[REVIEW] Hi-Shop Shopping Experience

Hi everyone! Today I am back with another online shopping experience and this time it is with HiSHOP! Have you heard about HiSHOP? I have read tons of reviews about purchasing beauty items at HiSHOP and I finally bought something from them. 

Firstly, I have to say that HiSHOP is seriously professional in dealing with customers. I have been looking to purchase my first brush set and saw this Cerro Qreen Professional Brush Set at several websites. However, I decided to get mine from HiSHOP because of all the good reviews of their delivery service and their customer service. 

My purchase

I chose the Black Cerro Qreen Brush Set which unfortunately was out of stock but one of the HiSHOP staff called me to ask if I would like to wait for one week for the new stocks to arrive or change to another brush set. I was actually pondering of getting the Green Brush Set which looked so unique but then somehow I decided to wait for the Black Set. 

Approximately one week or less, I received an email from HiSHOP saying that my purchase has arrived and they have shipped my brush set by Pos Laju! I really like the initiative online shopping websites take to inform their customers that their purchase is on the way so that we are alert that we have a package to receive. 

Two days later... I received a package from HiSHOP in good condition. Once I unwrapped the PosLaju bag, there it was the HiSHOP box: Making Beauty Accessible. Want to see what is inside??

It has arrived!

Tada! My brush set from HiSHOP. As you can see, it is wrapped in plastic to prevent any damage and HiSHOP also gave some discount vouchers to milkAdeal and HiSHOP. Curious what are those two sachets at the bottom of the box?

The whole deal

With every purchase at HiSHOP, you are entitled to two free samples which you can choose at the check-out counter. I wanted the BB Cream sample but unfortunately it was sold out so I decided to get some UV Defense from Clinelle and Albatross. Have not used them yet but they are so convenient to bring when I travel! :)

Free samples

So let's get on to my purchase which is the Cerro Qreen Professional Brush Set (10 pcs) for RM 60.72 (20% discount). Brush set includes:


1. Powder Brush - Combination of wool & fibre
2. Blush Brush - Goat Wool
3. Foundation Brush - Fibre
4. Eyeshadow Brush (big) - Pony Wool
5. Eyeshadow Brush (small) - Pony wool
6. Eyebrow Brush - Fibre
7. Fine eyeliner brush - Fibre
8. Fan Brush - Goat Wool
9. Eyelash Brush - Nylon
10. Lip Brush - Fibre 

10 brushes

As you can see, the brushes are packed properly and looks brand new. The hairs on the brushes were intact and there were no loose ends. They feel quite soft on the skin as well. As this is a review on HiSHOP shopping experience I will leave the review of the brushes for another time but so far the brushes look good

Remember to check out HiSHOP by clicking on the banner on the side of my blog to get a 15% discount code or just click HERE


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