Korean Dalgakbi @ Choi's Don & Dak, Kuchai Lama

Saturday, January 31, 2015


Korean food have always been all the craze in KL and Selangor and there have been tons of Korean eateries popping up like mushrooms around town. Well there are a lot of types of Korean food like the popular Korean BBQ, Street Foods and of course not forgetting Korean Dalgakbi. 
I have tried several Dalgakbi restaurants and you can check out my precious reviews of Ayami Korean BBQ here. Among all the Korean restaurants out there,  Choi's Don and Dak is one of the newest Korean eateries in town and they are the first eatery to serve both Chicken and Pork Dalgakbi.

Located at Kuchai Lama they are at the same street with Food Talk which is a strategic location for food lovers thanks to the bustling area with many shops and offices. The shop area is able to fit around 12 tables which can comfortably fit 4 to 5 people. Each table is fitted with a huge cast iron round pan which weighs a ton and is thicker than the other iron pans you see in other restaurants.  The furniture and the pan was brought in specially from Korea.


Dalgakbi is considered to be one of the popular street food in Korea where is it usually enjoyed with Soju. It is also considered to be a comfort food as the meal is hot and filling. Dalgakbi consist of a meat ingredient like pork or chicken and added with many other ingredients like cabbage, carrots, rice cakes and many more. You can also choose to add on additional ingredients like ramyeon, udon noodles, mushrooms, hotdogs and rice. The special ingredient would be the sauce added to give it the flavour and additional kick to the whole dish. Each restaurant have their own signature sauce which complements their own cooking style. You can also choose to add on cheese to get a flavourful cheesy burst!

Add ons: Ramyun, Mushroom, Assorted Sausages, Udon  (Note: Portion shown for Ramyun and Udon is just half)

At Choi's Don and Dak the sauce is made specifically for the different types of meat. This means that the owner prepares a different sauce to cook for the pork and the chicken. There are a lot of ingredients added into the sauce and they used a lot of fruits to give it that natural sweetness. In order to promote a healthier eating style which is the actual style in Korea,  the dalgakbi you find in Choi's Don and Dak uses minimal oil to cook their dish. You don't get that greasy feeling as compared to eating at other restaurants.

The prices at Choi's Don & Dak are: 

Dalgakbi RM 19.80/pax (Additional RM 2.00 for spicy)
Pork Jumuluck RM 22.50/pax (Additional RM 2.00 for spicy)
Additional ingredients: 
Assorted Mushroom RM 8.00
Korean Ramyun: RM 6.00
Korean Udon: RM 7.00
Mozzarella Cheese: RM 8.00
Rice Cake: RM 7.00


So let's see how the dalgakbi is cooked. The cast iron pan is heated up and the meat and vegetables are added in with their sauces. Then the server will proceed to cook your dish and you just have to sit back and wait to enjoy your meal.  One thing I noticed is that I didn't get any oil splatter from the cooking process where normally I would have to sit like a few feet away from the table and wear an apron to make sure my clothes don't get any oil splatter. Not only that, there wasn't much oil in the pan after the meat finished cooking and surprisingly our food did not get burned even if we did not continue to stir it. The secret to this is that the owner uses high quality cast iron pan which is thicker than  normal pans and can hold and transfer the heat more evenly.


Sakae Sushi Chinese New Year Treats

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hi there fellow merry goers! 

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and many restaurants have been blasting their promotions all around! Let's not forget Sakae Sushi, a popular kaitan sushi-concept restaurant which offers a delectable variety of quality Japanese specialities including sushi, sashimi, yakimono, agemono and many others. Sakae Sushi outlets are well furnished to accommodate large and small group of diners and suitable for all ages. They have even set meals for kids and I love their promotion of Kids Eat for Free every Sunday!  One feature that really differentiates this Japanese restaurant is that it uses the iPad at each table and allows customers to browse through the menu and sends their orders to the kitchen  at top speed! Cool right. You can also keep tab on your own orders and no more are those days of waving your hands around like a mad man trying to get the attention of the servers. Sakae Sushi has been one of popular Japanese food outlet for my family when we are looking for a quick Japanese food fix.

Imagine my delight to be invited to the Sakae Sushi CNY Treats and Yee Sang Launch at Paradigm Mall. We were welcomed with the ever cute Mr. Froggy and really honoured to be able to witness the cheque presentation ceremony for the Gift of Love campaign that they ran end of last year. The Gift of Love campaign encouraged diners to fold an origami heart and drop it in their box placed at every outlet nationwide where each heart will be channeled as RM 1 to be donated to Hope Worldwide Malaysia. In total, Sakae Sushi donated RM 20,000 and this amount was presented to Hope Worldwide Malaysia. There were tons of celebrities and guest of honour present on that day and we had a great time.

Well, this CNY Sakae Sushi has once again launched their Fortune Yee Sang which is definitely bound to tempt taste buds of their patrons! The Fortune Yee Sang is available in two dining options themed Success (for 2 - 3 pax) and Money (for 6-8 pax). If you are looking to give this as a gift no worries as the Yee Sang cones in an exclusively designed premium packaging box which is ideal for takeaways, gatherings and gifts.


