Pim's & the RAMA Thai Food, Aman Suria

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hi merry goers! Come let's have some Tom Yum and learn how to speak Thai ;)

I still remember my last food expedition in Klang where I savoured some authentic and mouth-watering Thai cuisines. Pim's Thai Food has now expanded to Aman Suria - Pim's & The Rama, after numerous requests from their diners. 

Bringing along their popular dishes plus some new additions, let's start digging into what Pim's & The Rama has to offer. So here are some of the MUST TRY items that you have to try.

Starting off with their appetizers - Pim's Pandan Chicken (RM17.90/4 pieces), Thai BBQ Pork Sticks (RM12/ 3 pieces) and Rama's Donut Prawns (RM25/ 6 pieces). I have fond memories especially for the Donut Prawns and the Thai BBQ Pork Sticks from my previous visit. True enough, it did not disappoint because each bite is packed with flavor and just a must order. There are even juicy prawn bits in it which makes it so good.

Pim's Pandan Chicken was tender and the aroma from the pandan leaves were well absorbed with the marinate. Each piece is succulent and a generous portion which is sure to be quite a hearty appetizer. Mimicking the authentic Thai recipe, the marinated chicken is steamed before deep frying thus locking in the juices and flavor while still having a crispy exterior.

Another item would be the Thai Grilled Pork Neck (RM19) which is perfect to pick at. Well marinated and succulent, each piece was tender and very flavorful. The pork neck is marinated overnight and prepared fresh daily. For additional kick, dip it into their chili dipping that is slightly tangy.

If you are coming in a large group, order the Pim’s Super Seafood Tom Yum Pot (RM88 - RM288) depending on the size of your group. Each pot is filled with:

*Tom Yum Soup Refillable*

You can also choose between Normal Spicy or Super Spicy if you have very good tolerance for spicy food. 

Note: Do consider the tolerance of your other friends because they might be sweating buckets by the end of the meal.

An interesting addition to the menu is Yen Ta Fo (RM39) which is a must eat Thai food. This special Thai hotpot is made mainly using soy which is kinda the Thailand version of our Chinese Yong Tau Foo. 

Pim's & The Rama serves their Fresh Siakap Steamed with Chilli & Lime Soup just the way I like it - SPICY! This is a popular dish with sweet fresh siakap paired with tangy chili lime soup. For those of you who are not able to tolerate spicy food, try adding some Chang Beer into the soup. This adds aroma and reduces the spicy level. The overall taste of the soup changes once you add the Chang Beer so you've got to give this a try. 

Pim's & The Rama also offers a wide selection of cocktails with a Thai twist to them. My personal recommendation is the Pim's Red Velvet Garden. Huge glass that is meant for sharing. Especially if you are a fan of Hoegaarden beer, you will enjoy this cool drink. 

However for non-alcoholic beverages, try the Pim's Purple Drink with Lemon using butterfly pea flower. This drink is cooling and refreshing plus really pretty. Watch as the color changes when you pour lemon water into the drink.

Pim's & The Rama definitely did not disappoint with their wide variety of Thai dishes and a Thai chef captaining the kitchen. Now you no longer have to travel all the way to Klang for a taste of their food. Head on to Aman Suria for a Thai experience ;)

Pims & The Rama Thai Food

22 Jalan PJU 1/43A,

Aman Suria Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, 47301 Malaysia,
Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours:

Sunday – Thursday : 11.30am – 12am (food last call 10pm)
Friday & Saturday : 11.30am – 1am (food last call 10pm)


Rimmel London Relaunches in Malaysia #LiveTheLondonLook

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hey merrygoers, 

Say hello to Rimmel London as they officially announce their comeback to Malaysian shores. After being absent for a couple of years, Rimmel has finally relaunched in Malaysia with Cara Delevingne as their new face plus debuting with 4 iconic looks. 

Inspired by the theme 'Live the London Look' the four iconic looks are: 

The Iconic London Makeup Party Looks:

  • West London: The Fearless Chic
  • East London: The Experimental Hipster
  • South London: The Edgy Street Glam
  • North London: The Spotlight Grunge

I was invited to their prelaunch a while back where the whole range of Rimmel products were available for us to play with. The Iconic London looks were also demonstrated while the rest of us did a short quiz to determine which is our iconic look.

