PUTIEN Chinese Cuisine - One Star Michelin Award

Chinese cuisines can never fail to bring me warmth and comfort and this was exactly what Putien Chinese Cuisine aims to offer to all their diners. 
PUTIEN restaurant started as a coffee shop in Singapore’s Kitchener Road in 2000 by Mr. Fong Chi Chung who migrated from Putian of Fujian Province in China 16 years ago. Borne from the inspiration to recreate home-cooked dishes from his native homeland, this was how PUTIEN started which has now grown to over 28 outlets internationally. PUTIEN stays true to their tagline of using the freshest and best source of ingredients, presenting seasonal dishes using in-season ingredients and most importantly retaining the essence of tradition.
The 16th Year Anniversary was a joyous occasion for PUTIEN as they were awarded the ONE STAR MICHELIN AWARD for its Kitchener Road Outlet by MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2016. TO mark this memorable occasion, PUTIEN celebrated their 16th Anniversary and ONE STAR MICHELIN achievement with a festive gala dinner at their 1 Utama outlet. This Gala Dinner was the 1st Annual Get-Together for PUTIEN with media friends and associates as well as launching PUTIEN Festival. The PUTIEN Festival is a month long celebration featuring Festival Roadshows and special Festival Menu with a selection of new dishes. That night, we were treated to 11 of PUTIEN Signature Delicacies specially crafted by Executive Chef Li Shunrong inclusive of their special Festive Menu.

Their Starter Plates had Seaweed with Mini Shrimps, Braised Bamboo Shoot, PUTIEN Style Century Egg and Braised PUTIEN Handmade Bean Curd. 
Among the starter selections, the PUTIEN Style Century Egg captured my heart with the amazing flavour! Century egg nicely fried and evenly covered with their special sauce, this starter definitely kicked start the gala dinner. The starter selections were flavourful and kept us picking at it whilst our mains were being prepared.
Moving on to the mains, we have the ‘Yan Pi’ Fish Maw Soup; generous portion of fish maw and rich broth followed by Stir Fried Seaweed. 
The Stir Fried Seaweed was nicely seasoned, still retaining the chrunchiness from the seaweed and it was definitely enjoyable. 
I must say the Shredded Meat with Mantou was the highlight of the main as you have tender and well-seasoned shredded pork sautéed with onions plus that fluffy bun just topped it all. Enjoy the meat and the bun to get a satisfying dish.
For the PUTIEN Festive Menu, you will enjoy the PUTIEN Deep Fried Yellow Croaker which is a seasonal item. The yellow croaker is marinated with peppercorn and sea salt for 24 hours before deep-frying to achieve that crispiness yet retaining the sweet, tender meat within.
Savor the PUTIEN Lor Mee which exudes the comfort of home-cooked food as you enjoy springy noodles with their broth. Well generous with prawns, scallop, clams and mushrooms, this is a huge bowl of lor mee well shared with your dining companions.
An interesting dish was the Strawberry Prawns which I must say requires individual preference, unfortunately wasn’t my favourite among the other dishes. 
End the night with a refreshing dessert in the form of Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Fruits. Smooth, chill and refreshing jelly topped with watermelon and dragonfruit cubes as well as chia seeds.

It was a pleasurable first experience for me dining at PUTIEN and I did enjoy their selection of Chinese cuisine. Don’t miss out on their PUTIEN Festive Menu at their outlets and check out their latest updates and promotions on www.facebook.com/putien.my and www.putien.com