. Their Sarawak Laksa comes with large prawns as well and had that Sarawak spice in it giving Sarawak Laksa that distinctive taste to it. Meanwhile, the Hokkien Mee was really quite good as well and one thing that stood out for me is that it did not have the lye water taste and it had some wok hei although not much so I would say it was quite a decent plate of Hokkien Mee.

For those of you who love Bak Kut Teh but do not want the hassle of travelling all the way to Klang for their Bak Kut Teh, you can try the Bak Kut Teh stall at Restoran Longhouse. Originating from Klang himself, the owner serves both the soup and dry version of Bak Kut Teh. You can just see all that 3 layer meat served in each pot of Bak Kut Teh and the broth of the soup version was really concentrated although the dry version missed the target. Between this two, I would say the soup version was the better choice.

Another stall that stood out was the stall selling Steamed Fish Head and I am serious! They really do sell huge steamed fish head. We tried two of their steamed fish head which is the Bean Paste Steamed Fish Head and the Sour N' Hot Steamed Fish Head. I heard that the Sour N' Hot Steamed Fish Head was the popular one so I was expecting a lot out of it but somehow I preferred the Bean Paste one instead. Although I was really surprised with the size of the fish head that came to our table! Guess how much they charge of it? I personally feel that the pricing is really quite decent with RM 28 for small, RM 30 for medium and RM 32 for large but I am not sure. So what's the market price for fish nowadays? The one we got was actually the small or medium which in my opinion is really quite big. Taste wise, I would say the Sour N' Hot needed to be more sour and hot because I felt it was rather bland but you could ask them to make it more sour and hot to your personal taste but I had to be considerate with all the other people dining with me don't I? *laugh* For RM28, I think it is quite a decent dish to order and you can definitely share it with 4 people or more.

Puchong is definitely a place with a lot of good food and it is really time for me to go food hunting around this area. I am sure stinky tofu fans will be crowding to Restoran Longhouse for their fix of stinky tofu!

Restoran Longhouse

(Next to Whalf Residence Puchong)

1-1 Bizwalk Business Park

Jalan Tasik Prima 6/2
Taman Tasik Prima Puchong
Open Daily
6am - 12pm

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