Valentine's Day & Anniversary @ Milanese, Kajang

Monday, March 31, 2014

Just realised that I have not blogged about my Valentine with the boyfie this year! It is the third year celebrating Valentine's day with the boyfie and the first time we celebrated it in KL since the past two years we were studying at Kelantan.

The boyfie brought me to an Italian restaurant at Kajang that was opened recently. He actually booked a table at 9pm but we were late due to the jam from my house area. So we had to wait for another table as they gave our table away.

Since it was Valentine's Day, they decorated the restaurant with heart shaped balloons. There were many couples who were eating at the restaurant and they offered Valentine's Day menu as well. But they boyfie and I decided against the Valentine's Day menu since we just came back and don't really have a steady income yet. 

The exterior of the restaurant was really welcoming and you can choose to dine al-fresco or indoor dining :)


Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2014 @ Presint 2, Putrajaya

Monday, March 31, 2014

The 6th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was on the 27th to 30th March 2014 and I told the boyfie that I wanted to go see the hot air balloons :)

Heard about their Night Glow performance as well and hoped that we would be able to witness it. Unfortunately, we only managed to reach Putrajaya in the evening and most of the balloons were already deflated to prepare for the night event and it was raining! *sniff*

My mum had to fix her car in the morning and the boyfie came early to help send the car to the workshop and was only back after lunch time. Then we headed to Mines to visit the Big Bad Wolf Box Sale since the boyfie wanted to spend his BRIM book vouchers. Too bad we didn't have enough time to really look at all the titles and walked back empty handed. I did manage to get a book on healthy recipes! Will share with you all soon :)

By the time we got to Putrajaya it was already past 6 and we only managed to see the Taiwan and Malaysia balloon up close. Mum managed to see the motorcycle balloon on the way as it was being brought down to the ground. But anyhow, I got some photos from other websites to show you all what balloons were there at the event :)

Look at the special Darth Vader balloon all the way from Belgium. So sad I didn't manage to see it personally.

Darth Vader Balloon
Credits: Demotix

Credits: Demotix

Malaysia Balloon
Credits: Official Website Balloon Fiesta

Seriously love Taiwan balloon designs. So colourful and attractive. My favourite has got to be the Taiwan balloon in the heart shape that represents their slogan Taiwan The Heart of Asia.
Taiwan Heart of Asia

Taiwan Hot Air Balloon

Besides the seeing all the hot air balloons, there is also a carnival where you can eat, shop and play mini games :) There was a stall that you are able to play bubbles and it was a great hit with adults and children. A small container with bubble solution and a hoop can be rented for RM3 and the larger ones which you can make larger bubbles are rented at a higher price.


Kajang Hot Soup @ Puchong Jaya

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sis was craving for the Kajang Hot & Spicy Soup and since we were rushing to the Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta *will be blogged in another post* we stopped by to try the outlet at Puchong Jaya.

From the menu, the price looks quite reasonable and since boyfie is from Kajang, he would be the main taste master for the soup and whether it meets up to the standards of Kajang Hot Soup.


One thing that I like is that they proclaim of not using recycled cooking oil which is very important! Recycled cooking oil can cause tons of health problems so peeps stop consuming food cooked in recycled cooking oil.

Some of their recommended dishes are on the wall just in case you are not sure of what to order.


Crzy Puff & Thyme Out @ SS15

Monday, March 31, 2014

It's been a crazy week of free food all week long the past week during my internship. From Monday to Friday we've been served with free food because of events :)

There was an exhibition for Bumiputera entrepreneurs at MATRADE the past week and one stall I would like to highlight would be MSM company. Try and guess what MSM means!

I had the laugh of the day when one of the partners introduced the company. MSM actually stands for "Makan Sampai Mampus"! Not that they want you to die after eating their food but that it means their food is literally to die for :)

MSM is ragtag, homegrown team of Chefs who are hungry for global gastronomic domination. They have three food outlets under this company which is CrzyPuff, Thyme Out and FitFood. The team behind this company are...

