[REVIEW] Best ManiPedi Experience at BeeQNails Salon

Hey everyone! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed me posting a photo on my pretty gel manicured nails the previous week. If you haven't do follow me HERE :)

Thanks to my pretty blogger Shini Lola and BeeQNails Salon, I was able to have my first manicure and pedicure experience! I know... you must be thinking how can it be that I have not had manicure and pedicure before. Well I have played around with nail polish but to actually pamper my nails this is the first time! Read on to know more about beeQNails!

beeQNails is located at SS2 and if you are familiar with the place, it is near to the LDP. Will share a simple map with all of you thanks to another pretty blogger Isabel :) I was able to make it in time for my appointment after church service and thanks to the dearest boyfie for fetching me and patiently waiting for me during my 3hour pampering session.

beeQNails is under BeGorgeous Spa Beauty and I totally love how pretty their outlet it. BeeQNails is a partner salon with O.P.I, which is The World Leader in Professional Nail Care. They develop quality nail salon by providing high standard service with quality O.P.I products. So you are assured you will receive the best nail treatment in town :)

~ Services Provided ~

Avojuice Skin Quenchers
Manicure & Pedicure by O.P.I rejuvenating spa manicure
Price range: RM 40 - RM 120

Nail Art Design
Price Range: RM 30 - RM 50

Waxing Services
Leg & Arm Wax using Tiffafine products
Price Range: RM30 - RM 50


Front counter
Waiting area for patient boyfies

Let me start with the interior of beeQnails. Love their front counter concept  which is neat and creative using nail polish concept. Their overall interior design is really simple and cozy and you really feel at home at beeQnails. The whole team at beeQNails are really welcoming and once you step into the outlet everyone will welcome you. This is what I mean about good service. 


Pedicure section

I was ushered to do my pedicure first by Christie. The pedicure section is cozy with three plump sofa chairs and they provide a lot of nail art magazines for you to refer to. While I get comfortable, I was asked if I have taken my lunch or if I would like anything to drink. I chose my favourite green tea to accompany me during my pamper session.

Magazines and sweets

Before pedicure

Selection of dramas to watch

Don't worry about being bored during your whole pampering session. The team at beeQnails are really friendly and you will really have fun talking to them. On top of that, two large TVs are installed in the pedicure and manicure session for you to catch up with your dramas or just watch a movie while the team does their magic on your nails.

Selection of nail colors

beeQnails have a large selection of O.P.I nail colours and I really had a hard time selecting my nail colour for my pedicure.

And now let the pampering session begin
I had the opportunity to try their Cucumber Rejuvenating Treatment (Manicure RM69/ Pedicure RM89) which consist of:

  • Cucumber Scrub (Natural sugar crystals reduce calluses and eliminate dry rough skin, plus cucumber and antioxidant pineapple extracts help soothe
  • Cucumber Mask (Ultra-hydrates with shea butter extract, helps soothe with cucumber and antioxidant pineapple extracts
  • Cucumber Massage (A blend of botanical, soothing cucumber and antioxidant pineapple extracts, plus vitamin and emollients. Provide the ideal slip for a nongreasy spa massage)

The service includes shaping, callus removal, cuticle detailing and polishing as well. 

The cucumber scrub smelt so very nice and I could see my skin brightening up after that session! Super love the Cucumber Treatment

Christie working hard pampering my legs

Cucumber Rejuvenating Treatment

Enjoying my treatment

After my pedicure pampering session, I was brought to the manicure area which also had a flat screen TV for me to enjoy. The boyfie was well entertained during his waiting session.


Manicure section

Manicure Section

beeQnails had a lot of nail treatment products to help strengthen your nails and also pamper them. Did you notice their wall of O.P.I nail colours? Super love it! If only my house had that wall....*drifts off*


O.P.I Nail Polish
They also provide many nail art designs for you to browse and choose which nail art would you want for yourself. I so love their designs which are unique and pretty. I am aiming for that stained glass love nail art and the flag design! Can you believe how intrinsic some of their designs are and all these are hand-painted!

Nail Art Designs

There are also tons of accessories for you to accessories and bling up your nails. All the accessories can be added for an additional charge of RM6-RM8


Now back to my pampering session! Christie is prepping my nails by trimming it and removing my cuticles for my nail art!

Prepping my nails

Compared to some nail salons who uses UV light to dry gel manicure, beeQnails uses LED light instead which is better and less harmful to your skin. Can you imagine drying your nails using UV light? So damaging to your skin cells!

LED light

By using the LED light, your gel manicure will dry super fast in just 30 seconds. Just have to place your hand in for 30 seconds and when you take your hands out, there you have your nicely manicured nails

In Out and you're done!


