Street Churros @ Mytown, Cheras

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Snack time my merry goers!

Time for another sweet treat hunt and this time my adventure took me to Mytown Cheras. It's actually my first time going to Mytown after it officially opened so I sure was looking forward to checking this new mall out. For those of you who are not familiar with Mytown, it's actually one of the newest mall in town right next to IKEA Cheras. With tons of new shops and food outlets, I definitely need to pay it a visit a few more times.

All the snack kiosk, beverages etc are located in B1 where you will spot Street Churros once you get off the escalator. Street Churros is not a new brand to me as I've tried their churros when they first launched in 1 Utama. Another brand hailing from Korea, you know I just have to try it. Not only that , they seem to have several interesting twist to the traditional Spanish churro.

Now they have opened in Mytown and with that launched 2 more items in their menu. Now it's time for me to try all the items on their menu so yup that day sure was a cheat day. Thinking about it, I think I'm having too many cheat days.

Freshly piped churro dough is dropped straight into a boiling vat of oil and once they turned golden brown, they get a dusting of cinnamon, chocolate or cheese powder. You get to choose between the three different powder choices when you get their Signature Street Churros (RM5.90). For those of you who love your dips, get either their Chocolate, Cream Cheese, Butterscotch or Blueberry dips for additional RM1.90. 

For me, if I were to get dips I would just go straight and get their Filling Chu (RM7.90) which had either Chocoalte, Cream Cheese or Custard filling in it. Just love how generous they pipe their fillings which squirts out at each bite. I love their Chocolate which was rich and creamy and not too sweet; pairing well with the crispy churro.

Now it's time to try the two new items: Churros Fries (Sour Cream, Tomato, Seaweed) | RM7.90 and Stick Churros | RM.9.90 (Choco, Cinnamon, Cheese). Stick Churros might not be anything really new but I was really intrigued with the Churros Fries. Savory churros sure is something new for me and surprisingly somehow it does remind me of fries maybe because of the shape and size of it. Sprinkled with your chosen flavoring, my favourite is the Seaweed topping which was savoury and complemented the churros fries. The Stick Churros is a great choice if you want to try more than one churros flavor. You can mix up to 2 different flavors like for me I got the Cinnamon Flavor and the Chocolate flavor so this means I get to enjoy both my favourite flavors in one cup.

On a hot day, what better way to cool down with some Ah-Chu (Ice Cream Churros). For RM7.90, you get to pick from Choco-Choco, Choco Berry or Mango Soft Serve with a mini Churros. Dip the crispy churros into the cold creamy soft serve, and you get a delectable treat.

Beverage choices come in the form of their Ade RM7.90 and Shakes (RM9.90). Recommended is their Korean Citron Ade or their Oh My Coconut which is just such a catchy name. There are small btis of coconut flesh inside the shake which honestly I was so full just sharing the shake with a friend.

Enjoy their combo sets too where you can choose your desired churro type and a latte.

Combo A; Street Churros + Latte (RM11.90)
Combo B: Filling-Chu + Latte (RM13.90)
Combo C: Stick Churros + Latte (RM15.90)

Now here's a special BONUS just for you. To those of you who would love to try Street Churros at Mytown, I am giving away 10 pieces of Street Churros 20% Discount Vouchers to 2 winners.

Just leave a comment in the comment box with your Name, Email Address and tell me Which Churros do you want to try. I'll pick 2 lucky winner to get these vouchers :)

*Vouchers expire on 20 June 2017.
*Can be used in Street Churros MyTOWN Shopping Centre only.
*Not valid wit other promotions.

*Giveaway period ends on 28 May 2017.

So don't wait any longer :)

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Grand Millennium Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Cuisine

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Merry goers! I'm back and this time let's take an Asian twist with some Chinese cuisines from Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant located in Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

I finally had the chance to pay them a visit and have a taste of their newest addition to their menu with an array of seafood, poultry and pork dishes. If you are looking to savor some of the best Cantonese cuisines from Guangzhou, look no further as Lai Ching Yuen sure serves some amazing dishes.

Their latest ala carte menu crafted by Executive Chef Terence Foong and his team of culinary brigade showcases a touch of modernity in both the cooking techniques and flavors. Unfortunately, I missed out on the two first dishes due to the crazy KL traffic but my tummy sure was satisfied with the Braised Crab Meat & Fresh Fish Maw served. Instead of killing more sharks, next time why not indulge in this version instead which is packed with flavors too.

