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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hello merry goers!

Today I am going to transport you all the way to Mumbai, India and introduce you to some authentic street food. Although I have not been to Mumbai, now I can enjoy some Mumbai delicacies at Mumbai Delight!

Mumbai Delights located at Mont Kiara is a casual dining and bar lounge where you are able to savor authentic Mumbai street food at an affordable price! The dishes here use a lot of spices and many ingredients that are both foreign and some difficult to pronounce but if you are a food hunter like myself, come on down to Mumbai Delights and try out these dishes!

Samosa Set
RM 7/ 2pcs

Let's start with some appetizers. Here we have the Samosa Set which is an Indian fried pastry filled with potato. A common snack in India, the potato is well seasoned with green chili, fennel seed, coriander and other spices. This fried pastry is served in pairs for you to share or well maybe just devour it on your own. Crispy with the soft potato filling on the inside, the overall dish is not overly greasy.

Vada Pav
RM 5.50

Following up we have something unique which they call the Indian Burger, Vada Pav where it actually means Potato Bun. The Vada Pav is popular in Mumbai as a Grab N' Go food where this Indian burger is served with two sauces (tamarind jaggery chutney / green coriander, chili and yogurt chutney). The potato patty is filled with coriander and green chili plus some chutney powder for an additional kick. Now don't go all fancy and use a fork and knife to savour this burger but get down with your hands squash the patty down and grab a bite out of it! The homemade butter bread is savoury and buttery pairing well with the potato patty and sauce.

Thai Curry Dal with Garlic Naan Set
RM 14

Now let's move on to something heavier like the Thai Curry Dal with Garlic Naan Set. Those who love Indian cuisines we all know we cannot miss out naan. The garlic naan served at Mumbai Delights was light, crispy and generously made with chopped garlic and coriander. Well seasoned, I could eat it on it's own but this garlic naan is paired with their in-house Thai Curry Dal which is a fusion of Thai curry and dal for a creamier texture. The Thai Curry Dal is definitely a must try where it is cooked with an assortment of green vegetables like broccoli, green pepper, bok choy plus other ingredients making it a hearty dish indeed. Paired with the garlic naan, this is really a comfort food for the tummy.

Mustard Green Rice | Malai Kofta Gravy
RM 14 | RM 15

The Mustard Green Rice paired with the Malai Kofta Gravy is a must order among all the dishes I savoured that night! The Mustard Green Rice which is a new addition to the menu has fragrant Basmathi rice cooked in mustard, green chili and coriander sauce giving it that vibrant green colour. Squeeze the lime on top to add a sourish kick to the rice! I personally love coriander and I have to warn you ahead that this dish is really very flavourful from the coriander sauce. Pair this unique rice with another classic Indian dish which is the Malai Kofta, a tasty vegetarian alternative to Lamb Koftas! The Malai Kofta is bathe in creamy white cashew nut gravy which had a unique flavour to it which the fried dumpling balls were made of mashed potatoes with grated cottage cheese plus dried almond, raisin and cashew nut in the centre. The cottage cheese is made by the restaurant themselves so expect to get fresh cottage cheese in your dishes.

Himachali Kumbh
RM 18

The next dish was faced with many curious looks when it was served. This mushroom dish, Himachali Kumbh is cheese stuffed mushroom malai tikka. It is made from marinated fresh button mushroom stuffed with cottage cheese and cooked in tikka style (tandoor oven) with malai sauce, Himachali actually refers to a province which has nice mushrooms thus the name of the dish. The mushroom was soft, juicy and well seasoned with the stuffed cottage cheese and had a nice cmoky flavour to it.

Laacha Paratha | Bhurji Pav
RM 18

Another flat bread served that night was the Laacha Paratha which is a layered flat bread made with whole wheat flour. This flat bread was served with Bhurji Pav, a simple but super tasty spicy dish made from shredded cottage cheese. Bhurji actually means scrambled and this fiery red dish has cottage cheese, onion and green chili added to it. The creaminess of the cottage cheese really blends well with the flat bread and had a spicy kick to it.

Parizza Layered Pizza
RM 24

Who says Indians do not have pizza? At Mumbai Delights,order their Parizza Layered Pizza which has capsicum, BBQ sauce, cottage cheese, mozarella cheese, cheddar cheese and laacha paratha as the base. The base is actually baked first in the tandoor oven and then baked again with all the toppings giving it a crunchy base. 

Chili Garlic Sizzler
RM 24

If you are a big eater you should try the house special Chili Garlic Sizzler which is a huge platter with a variety of items like sweet corn, carrot, french beans, cherry tomatoes, mixed greens and cottage cheese cutlet cooked in a fiery chili garlic sauce on top on a bed or either rice or noodles. This portion I would strictly recommend you to share between 2 to 3 persons. The Chili Garlic Sizzler is definitely one of the unique food I have seen around associating with Indian cuisines but I must say I like the heat from the chili!

Chocolate Samosa
RM 18

Like all my food post, I have to end it on a sweet note and Chef Abi definitely ended it on an extremely sweet note with the Chocolate Samosa! This fried pastry is filled with sweet dark chocolate and drizzled generously with thick hot chocolate sauce plus a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. If you know me well, sweet things do not exceptionally go well with me especially with the chocolate laden dish so I really have to give this a pass. But for chocolate crazy die hard fans you would love it especially if you love those chocolate boutiques like Dip N' Dip. This chocolate samosa is just bursting with chocolate flavours from the inside and also from the chocolate dressing.

Overall if you would like to experience and savor some Indian street food, head on down to Mumbai Delights! The dish I would really ask you to try would be the Mustard Green Rice because it is really unique but do take note it may not be on the menu yet and has to be specially requested or also try their Laacha Paratha and Bhurji Pav because the creaminess of the cottage cheese definitely wins the round.

Mumbai Delights

Block E 01-04
Jalan Kiara 3
Plaza Mont Kiara
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206 2008

Facebook: Mumbai Delights

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