Nam Heong Ipoh | Da:Men, USJ Subang

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Time for some #MiriamEat session which I seem to be doing a lot lately. This time round, let's have a look at the range of dishes Nam Heong Ipoh has to offer. 
Located at Da:Men USJ Subang, you will find Nam Heong at LG floor where most of the food outlets are located. Being one of the most frequented eateries in this new mall, one of the reasons is due to their freshly baked pastries and egg tarts which hold a 60 year old history.
Nam Heong Ipoh boast of their authentic dishes from Ipoh that even their ingredients are transported all the way from Ipoh. No need to travel all the way up to Ipoh when you can enjoy it at the comfort of an air-conditioned eatery which uses iPad as their menu.
One definitely need to try their signature coffee and tea which is smooth and fragrant. It definitely has the oomph a good cup of traditional coffee should have so make sure to order a cup to enjoy especially if you are getting their pastries.

From 1 July 2016 til 30 September 2016, they are launching a special Lunch & Dinner menu only at their Da:Men outlet. For their Lunch Menu, you have a choice from their Nam Heong Ipoh Nasi Lemak (RM12.90), Ipoh Nasi Ganja (RM15.90), Sze Chuan Spicy Noodles (RM8.90) and their add-on Sze Chuan Spicy Soup (RM5.90) and Aromatic Indian Fried Chicken (RM 5.90).
The Nam Heong Ipoh Nasi Lemak comes with aromatic pandan rice, cockle sambal, fried luncheon meat, crispy anchovies and peanuts as well as come prawn fritters. This huge plate of nasi lemak is definitely very satisfying especially for those who enjoy cockles. The combination of all the ingredients blend well together making it a satisfying dish.
Now the Ipoh Nasi Ganja is definitely a recommended from me. Nasi Ganja is well known in Ipoh and you would normally see people queuing for a plate! Now you can enjoy this at Nam Heong Ipoh where you get a plate of fragrant rice topped with aromatic and flavorful Indian curry sauce, sambal, salted egg and a crispy deep fried lemongrass chicken. For those of you who love your Nasi Ganja wet, ask for more of their curry which is a pleasure to enjoy.
Plus if one piece of chicken ain't enough for you, no fret because you can just order another piece of their Aromatic Indian Fried Chicken which is really good. Crispy and infused with spices and lemongrass, no doubt there will be some who will order an extra piece.
For those who prefer noodles, try their Sze Chuan Spicy Noodles with homemade noodles in a bowl of sour and spicy Sze Chuan soup. Spicy and sour are definitely two flavours right up my alley so I did quite enjoy this bowl of noodles. Served with black fungus, soft beancurd slices, bamboo slices and mushroom, you can opt to order the noodles or just the broth which can be ordered separately. I would recommend to squeeze in the lime for that extra tangy flavor.
Meanwhile for their Dinner Menu, you have a two choices where both sets can feed 2 pax. Firstly the Nam Heong Claypot Chicken Rice (RM24.90) where you get the traditional chicken rice served in a claypot with side servings of Ipoh beansprouts and fish paste soup. I actually love claypot chicken rice well what food do I not love but unfortunately this lacked that burnt crispiness that you would normally get. Flavor wise, it was very well flavoured especially with the salted fish but forewarned please make sure to mix up the chicken rice well so that you do not get too much salted fish in one spoon. 
The other option is the Nam Heong Bak Kut Teh (RM32.90) which is the Ipoh version of Bak Kut Teh, slightly milder and not as strong as our local Klang Bak Kut Teh. The broth is sweet with a mild herb taste served with pieces of pork ribs, pork belly, mushroom, braised eggs, Ipoh bean sprouts, fried fritters and white rice. Definitely sufficient to feed two.
With a bit more space in our tummies, we tried three of their Ipoh desserts; Egg Custard Pudding, ABC and Taufufa with Ginger Syrup. All three gave a pleasant and sweet ending to our meal.

Nam Heong Ipoh

LG 21, Da:Mén, Persiaran Kewajipan, USJ 1, Subang Jaya, Selangor. Daily, 10am-10pm
Phone: +60 3-8011 7330

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Dr. Irma Radiant Skincare

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nearly every girl's dream is to be like Snow White; to have fair porcelain skin and always photo ready. Well, I recently received a set of skincare and cosmetic products from Dr. Irma, a local beauty brand who aims to fulfill the dreams of girls everywhere. 