The Yee Sang at Sakae Sushi has a Japanese twist with the chefs at Sakae Sushi using thick slices of fresh air flown salmon accompanied with authentic Japanese ingredients like seasoned jellyfish,  scallop, seaweed, radish, sesame and more topped with their special citrus-infused sauce for that tangy burst of flavour.

I really enjoyed the Yee Sang from Sakae Sushi and of course it was fun tossing the Yee Sang as high as possible while saying toasting to a prosperous New Year ahead. The salmon cuts were really fresh and the citrus sauce gave it a tangy burst of flavour which complements the whole dish.

With the fellow bloggers Kylie, Melody and Marc

Besides the Fortune Yee Sang take note on their brand new CNY Treasures Combo Set which is the combination of both the Money Yee Sang and the Sushi Party Set. This CNY Treasures Combo Set features Sakae Sushi's signature sushi prepared with vitamin E added sushi rice to added health benefits.

To usher in the new year, Sakae Sushi is rewarding their patrons with a Lucky Bag Giveaway! Everyone is able to redeem their Lucky Bag with just three steps! Dine, Collect and Redeem. Through this promotion, customers will receive a stamp for every RM 30 spent at Sakae Sushi and once you've collected 8 stamps you will be able to redeem a FREE Lucky Bag worth up to RM 88. The Lucky Bag consists of a limited edition Sakae Fortune Froggie plush toy, a tote bag, Genmaicha, cash vouchers and Angpow. However you can also choose to collect just 3 stamps and take home the Lucky Bag for just RM 38.80.

I myself have went over to Sakae Sushi to participate in their promotion and I still have 6 more stamps to collect to redeem my Lucky Bag! If you have not started to collect your stamps no worries because the stamp collection period is from 8 Jan to 5 March! Of course these bags are limited stock only so do hurry and grab them before they are all gone. The Froggy plushie is so cute wearing the CNY clothing and holding a cute gold nugget.

My personal review of the food in Sakae Sushi is that is really affordable to bring your family or even to just hang out with your friends. The food served is really worth it and guaranteed to be fresh. 
So if you are salivating already, don't wait any longer and head on to your nearest Sakae Sushi outlet. They have 29 outlets all around Malaysia and now you can dine and receive great rewards this Chinese New Year. 

Cheers! And til next time :)


Sweet and Simple 2015 Daily Makeup for Beginners

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hi there merry goers! Although it is the end of the month but today I would like to show you my 2015 makeup look that is super simple and natural to pull off as your daily look. This look uses the makeup that I received from the Butterfly Project Beauty Box last Christmas. You can see my review of the Shizens Lip Tattoo that I got from the box as well here. 

The three main products used in this makeup look is the Dollywink Eyeliner, the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop (Watermelon) and the Color Cosmetics Hotlight. I was also given the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish but as I am having my gel manicure so I haven't gotten the chance to try it out yet. Will update you all when I've tried it but so far it looks really pigmented and shiny. 

So be ready to see my bare face without any makeup. I actually did this makeup tutorial after my gym session so there is definitely no makeup on my face initially. Sorry for the tired face though.


I start off my makeup look with a prep face after the usual toner and moisturiser. 


Next I'm using Covo Face Primer and Covo Liquid Foundation in shade No. 2 Glow. I love the Covo Face primer which I got at a super discounted price during the Covo sale. This face primer helps to even out my skin tone and brightens my complexion.  Can you see the difference of the right and left side of my face?The side with the primer fully blended in looks brighter!


After blending the foundation well, I use the Innisfree Sebum Free Powder which works well to set my face makeup and gives me a matte smooth complexion.  I love this loose powder and really recommend this to anyone who had worries about oily T zone. I got this online previously but now there is an Innisfree shop at Sunway Pyramid that you can get this amazing powder to keep you shine free all day. 


To open up my eyes, I'm using the Dollywink Eyeliner. I am quite particular about eyeliners as I have oily eyelids that cause me to have panda eyes by the end of the day. The only liquid eyeliner that I totally swear by is the Clio Killer Black Eyeliner so let's see how well the Dollywink Eyeliner will fare. 

The tip of the eyeliner is sharp and really helps to draw a clean sharp line. This eyeliner really helped to draw a nice line and a nice flick for my upper lashline. It is also smudge free and I did not suffer from any panda smudges any the end of the day.  


Next to give my face a little colour I used the Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop for both my cheeks and lips.  


Initially I felt a bit worried that the colour would be too striking but surprisingly the colour swipes on slightly sheer but it was buildable. I patted some it on my cheek and it gave me a nice pink flush on my cheeks. The Lip balm also helped to give more moisture and colour to my lips making them look more plump and kissable. 

Lastly to give my lips more shine and gloss I added on the Color Cosmetics Hotlights Lipgloss. This is a super cool product because of....
Tada! There is LED lights which comes together with the applicator which h means you no longer need to worry about no being able to apply your makeup in the dark. This lip product also comes with a built in mirror so that you are able to apply your makeup well. 

And there you have it! My 2015 daily makeup look which is super easy to apply and just takes a few minutes to apply! I hope you enjoyed my simple tutorial for this makeup look and see you all soon in my next post!

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