Moving on we have the Crispy Fried Cuttlefish with Salt and Pepper. Simply addictive that I couldn't stop from snacking on it. Just lightly and seasoned with the basic salt and pepper, each bite was fill of flavor from the juicy and succulent cuttlefish. The addition of some chili adds that additional kick to the overall dish.

No Chinese cuisine will miss out on a fish dish and we were served with the Signature Ombak Style Tiger Grouper Steamed with Soy Sauce. Sweet and tender, the steamed grouper was such a pleasure to enjoy. The freshness of the fish was clearly shown as the meat just melts in your mouth. I just love my fish done right and this sure was done right.

Not forgetting some porky dishes, if you love pork trotters make sure to order the Crispy German Pork Trotter which was just so sinfully good. Well proportioned amount of fat and meat, do mind that the pig trotter is just packed with collagen! Great for girls although the fried part may not be that healthy. Just a simple deep fried dish which brought out a lot of satisfaction.

A twist to the usual Chinese cuisine is in the Baked Pork Ribs with Lemongrass. Normally a more Malay cuisine, the flavorful baked pork ribs were seasoned beautifully and packed with the flavourful marinate of fresh herbs and lemongrass. 

The Stewed Stuff Sea Cucumber with Shimeji Mushroom & Beancurd was truly a delight especially their beancurd which is made in house. Smooth and soft, the beancurd compliments the sea cucumber stuffed with minced pork and shrimp. Just craving for that silky beancurd!

Our dinner wasn't over before being served the Wok-Fried Bei Fong Tong Style Prawns and the Fried Rice with Goose Liver Pate & Pine Nuts. Crispy battered prawns generously seasoned with dried chili and sliced almonds, adding a lot of texture into the overall dish. I do wish I had more prawns in the dish which would make it so much better. The Fried Rice had the necessary wok hei that is a MUST in fried rice although I did not really taste the goose liver in the dish. Despite that, it did fill me up over the whole meal.

No meal can end with desserts as we were served with Deep Fried Durian with Yam Puff by Dim Sum Chef Thye Yoon Kong. A unique twist to the traditional Yam Puff, it was filled with creamy durian filling bursting with that durian goodness. Oh it just brings out the durian cravings in me. 

Another unique dessert is the White Rabbit Sherbet. For those of you who had the same childhood memories like me, you would definitely remember the White Rabbit candy which we regularly snack on! Well before the whole melamine issue and stuff but oh this dessert sure brings out those memories. 

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant sure serves some mouth watering Cantonese dishes that are worth trying so head on to Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur the next time you are in town and well maybe looking for a place to entertain guests or family.

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur



Mr Churro Korean Street Snack @ Mid Valley

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hello my dear merry goers,

Are you ready for another food hunt? Honestly, if you have been following my food adventures you will realize that I am more of a savory food kinda girl instead of the sweet dessert type but of course once in a while that sweet craving does kick in.

There's no better way to cure that craving than to go on a food hunt or shall we say dessert hunt around town. Snack kiosk have been quite a crazy in the recent times where many people prefer grabbing some snacks to munch on. Today let's try a snack kiosk from Korea: Mr. Churro.

Located in Mid Valley Megamall, Mr Churro is a Korean Churros stall which obviously serves some freshly prepared churros. If you're wondering where it is, it is just in front of Nando's and AEON Big so you will not be able to miss them.

Even if you do miss them, you will not be able to miss the smell of freshly fried churros as the aroma whiffs into your nostrils. The churros are piped from a special machine where it is immediately dropped into a vat of boiling hot oil and fried til golden brown. It will then be cooled under a mini fan just before the toppings are added.

There's a choice from their Original Churro (Plain, Cinnamon, Milo) | RM5.50 or add their dips for some additional goodness. There's also Filled Churro | RM6.90, Ice Cream Churro | RM8.90 and also some choco covered churros. Let's just jump right into my dessert cheat day and what I think about them shall we :)


Starting off with the Cinnamon Churros with Salted Caramel Dip (RM6.90). They cleverly cut up the churros into mini bite size so that you can easily dip it into their homemade dips. I got the Salted Caramel because I was curious how well did they make their salted caramel and well.. I was not disappointed. Not too sweet, with a slight saltiness at the back of your tongue; it was a delight to tip the warm churros into it. My mum actually finished the dip so that's a thumbs up from her. 

