Matt Smallwood Spins the Deck at Stratosphere, The Roof

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hey merry goers!

What are your plans for the weekend? Head on down to Stratosphere, The Roof for a night filled with fun and excitement! Sundown Session at Stratosphere, The Roof brings international DJ Matt Smallwood from London to spin at the sundown party which starts at 4pm till late on Saturday 1 August, featuring Blastique, Radio Rental Shaheed Naz and Arzuk Adib.

Matt Smallwood brings his sounds to Stratosphere, which ranges from house and chunky tech house to driving techno. Named Carl Cox’s producer of the year in DJ Mag and recent Beatport number 1 artist, he has also enjoyed big success in the production front with over 40 single releases and 20 remixes on some of the world’s most prestigious labels. 

Also, don’t miss the Bucket Promo, 5 bottles of Asahi or Corona for only RM100! Sundown Session at Stratosphere kicks off your Saturday amidst the sunset, ushering in the night under the stars while the party and mood climbs into high drive. Every last Saturday of the month at Stratosphere, Sundown Sessions brings you DJ’s for a 
party to be remembered under the sunset and stars. 

Party on

For more information on Stratosphere’s Sundown Session and its upcoming events, please visit the facebook page at

Sundown Session rocks the stratosphere of PJ and KL in collaboration with Corona.


Raku Pizza - Build Your Own Pizza

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Konnichiwa minna-merry goers!

Besides Korean culture, I am a huge fan of Japanese culture as well and even took up Japanese language classes a few years back! Japanese cuisines are one of my top list of food that I normally crave for and undoubtedly, there are a plenty of good Japanese restaurant in Malaysia. Japanese food which is famous for being one of the most beautiful cuisine is also very much well known for its taste, food ingredients, food preparation and way of eating. With their own traditional Japanese dishes, a lot of them has been adapted to fit the palate of local populace. For instance, we have the Japanese curry, ramen, Japanese burger, Japanese pizza and so on.

Introducing one of the latest restaurants in town serving unique Japanese pizzas where you can even DIY your own pizza up to your individual preference! Walking into the restaurant in Subang Jaya, it is a mostly black-white simple yet spacious lot. A very big LED signboard can be easily noted out side of the premises which says “ Raku Pizza – Build your own”. That is also what that makes Raku Pizza interesting in its way. But first let me share with you some of their signature pizzas that first-timers will be interested to try before having a hand at making your own pizza.

Tony Chopper | RM11.90

On top of a crispy pizza base we have Teriyaki sauce topped with mushrooms, cheese, shredded seaweed and Japanese Mayo. If you look closer, you will see that the pizza base is a herb base where the dough has been incorporated with several herbs for additional flavour. Flavourful and crispy if you are a fan of basic pizzas, you will like this.

Tokyo Delight | RM 11.90

Next we have the Tokyo Delight with Japanese Curry Sauce topped with boiled potatoes, sweet corn, shredded seaweed and mentai mayo. This is definitely a different type of pizza with boiled potatoes and sweet corn for added sweetness. The mentai mayo and Japanese curry sauce takes your tastebuds on a trip to Japan.

Fujiyama Sunrise | RM 12.90

The Fujiyama Sunrise was definitely a delight when it reached the table. With four different toppings, you can enjoy crispy Karaage Chicken, Chicken Ham, Chicken Sausage and Beef Pepperoni. Doesn't this pizza makes your mouth salivate with the the different toppings and that melted cheese? 

Edo Samurai | RM 12.90

Edo Samurai reminds me of a pizza version of the okonomiyaki with the crispy Karaage chicken, sweet onion, cheese, bonito flakes, shredded seaweed and drizzled with okonomi sauce. A typical okonomiyaki can be quite fattening but now you can enjoy it at Raku Pizza with the burst of flavour from the bonito flakes.

Sakurajima Lava | RM 12.90

The Sakurajima Lava meets up to its name with that lovely runny poached egg at the centre of the pizza! Our eyes lit up when it arrived at the table and everyone crowded around it. See that pizza crust? Different from other pizzas out there, the Sakurajima Lava has a charcoal dough as the base and teriyaki sauce topped with grilled chicken, sweet onion, onsen tamago, shredded seaweed and Japanese mayo.

Americano Sumo | RM 12.90

A more Western pizza but still with the touch of Japanese influence, the Americano Sumo is made with charcoal pizza base and Wasabi mayo topped with beef pepperoni, sweet onion, sweet corn, shredded seaweed and cheese. The wasabi mayo was definitely different but no worries because it is not too spicy and still bearable. It has the unique taste of the wasabi but not much of the kick thanks to the mayo.

