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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Time for another #MiriamEats post merrygoers!

Now who says pizzas have got to be round? I say you can enjoy pizzas in whatever shape and form you want! Presenting Cubes Pizza, a pizza where you can enjoy in some other form besides the regular old and boring round! After a week being away from home, I am certainly missing some good food since I have practically been surviving on biscuits! It was quite a feat for me to go through the photos for this post especially on a hungry stomach.

CubesPizza is another pizza franchise that you can find in Malaysia and currently they have a few branches around Selangor. I actually visited this outlet at Ara Jaya which is actually the first outlet for Cubes Pizza. This pizza outlet resides just below Calvary Harvest Church and is actually operated by them too. The original story was that the founder of Cubes Pizza was looking for a place to start it and had difficulty locating a good place so he approached the church so that he can start it at the church building.

I have never heard of Cubes Pizza previously and it was actually a friend who introduced it to me. We went to the Machine warehouse sale which was held at Citta Mall and was looking for a place to have lunch. So he brought me to Cubes Pizza which he heard of after meeting the manager at a church camp previously. They were having a Lunch Special promotion during that time which we could choose either a Small Pizza or a Pasta plus one Soft Drink for RM 9.80. 

So we decided to get one pizza and one pasta to share. For the pizza, we got the recommended Meat Mania which had Cubes special pizza sauce, layered with pepperoni, turkey ham, ground beef, Italian sausage, Beef Salami, Beef Bacon and topped with Cubes blend of Italian cheese. No doubt from the description it sounds like quite a mouthful. When the pizza arrived at our table, we could smell that aromatic cheese whiffing to our nostrils and there you have it that pizza in a square pan. 

Presentation wise, it sure does not look like what it sounded like on the menu but boy oh boy, when we pulled one piece out, we could see that generous amount of stringy cheese! Yums! I super love cheese and definitely appreciate cheese on my pizza. I take back my word about the lack of toppings because it was just all that cheese covering it. The seasoning for the pizza sauce was spot on tangy and slightly sweet with the right about of salt and this pizza sure lived up to it's name before we devoured it! There are tons of other pizza choices at Cubes Pizza and if all of the are as good as this, I'll be sure to head back and try them out.

As I mentioned earlier, we ordered one of their pasta just to try it out too and since I am quite the pesto sauce fan we decided to try their Pesto with Fresh Basil. Yet again, the generoud amount of cheese on top of the pasta! It was not the regular pesto pasta but ore of the baked pasta version where they baked the pasta with the cheesy layer in the oven before serving it out to us.

On one glance, the dish looked rather dry and the cheese also over baked. This was a bit of a disappointment because I prefer my pasta slightly wet. After digging through the layer of cheese, there were still some melted cheese at the bottom so all's not lost yet. Although the pasta was slightly too dry to my liking, they were generous with the sauce which was seriously quite good. They were generous with the minced chicken and oh the fresh basil was so yummy. Between the pizza and the pasta, I would definitely have to choose the pizza but it was because the pasta was overbaked to my liking. 

Overall, I did enjoy my lunch at Cubes Pizza and would recommend you to try out their cube pizzas with tons of great choices. For more information on their pizza choices or even if you do not feel like travelling to try them out no worries because they have delivery services. Just log in to their website http://www.cubespizza.com/ and feed that rumbling tummy!

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