Super Crab Promotion!! 3 for RM55 - Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Hello hello! 

If you are a crazy crab lover, then you will be in for a ride because what if I told you you can enjoy 3 Crabs for only RM55?

No I'm not kidding you because Ocean Seafood Restaurant located in Bandar Puteri Puchong serves fresh and juicy crabs at an amazing price! I was invited by the lovely Jessy to try out some of their dishes and I arrive only to realize that I had actually visited the restaurant with some friends a while back. Satisfied during my last visit, I knew that this time round it would be a pleasant dining experience.

If you plan to come during the weekends, do make a reservation especially if you want to grab their crabs on offer because it's normally pretty packed. Brought the pug along this round because I know how crazy he would go for crabs. 

Before the crabs were served, we tried some of their other dishes which were pretty mouth-watering too. Served alongside some fluffy deep fried mantou was a One-Bone Pork Rib. Well marinated and glistening from the sauce, the pork rib was super flavourful. It was tender and best paired with steamy white rice or even soak it up with the marinate sauce.

For greens, try the Mixed Hong Kong Kai Lan which has the mixture of deep fried or pan fried Kai Lan (Kale). The leaves are deep fried - leaving it crispy and well balanced with the pan fried stems. If you are a fan of Tofu, try their Beancurd with Pumpkin Sauce. Silky homemade beancurd braised in golden yellow pumpkin sauce with shimeji mushroom and crab meat. I love the beancurd pairing with the pumpkin sauce. Creamy and nicely seasoned which makes it one of my recommended side dishes.

My sister would love this Lala with Superior Soup - Seriously packed with spices and herbs and it elevates the flavor of the claims. For those who know me well, I am sensitive to shellfish like clams, crabs or well technically anything living under the sea and has a hardshell. Yup sorry but I can't really tolerate it unless it is well prepared. Not sure why my body doesn't seem to be able to tolerate that briny flavor of the sea but I've been trying to include more seafood into my diet.

The X.O Seafood Noodle Pot is a MUST ORDER! For only RM19.90, you get this huge pot of noodle with a full size crab in it plus ton of other seafood like squid and claims. Choose from vermicelli or yee mee - I personally recommend the vermicelli and the pug would too. It just soaks up all the flavor from the broth and seriously it's such a good deal. 

However, I think it is time for us to get on to the star of the night which are the CRABS! At Ocean Seafood Restaurant Puchong you have a selection of up to 9 different cooking styles. Choose from their popular Butter Salted Egg or their Spicy Buttermilk Crab which is the recommended choice, or even any other style you prefer. 

We got the Spicy Buttermilk Crab which has got to be both the pug and my recommended choice. Super flavourful, the sauce just packs a punch and lovely to be soaked up with the Fried Mantou. Please please make sure you order the Friend Mantou. It is a must to soak up all that amazing finger licking gravy and such a waste to not wipe the plate clean. We literally ordered more Mantou just to get all that sauce.

Fans of Crab Roe put your hands up! Get the 2 XL Mud Crab with Roe for only RM95. We had ours with their signature Butter Salted Egg sauce and can you just look at the amount of roe. Filled to the very ends of the shell, it was just so hard to resist not scrapping the shell clean. Forget about your cholesterol for that night and just feast because it is so good.

Prices of the crabs varies depending on the size:

Mud Crab with Roe:

(M) 3 for RM65
(L) 2 for RM65
(XL) 2 for RM95
(XXL) 2 for RM138

Mud Crab w/o Roe:

(L) 2 for RM65

(XL) 2 for RM88
(XXL) 2 for RM95/kg

Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Address : 21,Jalan Puteri 2/3 Bandar Puteri,47100 Puchong,Selangor
Contact : 010-2210 188 / 016-245 1369