I just love how versatile their makeup line is especially with the different types of foundation and colors. Not only that, the price range is really affordable too. 

Alongside the four new iconic looks, there are several new insertions such as the Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color. Boasting a good variety of high intensity, velvety matte shades - there are 15 shades available up to date which has impressive staying power on the lips. 

Rimmel London will be available at selected Watsons and Guardian stores in Malaysia. For the latest updates, check out their Official Facebook page and Instagram handle. 


Mamonde Flower Facial Mask Review

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hi merry goers,

Mamonde recently launched the Mamonde Flower Facial Mask for different skin needs highlighting four selected flowers. As a brand acknowledging the flowers potentiality in flourishing beauty inside every woman, Mamonde,the floral inspired skincare and beauty expert continues to uncover the hidden power and energizing nutrients of flowers. 

Inspired by the distinctive properties of four selected flowers, namely the Rose, Heartleaf Houttuynia,
Calendula and Evening Primrose, Mamonde’s NEW Flower Facial Mask Line brings women’s beauty back into bloom through its bouquet of floral goodness offered to the skin.

The Flower Facial Mask are differentiated by Leave On Mask or Wash Off Mask. 


Roses has been used since the 16th century by the British and French in the cosmetic industry. It helps calm the mind, its anti-oxidative properties also help boost and refine tired skin for a clear and healthier look.

With such admiration for the Rose, Mamonde has identified three outstanding properties for the formulation of its latest Flower Mask. Introducing Mamonde’s Petal Purifying Bubble Mask, a rose-derived, wash-off mask that offers excellent calming, moisturising and anti-oxidative effect to the skin.

The new Petal Purifying Bubble Mask, which is infused with visible rose petals together with green tea and peppermint extracts, helps revitalise stressed skin caused by external environments, bringing dull-looking skin back to life. While green tea is well known for its anti-oxidative property, the peppermint extract in the rose mask, helps maintain adequate moisture on the skin surface.

When applied, this rose inspired mask immediately forms soft, fluffy and chiffon-like bubbles to purify and give skin a clear complexion. Suitable for dry skin, dull and fatigue skin.

Directions for Use

After cleansing, refine the skin with toner. Put an adequate amount of the Purifying Bubble Mask on dry hands and apply all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. Once fine bubbles are formed (approximately a minute later), apply warm water and massage the lather gently. Wash off thoroughly with warm water. Close both the inner and outer cap after each use to prevent contact with air.

The Hearleaf Houttuynia is a native plant to Japan and widely used as herbal medicine due to the rich protein, mineral and vitamin B content. Through extensive research and careful observation of the Heartleaf Hottuynia, Mamonde has discovered the antibacterial properties of the plant that is especially suited for enlarged pores and oily-prone skin. 

This is a wash-off face mask that uses the leaves of the Heartleaf Hottyunia and walnut shells as its main ingredients. Made up of natural mineral clay infused with grounded Heartleaf Hottyunia and walnut shells, the Mamonde latest Pore Clean Clay Mask helps absorb excess sebum and at the same time exfoliate dead skin cells on skin surface. Its gentle, mild and soft cream texture keeps the skin moisturised while helps to maintaining oil balance; the skin ultimately feels soft, smooth and supple after rinsing. It is suitable for those with enlarged pores and sensitive skin.

Directions for Use

After cleansing, refine the skin texture with toner. Apply an adequate amount of the Pore Clean Clay Mask on dry face. Spread thoroughly all over the face except for the eye and mouth area. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.


Dubbed as ‘Pot Marigold’, the Calendula flower has been used in cooking for centuries and it is very commonly found as one of the ingredients in German soups and stews. A flower belonging to the Asteraceae family, the Calendula plant is native to Southwestern Asia, Western Europe, Macaronesia and the Mediterranean. Not only Calendula is used in cooking, the flower is also well known for its multiple benefits to the skin. Therefore, it is frequently used in the formulation of soaps, creams and cosmetics products.

Tapping into the benefits of the Calendula flower to the skin, Mamonde through its R&D has discovered this flower contains soothing & hydrate effect, leaving skin feeling dewy and hydrated. Inspired, Mamonde then formulates and introduces the all-new Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask.

