Maraschino Again!

Another trip to Maraschino because my beloved roomie did not have the chance to visit it uet and I keep buying her back yummy pastries. We went later in the evening around 7pm and had dinner. So here is what we ate that day :)


Stack-it needs high level of patience and skills! 

Virgin mojito

Raspberry Mint

Real sorry forgot the name of the dish.. but it is Shrimp Curry which is super duper SPICY!! But since I love spicy food it was totally yummy! And it was hilarious watching the rest of them sweat profusely due to this dish! HA!

Cappuccino. Love their coffee art

Phad Ka Pao. Stir fried chicken with basil *if I'm not wrong*

Desert of the month! Molten Lava Cake! Can't wait for May's desert :)

Phad Prik Beef *spicy*

Rice with Chicken Salad. Yums
Me and Roomie Sze Hui *Hugs*