From their product collection, I received the Whitening BB Serum Foundation, Radiant White Vitamin C Serum as well as the Radiant White Brightening and Repair Cleanser. Even from the product name itself, you can see that the emphasis is on giving radiant and white skin. Packaging wise, it definitely gives off a luxurious feeling with the gold finishing. Let's get into the products that I received.
I have been using this set for the past week so I'll give a short review on how I incorporate it into my daily skincare regime. First up is the Radiant White Brightening and Repair Cleanser which is a moisturizing and mild cleanser suitable for all skin types. 
Gel-like formulation, it is enriched with grapeseed and cactus extract for brightening, whitening and skin repair. It also helps tighten pores, regulate sebum production while giving proper moisturization as well as lighten pigmentation and dark spots. I have combination skin type with an oily T-zone area. I normally prefer gel cleansers compared to foam cleansers because I feel that my skin is properly cleansed and not stripped off its moisture. 
After using this cleanser, I could feel that my skin is cleansed pretty well and did not leave my skin feeling too dry or leave a film layer over it. I realised that I do not get shiny around my T-zone area as fast as I normally do so I think it does work to regulate sebum production. I still have to see how well it works to lighten my dark spots but overall I am satisfied with this cleanser. The only downside is that the fragrance of this cleanser can be quite overwhelming as I do not prefer scented skincare products
After cleansing, I proceed with the Radiant White Vitamin C Serum. This serum is a water based vitamin C and aloe vera packed serum also aiming for skin whitening, heal acne prone skin, reduce pigmentation and scars, reduce sebum production, hydrate skin, erase fine line and to increase skin elasticity as quickly as 3 days. I do use serums daily and have been using It's Skin Vitamin C serum which I found really good to help brighten my skin. My sister who has acne-prone skin has been on board using vitamin C serums as well. Comparing these two, the Vitamin C Serum from Dr. Irma has a thicker and stickier consistency which can leave a sticky feeling on the skin. It takes some time before the product is fully absorbed into the skin. The serum also has a stronger fragrance of flowers which yet again can be pretty overpowering. Results wise, I can see that my dark spots were lightened and my sebum production is pretty much under control. 
One thing I liked about this sebum is the packaging where you can just press the top of the dropper bottle and it will pump up exactly the amount for 1 application. Priced at RM89 for a 15ml bottle, it claims to be able to use up to 2 months depending on usage. I think I might just restock it after I am done with it!
Lastly of course after skincare regime, it is time to prep up and I have been using the Whitening BB Serum Foundation which is a water based serum + foundation with SPF 35++. This foundation formulation has a whitening and treatment serum incorporated in it; making it an ALL IN ONE skincare and makeup product. 
You can apply this straight after cleansing. Packaged in a small jar is not my favourite packaging for foundation but they do provide a small spatula for you to scoop up the product. 
It only comes in 1 shade "Dr. Irma's Signature Shade" which has a pink undertone to it. Honestly, I was very worried when I first used it because I thought it would not match my skin tone but to my surprise, after blending it the color really suited me; giving me a healthy lively glow. The coverage of this foundation is amazing! You just need a very minimal amount to give you a natural coverage mimicking perfect skin. For those who need more coverage, this foundation is buildable and you can get a full airbrushed look if you use a buffing foundation brush. 
For myself, I just use an cushion puff to slowly pat and blend the foundation. Not only that, this foundation can last up to 12 hours without oxidation which is a plus point because it does not turn greyish/brownish at the end of the day. I still look great even after a long day at work. This foundation is priced at RM98 for 20ml which I think can last even longer than 2 months due to the coverage.
All Dr. Irma’s products are safe and does not contain banned substances and are registered with the Malaysian Ministry Of Health.

