Charles & Keith | Pedro | Flow Warehouse Sale 2018: Worth It?

Hey merry goers!

Charles & Keith Warehouse Sale is back and this time it is located at GLO Damansara. Claiming to be up to 80% off, me and my sis woke up early to check out the sales. We previously visited the warehouse sale and I got very good deals from it even several bags for RM20! So we were really excited to see what good finds we can snatch.

Reaching at GLO Damansara around 10.15 am, the carpark was nearly filled up and we had to park at Level 7 (Rooftop). The sale was located at Level 3 and there were barricades set up with several security guards. With so many rampages during sales recently, I guess they really wanted to ensure that no bad incidents were to occur.

There wasn't a line when we arrived so after the sale personnel tied up our bags, they passed us our shopping bags and off we go to explore the sale. Once you enter, you will be welcomed by Pedro Footwear. The footwear were organized according to sizes so no worries about being lost. Each size section has a sale personnel to attend to you. There were really a lot of styles to choose from and most of the items had plenty of new stocks.

After a whole stretch of Pedro Footwear, you will see the Pedro Accessories corner. There you will come across Pedro wallets, purses and some handbags. There weren't much choices here and prices range from RMxx to RMxx.

Since I wasn't able to get anything from Pedro, I decided to check out Charles & Keith while my sister stayed at Pedro section. The Charles & Keith section was way much bigger than the Pedro section with sizes ranging from Size 34 up to Size 41. No worries there my larger feet size merrygoers because there are a lot to choose from! I head straight to my size section where you will find an assortment of heels, wedges, boots, etc.

There were quite a number of really pretty footwear which caught my eye but... unfortunately, they were out of my budget. Although the signboard states that footwear starts from RM19, most of the footwear available were roughly around the RM99 price range especially for heels. Somehow, this year round the price cut wasn't as significant compared to the previous years. My eyes were attracted to several heels but with the price being RM129+ I'm afraid I had to say no to them.

I then head over to the other section which is the Charles & Keith handbags - prices ranging from RM59 - RM169. I was actually looking forward to this section as the previous years, I managed to score several bags at RM20+. Unfortunately, disappointed again as this time round there weren't as many choices to choose from and honestly, with the price they were offering at the sale I would rather walk into their stores. I wouldn't deny that the bags that were at the warehouse sale might actually be priced way much higher but I wasn't ready to splurge on handbags at the moment. There weren't many designs so bye bye to the handbag section too.

Lastly it was the Charles & Keith Accessories section with eyewear, purses, belts, rings etc. You will be able to get some accessories here and their eyewear were really nice. So tempted to get one of their eyewear but yet again.. when we looked at the price it was RM119. It definitely wasn't a price I was expecting at the warehouse sale and after much consideration and deliberation, both me and my sis decide to let it go.

In conclusion, we were pretty disappointed with this year's Charles & Keith warehouse sale. We weren't the only people to walk out empty handed and many walked out with one or two purchases as well. However, this is just my opinion based on my own personal budget for warehouse sale. So if you would like to check them out head on to GLO Damansara from 5th April 2018 - 8th April 2018. Maybe on the last day there might be better deals?

Lastly, for Maybank users you will get additional 5% discount off your purchase when you pay using Maybank credit or debit card! So make sure to use them.

Til next time,