A leave-on sleeping mask, the Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask is blended with Calendula petals alongside Centella, Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts to calm skin and lock in moisture for a hydrated look. Designed with water-gel formula, the Mamonde Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask comes with a dewy texture that gives skin a cool and refreshing feel upon application. Suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin.

Directions for Use

Take an adequate amount of the Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask and apply all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. Allow the water-gel texture to melt into skin completely as you spread it over the face.

The Evening Primrose is rich in Gamma Lenolenic Acid (a type of fatty acid that nourishes the skin), Mamonde’s R&D has unleashed the flower’s excellent moisturising properties in enabling the plant to survive under harsh conditions. Inspired by the amazing features the Evening Primrose holds, Mamonde has developed and hence introduced the Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask.

Formulated in accordance with the Flower Oil Complex (a formula that combines three types of flower oils, i.e. Evening Primrose Oil, Camellia Oil & Sunflower Oil), the Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask, which is also infused with moisturising ingredients extracted from the Evening Primrose, glides gently and provides dewiness to the skin once applied.

In addition, this leave-on mask contains nutrient capsules to help fortify the protective layer of the skin, thus lowering the chances of external pollutants from harming the skin. Upon application, skin
feels nourished and moisturised without feeling sticky. Suitable for bloated skin and dehydrated skin.

Directions for Use

Take an adequate amount of the Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask and apply all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. Allow the mask to absorb into the skin. The Mamonde Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask is especially catered to those with bloated and dehydrated skin.

Apart from incorporating a daily facial masking habit into your skincare routine, the facial mask layering, which is a current hit amongst the skincare and beauty enthusiasts, equally brings ample benefits to the skin. Mamonde’s Flower Facial Mask Line, which includes 4 different types of masks can be applied concurrently to achieve the following desired course:-

The Mamonde Flower Facial Mask Line can be purchased through Mamonde Beauty Counters at Aeon 1 Utama, PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall, KL, Parkson Suria KLCC, KL, Aeon Bukit Indah, JB, Aeon Tebrau City, JB, Aeon Queensbay Mall, Penang and, Parkson Gurney Plaza, Penang. It is also available on 11street.my and Lazada.com.my.


Top Tips to Answer Awkward Relative Questions During Chinese New Year

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hi merry goers, 

Happy Chinese New Year! It's the time of the year where you meet all your relatives and well.. maybe be bombarded by some difficult questions as always. Well, this year let me share some top tips with you on how you can answer awkward relative questions instead of having that awkward silence. I came across these tips on LinkedIn and thought it would be helpful for you :)

The mandatory question from relatives you see once a year: “How’s work / Are you working? / What do you do exactly?”  

This could be an unspoken rule - the relatives you see once a year must ask this question. And despite the fact that nothing has changed since you answered it last year, they are likely to have forgotten what you said last year, or even what you do, and want to hear your response.

Tip 1: Think about your LinkedIn profile headline, and make it memorable – For example, if you are a software developer for an online brokerage, try saying “I build programs and systems to help investors like you trade online”.

“How much money are you making?”

Count yourself lucky if you last the CNY season without being asked this question.

Tip 2: Use this as a conversation starter for a topic you are really interested in. “I earn enough to be able to continue my favourite hobby, do you know much about it?” Don’t forget, success comes in many shapes and forms, and a high salary isn’t the only way to be successful.

“Can you make much money in your industry?”

They might not give up. There are some industries that are perceived as less prestigious than others. Our parents’ generation may only be familiar with professions like bankers, lawyers and doctors. It’s hard to explain your career to someone who doesn’t share the passion for your work, or don’t understand it.

Tip 3: Start by sharing with them why you chose your profession and industry, and why you love what you do. This may inspire them, and at the same time, you can also share how you find it fulfilling, as well as share some of your most successful achievements and future goals.

“Have you been promoted this year?”

Tip 4: This is the perfect opportunity to share your highlights from last year – the new venture you have started or a great boss you gave you the chance to grow your team. Going into the new year, you can share your aspirations, shifting the conversation from promotions and pay-rises to developing new skills and achieving other more meaningful successes.

“Why aren’t you doing as well as your cousin?”  

Parents and sometimes, relatives just love to compare you with your peers and sometimes, your long-lost cousins.

Tip 5: Celebrate the successes of others but you can also reinforce your aspirations and even ambitions.

