BEAUTY REVIEW: Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion

Hello everyone! I'm back with another beauty review. This time it is on body lotions by Enchanteur Paris!

Firstly let me give you Lesson 101 on body lotions!

What Are Lotions and It's Benefits?
Body lotions are lotions applied to the body after bathing. They contain more water than body cream to hydrate, smoothen and soften the skin. There are several benefits of using body lotion:

  • Oils that are in lotion give skin moisture and elasticity. They are absorbed into the skin, repairing and soothing dry skin.


  • The same oils in lotion that repair dry skin can also prevent irritation from dry skin. Also, if a lotion contains SPF, it can help prevent sun damage.


  • By using lotion to protect against sun damage and dry skin, you can help minimize the aging process. Dry skin that loses elasticity and sun damage can cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Skin Color

  • Some lotions contain additives that can either lighten or darken the appearance of skin pigment.


  • Most lotions contain fragrance oils that can be used for a light scent. The scent is less potent than perfumes or colognes and is beneficial for people who desire the scent but are sensitive to stronger perfumes.

Enchanteur Paris is a range of fine quality French-inspired fragrances and fragrance-enhanced toiletries for the young, romantic and elegant female. When Enchanteur first appeared on the market I was totally swooned by the fragrance! To those who love Enchanteur as well, listen up! Enchanteur also has a line of body lotions suitable to moisturise your body and to give you that exclusive Enchanteur fragrance. Thanks to Butterfly Project I was given the chance to review all four of the body lotion in the series!

All-in-One Whitening All-in-One Body Serum giving you Multiple Benefits in 1 application for Fair, Beautiful Soft skin even if you are out under the sun.
  • SPF24++ Sun Protection against harmful UVA & UVB sun rays
  • Licorice Concentrate to whiten and even out skin tone
  • Hyaluronic Hydration for 24hours hydration
One Body Serum, Multiple benefits!

Firm & Repair

Firm & Repair Body Lotion gives you Healthy, Supple & Youthful looking skin. This lotion is enriched with

  • Micro Collagen that strengthens and firms up body tissues, keeping skin firm, supple and youthful looking
  • Swiss Edelweiss protect skin against free radicals and works actively to repair damaged skin overnight

Triple Whitening 
Triple Whitening Body Lotion gives you Fair & Radiant skin that will love to flaunt through 3 whitening action in which 3 main whitening ingredients - Vitamin B3, Sakura & Licorice Concentrates work together to Whiten & Even Out skin tone

  • Vitamin B3 helps stop the aggregation of melanin to prevent pigmentation
  • Sakura Concentrate works tyrosinase activity to even out skin tone
  • Licorice Concentrate prevents the formation of dark pigment

Light & Fresh

Light & Fresh Body Lotion, a fast absorbing water-based formulation giving you Fair, Fresh & Moisturized skin
It is a non-sticky and non-greasy lotion enhanced with:
  • UV protection against harmful sun rays
  • Licorice Concentrate that prevents the formulation of dark pigment
  • Portulaca and Aloe Vera Concentrates that deeply moisturize your skin
Good for outdoor as it also comes in uplifting and refreshing fragrance that keeps you fresh even it is hot outside.

Here's my review!

So I received all four to review as you can see from the photo below :)

The cap of the bottle is quite tight that you do not need to worry about it spilling but I don't really like the large mouth as it was quite difficult to control the amount of lotion coming out from the bottle.

Cap with large mouth

So firstly the Firm & Repair body lotion. I use this before I sleep at night as it functions to improve skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin overnight. It has the scent of Adore which relaxes you as you sleep. What I love about this Enchanteur lotions is that is is fast absorbing and water-based which does not leave your skin feeling sticky. The texture of the lotion is quite watery and absorbs quickly after rubbing the lotion over your body.
Firm and Repair

The next one is the Light & Fresh body lotion which is useful outdoors! I love this one the most as it as a light smell and absorbs really fast into the skin. I use this in the morning before going for my jog which keeps me awake and smelling great! This lotion also has UV protection which I really like

Light and Fresh

Now we get to the whitening lotion which is the Triple Whitening body lotion. This lotion has 3 whitening action which helps to even our your skin tone. I really like this lotion as well because of its scent which is Belle Amour. It is not too strong and really calming scent. The texture of the lotion is not too thick as well and is fast-absorbing. I have yet to see any effect using this lotion but I'll have to use it for a longer time to see any effect.

Triple Whitening

Lastly is the All-In-One-Whitening. This lotion has SPF 24+++ which is useful for sun protection, whitening and 24 hours hydration. Among all four lotions, I don't really like this one because of its texture which is slightly thicker in consistency and leaves a sticky feel on my skin. Maybe it is because of the additional effect of 24 hours hydration. My skin does feel hydrated after using it but I still did not enjoy the sticky film on my skin.


Among all the lotions which one do I use the most? It is definitely the Firm & Repair and the Light & Fresh.
See how cute and convenient the size of the lotion beside my fluffy rabbit bolster! ^___^

I would recommend the Light & Fresh to those who are often outdoors for that extra protection from UV rays and also keep you smelling O-So-Good!

Love, Miriam


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