[EVENT] #AF1Theory: Nike Lunarforce 1 Launch & Sneaker Customisation Showcase @ HUNDRED%, Lot 10

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey there!! Any Nike fans among my merry-goers? Well Nike has just launched their latest kicks which is the Nike Lunarforce 1 on the 18th of October! 

The launch was held at HUNDRED%, Lot 10 which is one of the Premium Lifestyle Stores in Malaysia. They have tons of of premium footwear under their belt like the Nike NSW line, Kobe Line, Lebron, Kevin Durant line, and Air Jordan brand, plus with other lifestyle shoemakers. Besides the Footwear section, HUNDRED% also stock some of the most renown streetwear brands in the world like Undefeated, Stussy and Us Versus Them.


There was a huge crowd at the launch with tons of Nike fans crowding around to be one of the first to set their eyes on the new Nike Lunarforce 1. Besides that, this is not any ordinary launch. The launch showcased not only the brand Nike Lunar Force 1 2014 but also the 26 pairs of customized work of art by the local artists and influencers. Everyone was anticipating the different touch given to a plain white pair of sneakers from the influencers of different scenes and walk of life. 


Elemental Beauties

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ola~ My dear Merry-Goers! I'm here to officially post my first Project Post with the dear Syaza from BloobsBlurps! She is a blogger I came to know online and she organized this Blogger Project where a few of us bloggers collaborate for a Beauty/Fashion post based on the themes we have. She previously organized a project based on Colours of the Rainbow and it really looked like fun! So.. I'm collaborating with her and several other bloggers for this project called Elemental Beauties

Check out the cool poster she prepared for this time's project! So out of this world. 

I was given the element Earth! So excited when I first found out about my element and really thought hard about what I want to include in my post. Earth is one of the classical elements and is closely related to life as all things come from the ground. Most people would associate Earth with earthy colours like brown, green, etc but for me I saw Earth in a different light. Today I will be sharing my look based on my perception of Earth.

Earth for me represents new life and colours. Everywhere you look there is life beginning and let us look at a brighter side of the Earth element. I chose bright floral colors to pair up my look for the Earth element. This is my first time actually preparing a fashion/OOTD post so please be kind :) *hugs*

So this is my whole look for the day. I was at Cameron Highland Lavender Garden to shoot this shot and big credits to my colleague Joanne for helping me with the photo-taking session. I am wearing:

Long Cardigan from Scarlet, AEON (RM 25.00)
Owl & Daisy Printed Dress from Brands Outlet (RM 9.00)
Red Flats from Padini (RM 10.00)

Black Clutch from Bonita (RM 10.00)


[BEAUTY]: Platinum Purified Therapy @ esmé Clinic, Jaya One

Friday, October 24, 2014

It's time for some pampering time my dear merry-goers! I had been invited by esmé Clinic to the launch of their new service which is Platinum Purified Therapy.

Platinum Purified Therapy is the basic principles of traditional Cuban theory with combination of herbal and plant extracts. Using this recipe could result in direct penetration into skin growth layer and produce detoxification over the face and enable skin microcirculation in acceleration, smooth blood and increasing blood supply to the skin. The plant extract used is an active ingredient for skin’s penetration. 

This therapy also helps long lasting skin whitening, reducing skin pigmentation and rough skin problem while reducing pore size as well.

  • Able to solve heavy metal that cause skin sensitive, redness, itchy, acne, pimples, open pores, rough skin, dry skin. 
  • Nowadays youngest people age 18+ get ageing faster, easily got sensitive skin, due to bad ingredients in their skin care and cosmetic stuff. 
  •  This therapy also very good for back acne people, back is our mirror reflected of our inner organ cleanliness, if got more toxin out means inside got more toxin, which cause hidden acne problem and skin not healthy with easily get sensitive

A special guest from Taiwan, Mr Freeman was present during the launch to demonstrate the whole therapy and also to explain to us the benefits of the Platinum Purified Therapy. One of the customers was selected for the demonstration.

The first step is Cleansing where all residual dirt like makeup is removed from the face surface. For cleansing, the Apple Cleanser was used. This product is a Beauty Cleanser + Glycolic Acid-Rich Peptides where the glycolic acid actually removes dead skin cell when used with Jojoba Scrub in order to rebuild new skin metabolism. The Apple Polyphenols helps to protect the skin surface from free radical damage and creates a smooth, clean and beautiful complexion.

