1920's Inspired Look byaliceloh and Kelvin Gems

Bonjour merry goers out there~

Today I'm going to share with all of you a 1920's inspired makeup look and jewellery to match. If you have been following my blog, you would have read about my amazing experience at The Party of The Century hosted by Mammoth Group at Empire City. The theme for the night was glamourous 1920's and well since I was not much of a glamour gal I've gone for a softer vintage 1920's look instead. 

The makeup look was done by Alice Loh from byaliceloh.com and the jewellery was kindly sponsored by Angi from Kelvin Gems. I would say I really loved the makeup and hairdo by Alice which was really soft and matched the dress that I brought over to her studio. The whole makeup look was a look that I was able to carry and it brought out the 1920's vintage romantic feel. 

For those out there who are looking for a classic and vintage romantic feel this Valentine's Day you can get some pointers from this look.

The hairdo Alice had prepared for me that night was nice loose curls which she pinned up for a more elegant look. She had also used some hair mist to set my hair in place so that I will still be able to maintain this look the whole night. 

Honestly speaking, I have had some experience with stylist curling my hair and making me look ten years older with tight curls with tons of hair spray so I was quite hesitant when I saw Alice curling my hair. Thankfully, after the whole process was done she had not made me look like a Mrs/Madam instead of a Ms.

To open up my eyes, Alice used  D’Eyeko Eyelash Syarhini Surya Kencana to give me a fluttery doll-like eyelash. I rarely use falsies but I was surprised how light the eyelash by Syarhini Suraya Kencana felt on my eyelids. You could barely feel the eyelashes and you can definitely see the big difference with and without the falsies. I had barely there eyelashes and voila there you have long doll-like lashes. You can find these eyelashes at byalice.com as well.

Of course what is a look which is not properly adorned with beautiful jewellery. Once again thanks to Angi for preparing these gorgeous pearl jewellery to match my dress. She prepared long pearl necklaces with pinkish hues to match my dress. The detailing on the jewellery were really gorgeous. 

Love this photo of me putting on my earrings taken by Alice. 

Photo Credits: byaliceloh.com 

Thanks to both Alice and Angi for making me looking gorgeous at The Party of The Century. I loved the look so much that even when I arrived home, I could not stop taking a few more close-up shots of the whole look. 

Can you see how amazingly gorgeous my eyelashes looked like. They were really bendable and the bones of the lashes were flexible. Really had the dramatic look going on that night. Do take note of how nice my makeup looked even after a few hours of partying!

I think that this was the prettiest time I looked so naturally beautiful. *ahem* 
I was so hesitant to remove my makeup that night.

Here are also some closeup photos of the jewellery that I wore by Kelvin Gems that night. Angi also has jewellery making classes which I have not had the opportunity to attend but if you are interested to learn how to make some jewellery, you can contact her. 

So there you have it, my 1920's inspired look for The Party of The Century. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and til next time merry goers~

For those who are interested in having your makeup done by Alice for dinners, events, or even weddings, you can contact her at
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Those looking for jewellery to match your outfit or just as a gift for that special someone this Valentine's Day, do check out 

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