Ezwan Aimann Abdullah Faiz, 30; Muhammad Azim Abdul Rahman, 27; and Mohamed Najee Ramli, 24
Credits: The Star Online
CrzyPuff serves their speciality puff which is 7 inches long and filled with extraordinary fillings! The booth that they set up during the exhibition was really young and attracted many patrons.
Cute and creative booth at exhibition

Their selection

They have 8 different flavour combinations for their puffs which includes Loco Lamb, Brit Bonkers, Wacky Yankee, Wild Popeye, Cukoo-Dang, Gila Classic, Mad Monkey and iPuff. Was interested to try their Wild Popeye which was a combination of spinach and cheese but the colleague was not into veggies so we chose the Brit Bonkers which was Shepard's Pie, a combination of mashed potatoes, minced meat and some veggies. Their Mad Monkey sounds delicious as well and they recommend the Loco Lamb as well.

The puffs were selling at RM 15 at the exhibition and I'm not sure whether they are selling at the same price at their online outlet. But since we had food coupons from the exhibitions we combined our coupons to try out their food!

Look at their 7 inches long puffs! Definitely to share unless you're a big eater :)


Hui Lau Shan @ Sunway Pyramid

Friday, March 28, 2014

Here's a post on a dessert outlet that I think post of you have already heard of... Hui Lau Shan is a chain of dessert shops based in Hong Kong which specialised in dessert soups or also known as 'tong sui', snacks and other desserts. Hui Lau Shan is well known for their prominent use of mango in their entrees.

However, Malaysians don't need to fly to Hong Kong to try their famous dessserts but can just head on to one of their outlets in the Klang Valley :)
So boyfie and I decided to try their desserts one weekend at outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Since we wanted to try a few of their desserts we decided to order the Mango Carnival which allows us to choose three mini versions of the dessert that we want to try.

The Mango Carnival is just RM 12.90 for three different desserts and the choices are as follows:

The choices for Mango Carnival

So the we decided to try their Mango Chewy Ball, Mini Mango Crystal and also their Mini Mango Crisp. 
 They are served on a white platter and are really mini sized portions! But don't worry, they are just mini sized but they still give you sufficient amount to not affect the quality of their dishes :)

Mini Trio Set

Firstly we tried the Mini Mango Chewy Ball! The chewy ball is made of glutinous rice flour and is similar to 'tang yuan' but slightly chewier. The chewy balls are complemented with mango puree and mango chunks! The mango puree and chunks are super sweet and really blend well with the chewy balls! I love the consistency of the mango puree and also chewing on the chewy balls :)

Mini Chewy Ball

Next we tried the Mini mango Crystal which consist of mango chunks, a large scoop of mango ice-cream and crunchy crystal clear jelly strips! The jelly strips can literally slide down your throat! The mango ice-cream was really creamy but I would prefer more mangoes in the ice-cream. It tasted more like vanilla ice-cream with a slight mango taste. But the mango chunks do help increase the intensity of the mango flavour in this dish.

Mini mango Crystal

Lastly the mini mango crisp which is soft fresh cream with chunks of mango with a coating of crispy crumbs. The crisp has a sand like texture and the cream is totally amazing. It is so fresh and creamy that really blends well with the mango chunks. It's like eating fresh mousse with sweet mango. Somehow it is really addictive :)

Mini mango crisp

I would really recommend this place to dessert lovers especially those who love mango! The price may be slightly pricer but places in KL are typically quite high. Head on to your nearest Hui Lau Shan outlet to try out their desserts :)

Hui Lau Shan
(LG1.118A), [Blue Zone] Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya,Selangor Darul Ehsan

Love, Miriam

Hui Lau Shan Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sorry for the long delay but this is another back-logged post from last month. Totally forgot about it and found it in my folders so here it is.. the review on Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

