The Great Guardian Makeover - A Date With Beauty @ One Utama

Entrance to The Great Guardian Sale 

As I mentioned in my previous post thanks to Guardian Malaysia and the Butterfly Project I was given the chance to join the Great Guardian Makeover at One Utama. 

There were many others who were there after purchasing the makeover ticket for RM 10 after that purchasing participating brand for more than RM 20 at guardian outlets.

For the makeover we were given two different makeup styles and three different hairstyles for both short and long hair.

Two different makeup makeover 

Three different hairstyles for short and long hair 

Layout of the event 

Makeover booths 

Emcees for the event: 

The emcees for the event was really fun and engaged with the crowd well. They hosted the event well and got us all mingling around.

There were many brands participating in the event and they have so many great deals.

Nivea booth 

There were dancers who started the event by dancing to the happy song. The rest of makeover team also went on the stage to officiate the event.

Dancers dancing to Happy Song 

Makeover team from A Cut Above 

Customers can get a free limited edition guardian jute tote bag when they purchase above RM 200 in a single receipt.

Limited edition jute tote bag for purchases above RM 200

After the official launch of the event we butterflies heded to the makeover table for our makeovers. Here is fellow butterfly Cindy Tong from Cindy's Planet getting her makeover.

Fellow butterfly Cindy getting her makeover 

Now it's my turn. Here's a before photo.

Before photo 

I chose the nude makeup since I plan to go shopping after the event and my makeup artist was really nice although her makeup was slightly too thick for my preference.

My turn for the makeover 

Love my hair stylist for working so hard to give me a pretty curls. Forgot to ask her name but I'm just going to post at the A Cut Above Facebook wall.

Time to do my hair 

After the makeover with my hairstylist 

And now here's me after the makeover.

After makeover 

Besides the makeover there is also other beauty demonstrations like the airbrush makeup technique.

Airbrush technique demonstration 

After the makeover each customer is entitles to a phonebooth print as well where you can choose your props and pose however you like. You can also choose your frames and background before we printing.

Free photo booth print 

Saw this kawaii promoter for Ma Cherie shampoo and conditioner. They gave out free sample of their products as well.

Ma Cherie promoter.

Beauty is the best version of you inside out 

Other booths at the event 

Itinery for the two days 

Another airbrush makeup technique for special effects makeup demonstration 

Shopping after the event. Photo credit to the boyfie

Me and the boyfie after the event. 

Slogans surrounding the event 

Super grateful to both Butterfly Project and Guardian Malaysia for such a great opportunity to meet fellow butterflies and other bloggers as well. Hope to collaborate with them again

Love, Miriam 


  1. So pretty, it's fun seeing the dancers too

  2. Ya it was nice to meet all the other bloggers as well :)

  3. Gorgeous look! Should make up more ;)

  4. Thx babe! and thx for the giveaway too