After prepping the base coat for my nails, Christie starts on my nail art design. You really need a steady hand for drawing nail art.

Half-way there

Flower on the way

I can seriously tell you the whole team actually worked on my hands as Christie did the base of my nail art, Melissa drew my flowers and Kate stuck my pretty ribbons for me :)

Melissa drawing my flowers

See my pretty daisy flower and the blossoms of flowes on my thumb? But still something is missing! Don't worry if you don't know what design to do as the team will advice you for the best nail design for your nail. For example I actually chose another design for one of my nails but Christie said that my nail is small and that design may not look nice on me. And Melissa, the owner of beeQnails was very attentive to my needs and asked if I would like to add an accessory to my nails. Since I was going to have my final university presentation, I did not want too much bling on my fingers so she chose a cute and pretty ribbon which was subtle and perfect to suit my nails :)

Hmm... something is missing

And there you have it! All done my beautiful manicured nails!!

All done!

My manicure was followed with a Avocado treatment for my hands to pamper and keep them beautiful and soft.The Avocado Treatment (Manicure RM60/ Pedicure RM75) includes:

  • Revitalizing Hand and Body Scrub (Sugar crystal scrub with moisturizing advance Avocado Lipid Complex)
  • Liquid Hand Soup (Fine liquid cleanser in therapeutic essences and moisturizer)
  • Moisture Replenishing Lotion (Revitalizes, soothes and conditions dry hands & skin)

Avoplex treatment

Below are some of the services available at beeQnails:

You can also purchase their treatments at their front counter

Overall I am really happy with the service provided at beeQnails. After that service I have been to another nail salon and their service was really not up to par with beeQnails! Maybe some of you may think that because this is a sponsored review of course they will treat me very nicely but from what I observe with their other customers, I can really see that they are sincere and really humble team at beeQnails!

Photo with Christie
Pretty flowers

Cute ribbon


I'm sure some of you are wondering how long can this gel manicure last and will the accessories drop off the second you leave the shop. Well great news to all my dear readers! This gel manicure is scratch proof and chip proof thanks to the Anti-Chip coating and thanks to the nail polish being set by the LED light! I am a super busy person and my job sometimes requires me to move things from the warehouse and yet until today which is already 2 weeks my nails are still oh-so-beautiful! Since I chose designs with nude nail polish, you won't even be able to detect that my nails have actually growed and they look just as good as the first day! And my pretty little cute ribbon.. guess what? They are still hanging on tight no matter what I do during the day from carrying things around, doing my own chores and even washing my hair. I was super afraid that it would fall off when I wash my hair but it didn't! Christie did assure me that the ribbon is secured very well and I didn't have to worry. My nails are still looking glittery under the light and I so love to admire my nails!



If you visit beeQnails, don't forget to take a picture of your nails and hashtag them at #beeqnails and tag them @beeqnails to get RM5 off your receipt. 

To my readers, remember to mention my name 'Miriam' / 'miriammerrygoround' to get 5% discount off!!
Another good news to students is...


So after 3 to 4 weeks, I went back to remove my gel manicure! It is so simple. I just had to whatsapp beeQnails and make my appointment. Want to know how they removed my gel manicure? Check out the process below.

First, Christie attended to me again and started buffing the nail polish and put some acetone on my nails. 

Next she wrapped pieces of aluminum foil on each of my nails for the acetone to start removing the gel manicure. It is necessary to make sure the foil is folded tightly to prevent air from entering and the acetone from evaporating.

See my foiled hands! 

After 5 to 10 minutes, Christie started removing my foiled nails one by one and the gel manicure easily slide off my nails! Some stubborn gel manicure were nudged off my fingers.

After removing all the gel manicure, Christie proceeded in trimming and shaping my nails.

She then applied the O.P.I Nail Envy Nail Strengthener on my nails to ensure my nails stay strong and healthy after using the acetone.

And there you have it. Nicely manicured nails which look healthy. I like it that there was not much visible yellowing on my nails especially if you use a lot of nail polish. The after service at beeQnails is really great as they provide free gel manicure removal :)

Great service don't you think?
So don't wait any longer, head on to beeQnails now to give yourself a well deserved pampering session!

  • beeQnails Salon
  • No. 89,Jalan SS2/75
  • 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • 016 555 5935 / 03 7866 0935
  • Mon - Fri11:00 am - 10:00 pm
    Sat - Sun11:00 am - 6:00 pm

    Credits: Isabel

    Follow them at:
    Facebook: beeQnails
    Instagram: beeQnails


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