Do you all love chocolates? Do you know that chocolates actually make you more happy. This is the reason why females love chocolates! During the previous semester, one of my friend went to Langkawi for a field trip and what more? Of course we asked her to buy back chocolates!! Here are the bulk of chocolates we bought~

The bulk of chocolates!
Ritter Sport

Andes Mint Chocolates


Kisses *muax*

Doesn't the chocolates make you salivate? Well here are some more pictures of chocolates but home-made one!

Melted Chocolate
Heart shaped molds

Finished product (Honey centered chocolates with almond pieces)

Chocolate Oreo Cheese with Almond Truffles

It is very easy to make homemade chocolates and they taste great as well! 
Here is a recipe for the chocolate truffles. Oreo truffles
And for the mold chocolates you can add anything you want up to your creativity and your taste buds~ Enjoy :)