Aomori Geisha | RM 11.90

For my vegetarian readers, you can opt to try the Aomori Geisha which is a vegetarian selection. You have mixed salads, wakame, tofu, sesame and cheese drizzled with Yuzu dressing. This pizza certainly screams Japanese pizza all the way and is also a healthy alternative to pizza! You get your dosage of vegetables and the wakame is definitely a unique topping.

Wafu Curry Prawn Katsu Udon | RM 13.90

If you come to Raku Pizza but well want to try something other than pizzas *although I wonder why* you can try their other Japanese dishes like the Wafu Curry Prawn Katsu Udon. Thick udon noodles served with their Japanese curry sauce and ebi katsu, it was a delight to enjoy. The Japanese curry was fragrant and reminded me of my first experience trying Japanese Curry. The ebi katsu was crispy and battered nicely before deep frying.

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Tama-toji Chicken Katsu Don | RM 11.90 (M) / RM 14.90 (L)

The Tama-toji Chicken Katsu Don is another dish you can try with crispy chicken fillet covered with cooked egg and onion served with their specialty sauce. The chicken still tender and moist plus added flavour from the egg was a delight to enjoy whilst warm. 

Of course the unique factor of Raku Pizza is their Build Your Own Pizza concept! From RM 7.90, you can customize your own pizza starting from the base up to the sauce and topping. The basic price of RM7.90 includes the dough, sauce and cheese while you can add on the toppings of your choice.

Step 1: Chose Your Own Crust

There are three different pizza base to choose from: Plain, Charcoal and Herbs

Choose your preferred pizza base and now let's move on to the next step which is the sauce!

Step 2: Choose Your Own Sauce

At Raku Pizza, you have four (4) different sauces to choose from and all of Japanese influence. Choose from Japanese Curry, Wasabi Mayo, Teriyaki or even Miso depending on your preference. I personally like the Japanese curry and wasabi mayo for it's unique flavour.

Step 3: Choose Your Own Toppings

There are numerous different toppings to choose from so just let your creative juices flow! Build the pizza that you desire. So here's the creation that my sister and I customized.

Pizza dough: Charcoal base
Sauce: Miso Sauce
Toppings: Soft shell crab, Ebi katsu, Bonito Flakes, Onsen Tamago, Mushroom

The soft shell crab was just so good although I think Japanese curry sauce may be better suited with additional Japanese mayo on top but the bonito flakes definitely added additional flavour to our customized pizza. Plus that Onsen Tamago, although slightly overcooked to my liking the egg made the overall pizza more moist and flavourful.

For those of you who are interested to build your own pizza, head on to Raku Pizza at Subang SS15. It is located just next to the SS15 Mc Donald for those who are familiar with that area. Only downside to the location has definitely got to be the parking but still SS15 still has some of the best eateries to try!

Raku Pizza

Address : No.80 Jalan SS 15/4D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Business hours : Mon - Sun: 11am - 10pm
Food Ink :

Raku Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


ENCHANTEUR LOVE: The Promise of Everlasting Love

Monday, July 27, 2015

Can you smell the air of love my dear merry goers?

"Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do"
- David Wilkerson -

If love is the greatest refreshment in life, what and how then should everlasting love be? Unlike falling in love, which can come easy and spontaneous, staying in everlasting love is a conscious lifetime commitment and devotion from both parties. ENCHANTEUR, a brand synonymous in inspiring romance through its collection of French inspired fine fragrances and personal care products recently re-launched ENCHANTEUR LOVE, a range of fine fragrances specially dedicated to women who are in a committed relationship.

With three difference scents, ENCHANTEUR FOREVER LOVE Eau de Toilette, ENCHANTEUR CELEBRATE LOVE Eau de Toilette and ENCHANTEUR PASSIONATE LOVE Eau de Toilette brings alive the different expressions of romance to sustaining an everlasting love. The enhanced product range comes with improved formulation which provides longer lasting scent and is packaged in new box designs which resemble the different expressions of love. Besides that, the glass bottle now carries an attractive tint to further influence mood with the hues of Amber, Pink and Red. The new packaging is definitely a step up from their previous packaging. 

At the event to celebrate the refreshed perfume range, ENCHANTEUR LOVE introduced their new ambassadors, Actress and TV Host - Fouziah Gous and her husband Md Zafran Md Yusof. This lovely couple's wedding proposal news became sensational when Md Zafran proposed to Fouziah on a helicopter ride which he piloted. They later got engaged in June 2013 and subsequently married in September last year. Don't the two of them make such a lovely couple and how many of you have dreamt of such a proposal that we normally just see in movies?

Keeping romance alive can help a couple fight all odds and sustain a lifelong relationship. Small gestures are as important as grand romantic displays to keep the spark alive and ensuring that love lasts. However, it is not realistic to expect grand romantic displays often because you cannot just rely on these grand displays of affection to sustain or re-ignite romance in a relationship. The ENCHANTEUR LOVE fragrances were designed to spark romance and keep love alive and they definitely chose the right couple to be their newest ambassadors.