Well I sure hope you will not get all these awkward questions thrown at you but just in case, now you have some tips on answering them thanks to LinkedIn.

Have a merry Chinese New Year!

Til next time,


Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Set Menu @ Bintang Revolving Restaurant, The Federal KL

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hi merry goers,

Nearly every year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day falls on very close dates with this year being only one day apart. Hence there are a few places that serve both Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day menu. This includes Bintang Revolving Restaurant at The Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur. 

If you did not know, Bintang Revolving Restaurant is the first revolving restaurant in Malaysia, located on the 18th floor of The Federal Kuala Lumpur. This is my first time actually dining in a revolving restaurant so I was excited and looked forward to the meal. 

This year, enjoy the Double Happiness 5-course Set Dinner or the Valentine's Day 5-course Set Dinner with the gorgeous view of the KL City skyline, the KL tower and KLCC. The Double Happiness set menu will be available from January to February while the Valentine's Set Menu is only available on 14 February 2018. 

Priced at RM138nett per person, Double Happiness 5-course Set Dinner is exclusively designed by the team of chefs at Bintang Revolving Restaurant. The dinner starts off with Seafood Glass Noodles with Honey Plum Sauce as the appetizer. Sweet, tangy and with a nice kick of heat, this dish awakens your appetite with a fiery start. 

Cool down your taste buds with the Double Boiled Chicken & Lotus with Chinese Herbal Soup which was well seasoned and sweet from the chicken essence. Light on the palate, this calmed the senses preparing you for the next dish. 

For the mains, you have a choice of the Oven Baked Rack of Lamb with Garlic Brown Sauce or the Grilled Salmon with Honey Light Sauce. Both are surprising choices for a Chinese New Year Dinner Menu as we are normally accustomed to Asian dishes during this festive season. However, I must give praises to the lamb which was well seasoned and baked well leaving it tender and flavorful. Pairing it is a side of fresh salad and potatoes which I loved especially the potatoes. 

If you prefer fish, try their Grilled Salmon with Honey Light Sauce. The piece of grilled salmon was a generous portion and well grilled leaving the insides pink. Also paired with salad and potatoes on the side. 

Ending the dinner Nutella Tartlet with Strawberry for dessert. The Nutella tart was rich and creamy with the Strawberry slices giving it a fresh burst of flavor. As a whole, the Double Happiness 5-course Dinner Set can be a good replacement for Valentine's Day dinner too. 

Next up the Valentine's Day 5-course Set Dinner starts off with Carpaccion De Salmon. Fresh marinated salmon slices served with green salad and dill yogurt dressing. It reminds me of the one I love from IKEA. The salmon slices were fresh and a pleasure to enjoy when served chilled. 

We were then served with Broccoli & Potato Cream Soup with Roasted Almond. The soup was very creamy and well presented making it a hearty selection. 

For the mains, you have a choice between Surf & Turf or Baked Tenderloin in Fillo Pastry with Mushroom Stuffing. The Surf & Turf is a good option if you can't decide between seafood or chicken. You get a portion of stuffed lobster with wild mushroom and grilled chicken breast with wild mushroom sauce.

I personally am more of a meat lover so the Baked Tenderloin in Filo Pastry with Mushroom Stuffing was the preferred choice. Underneath the crispy layer of filo pastry, you get a good chunk of tenderloin baked well. A generous portion for the meat lover. 

End your sweet date with the Passion Fruit Mousse with Berries. The passion  fruit mousse was light and creamy tho slightly a bit too tangy for my liking. Somehow the Nutella Tart suited the Valentine theme more but it sure gave you a different ending than any regular Valentine's Day Dinner. 

The 5-course Valentine's Set Dinner is priced at RM288 per couple and only available on 14th February 2018. Accompanied by the gorgeous view of the city skyline, this would be an interesting place to bring your date. Valentine's Day is drawing near so hurry make your reservations at 03-21489166 or at www.fhihotels.com for more information.

Bintang Revolving Restaurant, The Federal KL
Address: 35, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21489166

Til next time,


Chinese New Year 2018 Menu | Lai Ching Yuen @ Grand Millenium Kuala Lumpur

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hi merry goers,

If you have not planned for your Chinese New Year dinner this year, you better hurry because it is just a few days away. This Chinese New Year, enjoy a prosperous feast at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Hotel prepared by Executive Chef Terence Foong and team.