To purchase, please WhatsApp +6018-9867511, or reach the team via:
Instagram: DrIrma_Official
Facebook: fb.com/SerumDrIrma

Til next time,



Minamotonoya Cafe | Sri Petaling

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hi merrygoers. Time for another #MiriamEats session. These past weeks seem to be a lot of eating sessions that I sure am starting to put on weight but... when good food calls, you'll find me there. If you are one of those who folllows food trends, you might have heard of Mizu Shingen Mochi or commonly known as the water mochi. One of the first cafe serving this unique dessert is Minamotonoya Cafe which was previously located at Glass City, Bandar Sri Petaling.
After relocating to another location nearby, I finally had the chance to stop by and try their adorable water mochi as well as some of the other Japanese dishes they have to offer. 
While waiting for our main dishes to arrive, we were first served with their latest drinks which are the Ice Hill Mojito Sphere (RM15.90). Chef Nexus Wong sure has a lot of tricks and gimmicks up his sleeve  and you can see it from this new drink. This mojito takes form in a frozen sphere where soda water is then poured over the ice sphere before enjoying it. Not only that, dry ice is used in the wooden compartment underneath where lemon-infused water is poured over it releasing a refreshing lemon scent as the dry ice melts. This drink definitely refreshes your senses and you cannot deny that the overall presentation is captivating.
This Ice Hill Mojito Sphere comes in three refreshing choices of Watermelon Mojito, Orange & Mint Mojito as well as Lime & Mint Mojito. Of the three, my preference is the Lime & Mint Mojito which has the right amount of tang in it plus really refreshing as well.
For some appetizers, we were served with Tori Kaarge (RM11.90). This simple appetizer has tender thigh and drumstick chicken pieces which were marinated and deep fried. Still moist and tender, it was not overly oily and was a good starter to our meal.
Next up we have the Egg with Jelly Furitake Don (RM14.90). The element that intrigued me was the jelly furitake which was a special concoction by Chef Nexus. He used the combination of chicken wings, shoyu, mirin and sake over long boiling hours to transform it into a tasty and savoury jelly collagen. 
The jelly furitake just melts with the warmth of the fluffy scrambled egg and Japanese rice. This don reminds me of a good comfort food when I want something simple and satisfying.
For those who are looking for a porky option, you can try their Chashu Don (RM19.90). This don is served with a generous amount of juicy and tender braised pork belly on top of warm Japanese rice and topped with a half an egg. Although slightly salty and fatty for my preference, this bowl is definitely very filling.
Fans of Japanese curry can try their Japanese Curry Tori Katsu Rice. Served with their signature Japanese Curry is their Chicken Katsu which has deep fried breaded chicken thigh and Japanese rice. Sweet and creamy, the Japanese curry is quite enjoyable. Let me know if you are a fan of Japanese curry.
I definitely had a field day with rice that day as I was served with another rice bowl which is the Chaliapin Steak Don (RM22.90). Marinated pan fried beef steak was served on top of steaming Japanese rice and served with preserved Japanese plum. This was an interesting mix of flavor although the preserved plum overpowered the overall taste of the dish. This dish was slightly heavy handed on the amount of salt as well so unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this dish as much. Chef Nexus did take note on our feedback so I do think it would be much more enjoyable.
Although our tummies were definitely filled on rice, there is always space for desserts. While waiting for our water mochi to be prepared, we tried some of their Japanese cheese cakes which were really delectable. With three different choices, you can opt for the Orange Cheese Cake, Blueberry Cheese Cake and the Tofu Cheese Cake. My recommendation? The Tofu Cheese Cake which was light and airy, still smooth and creamy and definitely pleasant on the tongue. The biscuit base had just the right texture and complemented the whole cake well.
Now for the reason I had always wanted to visit this cafe. The Mizu Shingen Mochi (RM6.90) comes served in adorable plates which made me took tons of shots of them. This Japanese-stule dessert is made from gyuchi served with kinako soybean powder and brown sugar syrup. It had an interesting texture which was bouncy like jelly yet very light. It does not have a specific taste to it so you have to pair it with the roasted soybean powder and brown sugar syrup to enjoy.

Overall, Minamotonoya Cafe gave me a pleasant dining experience and finally I tried the water mochi which was really interesting.

Minamotonoya Cafe
No. 31-1 Jalan Radin Anum Satu,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
57000 Kuala Lumpur


Operating Hours
Mon - Sat (Closed on Sun)
11am - 3pm | 6pm - 10pm

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