The ENCHANTEUR LOVE fragrance range retails at RM 33.50 per bottle of 50ml EDT inclusive of GST and are available at al major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies. For more information, log on to or their Facebook page at


Little Red Food Truck with Australian MasterChef Adam Liaw

Friday, July 24, 2015

Food time again merry goers!

With so much food around, there is no stopping me from sharing with you all the latest craze in town and if you still do not know what I am talking about, read on! Food trucks are so popular lately they are totally mushrooming all over town. Convenient, economical and also tasty.. what's not to like about Food Trucks?

Well now introducing one of the latest Food Trucks in town which is the Little Red Food Truck which is the collaboration between Mission Foods as well as Australian MasterChef winner, author and TV host Adam Liaw! Malaysian-born Adam was engaged to create the menu for the Mission-sponsored Food Truck  which have started making its rounds in selected spots in the Klang Valley starting June 15. Adam shot to fame by winning the Australian Masterchef Season 2, which still holds the record as the most watched programme in Australia. His unassuming ways, and his amazing talent with food made him the show’s favourite. Here he will be showcasing his much loved signature style, inspired by his time in Malaysia. Adam Liaw’s collaboration with Mission Foods will be bringing something new to the local food scene, as there has never been an international celebrity chef linked to a food truck in Malaysia. 

The Little Red Food Truck features mouthwatering recipes from the famed chef using Mission Foods products such as wraps and naan. Although the there’s been an onset of Food Trucks in the Klang Valley recently, this will be the first food truck that features the entire menu by an international chef. If you are a fan of Adam Liaw or have been following MasterChef seasons, you can now look forward to having a taste of his recipes right here in Malaysia! There are five main items on the menu that Adam is sure Malaysians will love as it’s Asian-inspired yet with his signature flair – Laksa Fried Chicken Wrap with Pineapple Salsa, Beef Bulgogi Kimchi Wrap, Coconut Prawn Wrap with Spicy Tamarind Mayonnaise, Lamb Shank Rendang with Sweet Radish Achar, and Roast Carrot Hummus with Avocado Wrap. 

Laksa Fried Chicken Wrap with Pineapple Salsa

Adam has taken laksa as we know it to whole new level with the Laksa Fried Chicken Wrap with Pineapple Salsa. Each tender piece of chicken is marinated with a special laksa paste recipe, then deep fried on the truck before topping with a refreshing pineapple salsa, fresh with every order. Each bite promises an explosion of taste and textures. This is seriously good! It taste just like eating Laksa but in a wrap! The fried chicken was fried crispy but still moist and tender on the inside and the pineapple salsa just gives it that tangy kick.

Beef Bulgolgi Kimchi Wrap

For those of you who know me well, I am a die hard fan of Korean food and seriously I can eat Kimchi for every meal. The hearty, mouthwatering Beef Bulgogi Kimchi Wrap is Korean inspired and will definitely be a popular choice in Malaysia. It is a great choice to jazz up breakfast or lunch. The kimchi was matured at the right age giving it a sourish kick to the wrap and the beef bulgolgi.. OMG is seriously so tender and flavourful, the bulgolgi marinade really penetrates the meat leaving me wanting for more! 

Coconut Prawn Wrap with Spicy Tamarind Mayonnaise

If beef is not your thing then there’s the aromatic Coconut Prawn Wrap with Spicy Tamarind Mayonnaise, promising all the flavours that Malaysians love but reordered in the most delightful way. Biting into this wrap will be an experience on its own. The prawn was fresh and juicy with the tamarind mayonnaise which had a unique flavour in it. 

Lamb Rendang with Sweet Radish Achar

Now this is unique! To suit almost everyone’s palate, there’s the hunger-inducing Lamb Shank Rendang with Sweet Radish Achar.  Rendang is given a gourmet twist with an unforegettable crunch and sweetness from the achar. The achar gives the overal wrap more texture and crunch plus the lamb shank was cooked tender and melts right off your tongue.

Roast Carrot Hummus with Avocado Wrap

For those looking for something lighter and for the vegetarians, there’s the Roast Carrot Hummus with Avocado Wrap, which is creamy and sweet from the mashed caramelized carrots, deliciously buttery from the avocados and with a slight crunch from the fresh vegetables. We guarantee one is not enough! This is a unique wrap with hummus which is a rather acquired taste. The hummus and avocado makes this wrap rich and creamy and definitely a filling wrap.

The gourmet wraps are for sale on The Little Red Food Truck which will be making its rounds in the Klang Valley following a set weekly schedule which will be shared on Mission Foods Malaysia’s facebook site, Price ranges from RM 6.99 to RM7.99 (not inclusive of GST). Make sure to grab one to try today!

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