[REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy S22+ First Impressions

Credits: tavesper.tech

Hi merry goers!

I know I've been raving about the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, especially the S22 Ultra and I'd say you'll find tons of reviews about it too. But for those of you who aren't too keen on getting the S22 Ultra or don't find the need of getting the SPen (although I have no idea why you would NOT want to have the SPen because it is the BOMB) However, everyone to their own and I'd say you still won't regret getting the S22 or the S22+

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series was launched a few weeks ago, and apparently, the series was so popular that it might take Samsung an entire month to fulfill just the existing pre-orders. Well, lucky for me and also for you I managed to get a hold of the S22+ and test it out before my S22 Ultra arrives so here's my first impression on it while I play around with it before giving it my final verdict. 

The Design

Generally, the design of the Galaxy S22+ has not changed much from the Galaxy S21+. At the top left corner you'll find the camera module with a metallic bump and at the bottom, the dual SIM slot, USB-C charging port, and speaker output. Take note that the Galaxy S22+ does not support expandable memory so you might want to put that into consideration before deciding which size to purchase. For myself, I ALWAYS need the largest storage option.

Size comparison between the S22 Ultra, S22+, and S22, the S22+ is roughly the same dimensions as the current phone that I've been using for the longest time ever and still love - the Huawei P20 Pro. And yes, it is high time I make a switch, and to be honest I have been a fan of Samsung mobile devices until my Note4 got stolen during my gym session four years ago. I can't say that I am not looking forward to getting back into #teamgalaxy. 

The S22+ comes in phantom white, phantom black, green, and pink gold featuring a 6.6-inch Gorilla Glass Victus+ screen and flat edges encased in what Samsung calls Armor Aluminum, which hopefully saves my phone from my famous butterfingers. So far I do like the overall feel and grip with the S22+ and it fits well in my hands and no... I haven't dropped it (yet) 

The Camera

The S22+ packs in a 10 MP selfie camera in the front, 12 MP ultrawide, 50 MP wide-angle, and 10 MP telephoto cameras in the back. I have been using the cameras (both front and back) for my day-to-day social postings, fitness videos, and testing most of the camera features and I must say I am loving it so far. The mega-detailed wide-angle camera which I'm thinking maybe the reason for the overall crisp effect that I found myself fawning over.

That’s it for now as I get the phone set up. The full review will be published after I used the phone for another two weeks, expect it to be ready sometime in end-March. In short, I like the design refresh on the new Galaxy S22 series and looking forward to the software, camera, and overall experience on it. Stay tuned.