Last year, there was a deal on Groupon for Daidomon Japanese BBQ Restaurant. Daidomon is a Japanese BBQ restaurant which specialize in Japanese BBQ or also known as yakiniku :)

So anyway, since me and my sis are real meat lovers we decided to get this deal and went on a double date with the boyfies after work. Daidomon is located at Great Eastern Mall, Ampang and we parked at the basement parking where there are tons of parking space. My sis made the reservation for 8.30 pm but we reached super early like around 7 plus -.-

Thankfully Daidomon still allowed us to enter since there wasn't much people at that time or else we would have to wander around the mall until 8.30pm. The interior of the outlet was well furnished with each table having respective grill pans. There is also a buffet line even though it is an ala-carte buffet.

Firstly, an ala-carte buffet means you order the food from the menu provided before they serve it to you. So you don't have to get up and fight for your favourite dish. *yays*

Since it was our first time here, the waitress just recommended we order everything for one portion first before we decide! So let's start the meat galore.

The buffet line

Fried items

Here comes the meat!

Grilling time :)


Havaianas Collectible Summer Kit: A Holiday Essential

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Butterfly Project and Havaianas Malaysia is kicking off a Cinderella Hunt with a fun blogging activity! All you need to do to win your very own limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit which comes with a premium artist flip flop along with a matching towel is:

1. Blog about the Havaianas Summer Kit
2. Tell us in your blog why you want it!
3. Mention your shoe size so we know if the shoe fits

So here's my blogpost! I hope I can win the limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit!!

Firstly what is in each Summer Kit? 

As you can see, you'll get not only a flip-flop with a pin-up girl illustration but also a matching towel! What a set!!

Here's a larger image of what you can win! Image credits: FemaleMag

Especially in Malaysia where it is summer all year round, the Havaianas Summer Kit is every summer girl's dream item! It is so suitable for a quick dip in the pool to refresh ourselves in the hot weather and you'll attract everyone with this limited edition Havaianas Summer Kit! Imagine yourself surrounded by palm trees, with the sound of the ocean and a cool breeze slowly bringing the smell of the ocean and there you are in your limited edition Summer Kit! You'll feel like you're in Hawaii~ Aloha :)

The illustrations are done by the famous American illustrator Gil Elvgren who is well-known for his pin-up paintings which have been published by huge clients like Brown & Bigelow and Coca-cola!.

Ooh! Please let me win this fabulous Summer Kit and I hope I am the chosen Cinderella for the Butterfly Project even though my shoe size isn't really Cinderella's shoes size! (I'm roughly size 8 or 9) >.<
Thanks so much to the Butterfly Project! 

Love, Miriam


In House @ Puchong Jaya

Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm sure most of you know have patronized In House. It's a 24 hour food outlet that serves a fusion of food! So suitable for those late night out with your friends and it's a great place to just hang out. They serve a variety of food items from Western to Eastern. They also serve dim sum 24 hours a day! Cool right.
Anyway, it was after a swim session at night and the boyfie and I couldn't think of any other place that is still open for us to have boyfie's late dinner. Anyway, we headed to In House which is located at Puchong Jaya. 
After browsing through the menu, the boyfie decided to try their set menu which is the Black Pepper Chicken Chop. The set meal comes with a bowl of soup and a choice of drinks. 

Firstly, the soup came with a piece of garlic bread I think. The piece of bread is super hard and I think they buttered the bread too much that it was quite greasy. However, the soup was still acceptable with chunks of mushroom bits in it. 

Mushroom Soup
The hot lemon tea that I chose was very satisfying as well. The tea was well infused with the huge piece of lemon that they gave and it was not overly sweet. Such a comforting drink after a long swim :)
Hot Lemon Tea
Next the main course! A huge platter of food which consist of two pieces of chicken chop, potato wedges, sweet corn and coleslaw.
Black Pepper Chicken Chop
As you can see, the chicken chop was well marinated and slightly charred at the edges. It was flavoured pretty well and the potato wedges were really fluffy. The coleslaw however was forgettable. Thumbs up on the presentation though with the cherry tomato.