Next up, we have the Ice Cream Churros | RM8.90 which has a Churros on top of some creamy ice cream! I got the Matcha + Vanilla which was really good. I am really quite picky about my Matcha selections and so far only Nana Green Tea matcha soft serve have been able to satisfy my Match cravings so I was looking forward to tasting the one from Mr. Churro.  Flavor wise, the matcha ice cream was on point, not too icy and really acceptable in my opinion. I love dipping my churros into the ice cream and enjoy the crispy churros with cold creamy ice cream.


Moving on to the Filled Churros, this is like enjoying their Dip but inside the hollow churro. Be careful as you bite into it so that it doesn't squirt out. Crispy churros filled with your desired sauce and I decided to try their homemade Nutella. Although not as good as the original Nutella spread, it was chocolaty, crispy and puts a smile on le sister's face.


Now moving on to their Choco Crunch Churros and Cookies & Cream Churros | RM7.90. Between the two I really like the Cookies & Cream churros because well Choco Crunch is pretty common and also they used cream cheese in their Cookies & Cream churros! Omg that sinful indulgence of cream cheese is so good with the freshly fried churros. 

The squiggle of cream cheese with cookie crumble was really right up my alley although my sister wasn't a fan of it. The cream cheese was tangy, smooth, creamy and if you were to ask me what would I come back for, I would say for this!

Drinks wise, there's their homemade Apple Limeade and Butterscotch Tea | RM5.90 which we were able to try. The Butterscotch Tea was an interesting flavor but please do stir it up properly before drinking or you might be sucking up all the sweet cordial syrup. After mixing well, it was a pretty decent drink to pair with the churros.

On a whole, it was a decent experience snacking on churros at Mr. Churro and for those of you who are fans of churros, go on and drop by their kiosk at Mid Valley Megamall. Ooh by the way, they also have an outlet in Penang so to all my dear Penang friends go check them out.

Do give them a 'LIKE' on their Facebook page HERE to get their latest promotion and also I heard they will be running a contest and winners get to go to Korea! Woohoo.

Mr. Churro @ Mid Valley Megamall

LGK 03A, LG Floor
 Mid Valley Megamall
10 am - 10 pm

Til next time
Mr Churro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Cheap and Affordable Online Printing Service Plus Free Delivery @ Gogoprint

Monday, May 08, 2017

Hi merry goers

When I first started really blogging, one of the first thing I did was to get my name card printed. During that time, it was quite a hassle because I was not sure about what design I wanted or the details or more importantly who should I get to print it. The last time I printed my name cards I think it was 500 pieces for RM120 which was quite a steal because it included some design work.

Well, a year plus has gone by and my name cards seems to be running out so it's time to get more printed! That's when I stumbled across Gogoprint which offers an online printing service at a super affordable price. They not only make printing products easy and cost-effective but also provide high-end printing services and reliable color printing at discount printing costs

Printing my new batch of name cards can't be any easier with their signature easy-to-use website interface. All you've got to do is to register your account at Gogoprint and choose from the many different printing service they have to offer. For myself, I chose the Business Card category where I can choose from the selection of the type of finishing I want for my business card. 

You can also choose if you want rounded corners, laminated glossy or matte finishing according to your preference. 

Next, key in your postcode where their latest rates will be shown. Like always, the more you print, the cheaper it will be per piece. I was looking at 500pcs and glad to see that it was only RM55.85 which is so much cheaper than if I were to print it elsewhere. If you are looking to get an express printing service, they provide it at a higher rate which is really up to you.

So here's my order of 9 x 5.4cm card, color printed both front and back on 310g Art Card. All I've got to do next is to process the payment and upload my finish design. Do take note that if you upload a PDF file it will be free or there will be additional charges.

After choosing from their selected payment methods, I uploaded my file and all I've got to do now is to wait for my cards to arrive! Gogoprint really is recommended for those who are looking for an online printing service at an affordable cost. They are available in both Malaysia and Singapore.

For more details:

Til next time,

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