Kuching Holiday Day 3

Getting back to my travel post on my trip to Kuching. Now for Day 3, we hired a chartered van to bring us around for the whole day. One van is RM250 regardless of how many people ride the van. Well, the more the merrier right? :) For Day 3, we visited Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Uncle Jong's Crocodile Farm, Friendship Park, Cat Museum :)

So the first place we visited was the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre to see... *drum rolls* Orangutans!! This is a nature reserve where the orangutans are not caged up but they actually live in the area and during feeding times, the park rangers will bring out fruits and leave it on the feeding platform and we just have to patiently wait for the orangutans to come out and eat. If you're lucky, you will be able to see most of them but I've heard that during the fruit season, it is quite difficult to see them because of the abundance of fruits in the jungle that they will not come out to eat. 

Entry tickets cost RM 5.00 per person and here are some pictures of the area :)

After the trip to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, we proceeded to Uncle Jong Crocodile Farm to see some crocs! Entry fee is RM 16 for Malaysians but if you are a Sarawakian it is much cheaper. There are so many different species of crocodiles and we were able to watch the crocodile feeding show as well. Managed to snap some great pictures to share with you all so here they are :)

After the crocodile farm visit, we had lunch and went back to town centre to the Friendship Park for some photograph session. Unfortunately it was super hot that afternoon so we just rushed through the park. It is a lovely park, very clean and very suitable to come with friends or even with your other half :) Here are some more photos!

Beautiful right :) After the Friendship Park, we continued to the famous Cat Museum. There is no entry fee but if you want to take photos, you need to pay for your gadgets. For a camera, you need to pay just a small fee of RM 4 to take all the photos you want. The museum is full of cats like what it's name imply. So here are some pictures :)

Lastly, after the Cat Museum, we stopped by the food fair again to buy some food back to the hotel and have our dinner. It was a seriously fulfilling day and very memorable :)


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