And here is boyfie who came swimming with me even after a long day at work. Thanks darling <3 nbsp="" p="">
Boyfie's tired face with his dinner

In House Cafe, Puchong Jaya Branch
No. 33,
 Jalan Kenari 17C,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
03-8080 9857
Love, Miriam

InHouse Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Fat Spoon @ Uptown Damansara

Friday, March 21, 2014

Finally had the chance to visit and try out Fat Spoon @ Uptown Damansara! 4 years of studying at Kelantan really deprived me of the chance to visit uprising and popular eateries around. Anyway, was around the area so decided to have a meal at Fat Spoon with mum :)

Signboard of Fat Spoon :)

The entrance seriously welcomes you to enter the cafe and slowly prepares you a journey down memory lane. You can choose to dine outdoors or indoors but since it was during the hazy days, and mum was not feeling well so we chose to dine indoors. And I also wanted to see the interior of Fat Spoon :)

Entrance of Fat Spoon

Decor with olden days kitchen utensils

Fat Spoon door handle
Interior of Fat Spoon


Silver Spoon @ Publika

Friday, March 21, 2014

After starting my internship around Mont Kiara area, I was finally able to try out eateries at Publika that so many people have raved about. At first, me and my colleagues were headed to Namoo at The Park but we couldn't find it so we headed to Silver Spoon which had affordable lunch set menus!

Firstly the ambiance at the restaurant was seriously very comforting and suitable for dining with friends and family. Once we entered the premise, we were served immediately by the server there and he recommended the lunch set menu. 

Rack of wine bottle
Lighting to set the mood

The set menu consists of a choice of appetizer and a choice of a main course. I forgot to take a photo of the menu so here is what I remember in my memory.

Mushroom soup/ Soup-of-the-day/ House Salad


Main Course
Nasi Goreng/ Aglio Olio Spaghetti/ Spaghetti Arrabiata


Value Meal @ PizzaHut

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pizza Hut came out with their 50% promotion once again and this time I manage to try out one of their meals on Sunday! Firstly what is Pia Hut 50% Wow Savers Meals?

As you can see, the 50% Wow Savers meal is available every day from Monday to Sunday at any time of their opening hours! And the deals are quite tempting. I wanted to try out all their meals but haven't been able to find the time. Anyway, today's review is on the meal I had on Sunday.

The boyfie and I went to the nearest Pizza Hut branch at my area and since it was too late for lunch and too early for dinner we had Lunch/Dinner.

We ordered the Chicken Caeser Salad and also the Chicken Sausage with Cheese Dip which was RM 4.25 and RM 6.95 respectively. Wanted to try their apple crumble but since we were heading to A&W for their waffle we decided to forgo the dessert.

Service was prompt and efficient and our orders were taken very quickly and after ten minutes wait, we were served with our orders! Firstly we had the Chicken Sausage with Cheesy Dip..

Well, I would think the portion was ok for a snack but pretty salty if just eaten alone. However, the texture was really great as I like a little bite in my sausages. But I would suggest to forego the cheesy dip as it tasted really weird and was so watery. *thumbs down*

Chicken Sausage with Cheesy Dip

Cheesy Dip
We also tried the Caeser Salad which was supposed to be the Chef speciality. They gave quite a large portion of salad and their croutons were really flavourful. However, I really needed to look quite hard for the chicken slices which were like hard, dried and so tiny. I even added my sausages and ate with the salad. >.<

Overall, I think for the price after 50% discount it was still acceptable but if it was full priced, then I think I would not actually order these dishes. Anyway, the personal pan pizza and the Tuesday selection seem really appetizing so head on to your nearest Pizza Hut branch for a quick and affordable lunch or dinner :)

Love, Miriam 

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