Yee Sang with White Fish Baits 财运亨通齐捞生 (白饭鱼捞生)

As customary, all Chinese New Year dinners have to start with Yee Sang to welcome in the new year. Toss to health, wealth and blessings with the Chinese New Year Yee Sang with White Bait Fish. The Yee Sang at Lai Ching Yuen had colourful shredded fresh vegetables, crispy crackers and golden fried white bait fish served in a huge serving plate to contain all the blessings instead of being scattered around.

Double-boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with Crabmeat and Assorted Seafood 喜气洋洋 (蟹肉海鲜翅)

Aligned with the Chinese custom, we have to warm our tummy before digging into good food. We were served with Double-boiled Shark’s Fin Soup, with Crabmeat and Assorted Seafood to wheat our appetite. Smooth and thick that glides down your throat, the soup added with a few drop of Chinese vinegar is just perfect. 

Wok-fried Prawns with Spicy Sauce 嘻哈大笑 (辣子酱明虾)

Every Chinese New Year, we have to add in prawns in our dish. Prawns symbolizes ushering in happiness and laughter into the new year as Prawn in Cantonese 'ha' has the same pronunciation as laughter 'ha ha ha'. At Lai Ching Yuen, enjoy sweet and spicy fresh prawn paired with fluffy fried mantou on the side to soak in the sauces. The prawns were fresh and cooked well plus the glistening sauce was perfectly paired.

Steamed Live Cat Fish with Minced Ginger 如意吉祥 (姜蓉蒸白苏公)

Another auspicious dish would be fish to usher in good luck as we are served with Steamed Live Cat Fish with Minced Ginger. The catfish was very fresh and the meat tender sweet. You have to order this dish when you dine in Lai Ching Yuen. 

Roasted Pi Pa Style Crispy Chicken with Prawn Crackers 心想事成 (琵琶烧鸡拼虾饼)

Normally, we would enjoy Roasted Duck for Chinese New Year. However this year, Lai Ching Yuen serves their signature Roasted Pi Pa Style Crispy Chicken with Prawn Crackers. Dip the crispy chicken skin with some tender meat into the plum powder served aside for a unique taste combination. The roasted chicken was moist and flavourful making it a delightful dish to enjoy.

Stir-fried Hong Kong Kailan, topped with Enoki Mushroom 富贵荣华 (炸金针菇扒港芥兰)

Let's not forget to eat healthy this new year with some nutritious greens. The Stir Fried Hong Kong Kailan with crispy Enoki Mushroom was just the right dish. The crunchiness from the golden enoki mushroom elevated this simple dish as the texture was well balanced. It added some umami flavors into it making it a potential favourite even for kids.

Fried Rice with Assorted Chinese Waxed Meat, wrapped in Lotus Leaf 一帆风顺 (腊味芋粒荷叶饭

Just in case the whole course hasn't filled you up yet, enjoy the Fried Rice with Assorted Chinese Waxed Meat wrapped in Lotus Leaf. The Lotus Leaf made the simple fried rice aromatic while the Chinese waxed meat packed in great flavor.

Nian Gao 步步高升 (煎, 炸年糕) & Double-boiled White Fungus with Longan and Sea Coconut 甜甜蜜蜜 (龙眼雪耳海底椰) 

No meal should end without dessert. The same goes at Lai Ching Yuen. For dessert, we were served with Nian Gao Two Ways (Nian gao coated with egg batter then pan-fried; and nian gao sandwiched with yam, coated in batter and deep fried to golden brown). Nian Gao is a particular Chinese sweet treat that I enjoy during Chinese New Year. There is something about that sticky sweet starch that just makes it so addictive for me. 

Paired with the Nian Gao is a cooling bowl of Double-Boiled Sweet Soup with White Fungus, Longan and Sea Coconut. Also a delightful bowl to finish and to end the meal.

Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant 荔晶园

Level 1, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Hotel
160 Jalan Bukit Bingtang,
Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +60 3 2117 4180
email: lcy@millenniumhotels.com
Website: https://www.millenniumhotels.com/en/kuala-lumpur/grand-millennium-hotel-kuala-lumpur/lai-ching-yuen/

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