The next step is Purification where Purification Superconducting Capsules are used. These capsule contain flavoanoids with gingko extracts and natural whitening ingredients. They act as a strong carrier which can penetrate deep into the skin and activates the cell autoantibodies and remove all the toxins under our skin especially like mercury, lead, heavy metal and colouring which are found in our face products and makeup. The 4 active ingredients are Rose Whitening Factor, Stem Cell Extract, Lycopene and Trace Elements. The capsules are applied onto the skin and the Ultrasonic Purification Superconductor  is used to ensure deep penetration.

After 15 minutes, the process it done and you just have to wipe off the remaining product on your skin. The product will turn from white to translucent to black depending on how much toxins you have under your skin. The machine is actually quite warm to the skin and the beautician will rub your face for around 15 minutes on both sides to detoxify your skin. It was like a smooth face massage. After 15 minutes, you can see from your residue how much toxins you have. Fortunately, I did not have much toxins under my skin so the residue was not as black as other customers.


[BEAUTY]: REALASH Eyelash Enhancer Review Part 1

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hi there my dear merry-goers! You know how sometimes Asians are faced with the dilemma of short and sparse eyelashes? Now there is a solution to all you beauty lovers out there! 

Introducing REALASH, the world's best eyelash enhancer. Its pioneering formula is taking the cosmetic world by a storm! This growth nutrient has been objectively tested by real women, clinically examined by dermatologists and highly recommended by demanding bloggers!. 

REALASH is said to give the celebrity look: luxuriously thick eyelashes, lengthened and seductively curved to the max! The revolutionary secret of this product is that it is not a cosmetic or a temporary solution. REALASH helps your body to produce real lashes with incredible density, length and strength. 

I was given the opportunity to try out this amazing product and I can't wait to see the results after 30 days. I was surprised to receive such a cute and pretty packaging in my favourite colour purple when I reached home! This is definitely something I appreciate from company who take the effort to package their product nicely before sending it. 

The product comes in a small tube comfortable to hold and I was expecting something like a mascara brush but instead I was surprised to see a small thin brush like an eyeliner brush. 

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use REALASH once a day, preferably in the evening after removing makeup and apply the enhancer on the upper eyelid. One tube is actually sufficient for a 4 - 5 month therapy. One stroke and my eyelashes will be nurtured so that I can enjoy my new extraordinary look!

So it was time to put it to the test! I will be using REALASH for one month to take it to the challenge of giving me beautiful lashes! First off my lashes before the treatment.


As you can see my lashes are definitely short and not as full and thick as I want them to be. This is before I apply any mascara.  


Now of course with the help of mascara, my lashes are longer and much defined. But I still don't get that fluttering butterfly lashes like the celebrities. 

I can't wait to see how my eyelashes will look after one month! So do follow me for more beauty updates and see the results of my eyelashes after using REALASH for one month! 


[FOOD REVIEW] Purple Pasta Cafe @ Oasis Ara Damansara

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ola~ How are my dear merry-goers doing this lovely Sunday? Today I'm back with another food review and to share with you a nice quaint cafe at Oasis Ara Damansara. 

Welcome to the Purple Pasta Cafe!!

I was invited by dear Vera for their Rebel Dinner where we were served three new dishes that has not been officially added to their menu. The theme of the dinner was Unexpected, Surprise, Unusual and just downright Rebellious! 

Firstly, there are three seating areas in Purple Pasta Cafe which is the outdoor area where you can dine al-fresco, the lounge area where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and of course the dining area. 

In terms of the decor, I think that slightly more effort is needed especially to suit their cafe name which is Purple. Their lighting needs to be improved as well although I get the whole idea of making the ambiance cozy and maybe romantic, it was a little too dark. 

Outdoor Area

Lounge Area

Dining Area

Now let's move on to the dishes served that night. Firstly, we were served with an appetizer which is Mushroom and Seaweed Soup. The soup was really creamy and the texture was just nice with bits of mushroom chunks in it. However, I would say that the chef was a bit heavy-handed on the black pepper as it rather overpowered the dish. I am a huge fan of black pepper but I would prefer to be able to taste the sweet and salty tinge from the mushroom and the seaweed. The element of surprise in this dish was the popcorn! The second I bit into the popcorn, I was definitely surprised. 

Normally, mushroom soup is served with toasty croutons to give that crunch in the soup but the chef at Purple Pasta Cafe gave it that twist by using Caramel Seaweed Popcorn! I love how the sweetness of the popcorn was not too overpowering and it really blends well with the soup. I give extra points for the creativity in this dish. 

After that delectable appetizer, my stomach and taste palate was definitely awakened and I couldn't wait to see the next dish. The next dish was the main dish and I was served with 4 Element Lamb Rack on a bed of mashed potatoes. *Note: I'm just simply naming this dishes*

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