[REVIEW]: The Indulgence Experience @ TGV Indulge, 1 Utama

Doesn't everyone wants to indulge themselves and pamper themselves once in awhile? Have you experience a luxurious movie experience? Well my dear merry-goers, today I am here to share with you an indulgence movie experience thanks to the team at Butterfly Project Malaysia

I was invited to experience TGV Indulge at One Utama and share with all of you the great experience I had. Thanks to the Butterfly Project Malaysia for organizing such a memorable night where the theme was 'Dress To Kill'. Since I was coming after office so I wasn't really able to glam myself but I did my best. 

Pretty Butterfly Volunteers registering us
Credits: Butterfly Project Msia

Besides the great movie experience, 123Cheese.my Photobooth was there to help us capture our glam moment! Had a great time playing around in front of the camera :)

Photo time
Props to be used
Credits: Butterfly Project Msia

Solo shoot
Credits: 123Cheese.my

Credits: Butterfly Project Msia
Besides that Muse by Watsons was also there to promote their range of skincare products which are really good for your skin. They also gave us some of their products to try out. Will review them later

Best dressed winners
Credits: Pen My Blog

They also sponsored the prizes for best dressed for the night which went to Sabrina, Caroline and Cindy! They looked absolutely gorgeous not forgetting Mamasan Tammy!

Let me give you a tour of the premise. TGV Indulge really focuses on giving their patrons the most luxurious movie experience. The Indulge Lounge is super comfortable and I love the color theme! *Purple Lover* You really feel pampered dining at the lounge.

Patrons can enjoy their meal or have a drink while waiting for their movie to start. The menu covers from appetizers to mains and desserts!

The ambiance of the premise was really great with dimmed lights and each table was decorated with tables accompanied with soft jazz music. The tables setting was intimate and comfortable to plush cushioned dining chairs. 

Seating area of the lounge
Credits: Butterfly Project Msia, Pen My Blog

The extensive menu

The array of dishes were displayed so beautifully in the centre of the lounge that really made us salivate! I couldn't believe my eyes that TGV Indulge actually serves such great food. Can't wait to try them all out.

The menu price range from RM 8 to RM 30 and each serving has a generous portion! The price of the food surprised me since I did not expect to get such great food at such a reasonable price. 

Not to torture all my dear readers but here are some close up of the menu offered at TGV Indulge.

Smoked Duck Salad, RM 15

Stuffed Potato Skin, RM 12

Pumpkin Salad, RM 15
Credits: Pen My Blog

Lamb Koffas, RM 14
Credits: Pen My Blog

The appetizers were really appetizing and made me crave for more! Love the Smoked Duck Salad the most with the roasted pumpkin. The flavourful aromatic smell and taste of the duck danced on my tastebuds! The texture of the duck was not too tough as well and tasted really good. The Stuffed Potato Skins were really great as well. Just thinking about it make me so hungry. 

Now on to the mains where we have the Grilled Salmon, Cajun Chicken and the Grilled Lamb Rack! 

Grilled Salmon, RM 28

Cajun Chicken, RM 20
Grilled Lamb Rack, RM 28

Of the three mains, I really liked the Grilled Salmon and the Cajun Chicken. The lamb was slightly too tough for my preference but I like that it was cooked the way I enjoy my meat, medium rare! From the portion of the food you can see that the price is really reasonable and worth spending your money on. Trust me! They taste as tasty as they look.

After trying the mains, I was getting a bit stuffed but from the looks of their desserts I must definitely try their desserts. The dessert menu includes the Panna Cotta and the Nutty Tortilla Banana

Panna Cotta, RM 12

Nutty Tortilla Banana, RM 12
Credits: Pen My Blog

We actually enjoyed our desserts in the movie hall instead of dining it at the lounge which means we were also experiencing dining while watching the movie.

We were served with drinks as well while waiting for all our courses. Totally love how attentive the servers were and they ensured we had everything we needed. Just imagine dining while waiting for a movie to start and you get to enjoy high class dining where servers pushed your chair in for you, placed your napkins for you and are ever ready at your beck and call.

Mini-sized portion of the food was served to us to ensure that we can stomach all the food. The first appetizer served was the Smoked Duck Salad and the Roasted Pumpkin Salad which I must say definitely opened my palate and prepared me for my mains. I also love the Lamb Koffas and the Stuffed Potato Skin served. The Lamb Koffas were flavourful but I think they can improve on the cooking time as it was slightly a bit too dry

Pumpkin Salad and Roasted Duck Salad

Lamb Koffas and Stuffed Potato Skin

After the yummy appetizers, I was ready for my mains! They served us all three mains which were the Grilled Salmon, Cajun Chicken and the Grilled Lamb Rack for us to try. I liked how they did not overcook my Grilled Salmon and the Grilled Lamb Rack  was done the way I liked it. The Cajun Chicken was also very flavourful. I walloped the whole plate up! *guilty*

Happy with my mains

Grilled Salmon, Cajun Chicken and Grilled Lamb Rack

After our mains, we were ushered to the movie hall where our movie, Lucy awaits as well as our desserts. We had to climb a flight of stairs to get to our movie hall but I was happy with what I saw once I entered the movie hall.

Credits: Pen My Blog

Plush chairs with comfy comforters awaited us and there were side tables with our desserts as well. The chairs were reclined chairs which you can adjust the angle of the chairs with a push of a button at the side of the chairs. 

Popcorn and desserts

On each table was a call button as well for patrons who which to call for food or pay the bill. 

I would say I was very satisfied with the experience I had at TGV Indulge and I would recommend you trying out the experience I had. To guys who want to bring your girl for a first date, anniversary or just to pamper her you should definitely bring her here! It is affordable and will really give you a memorable experience.

Tickets for movies at TGV Indulge are at RM 45 per sub (meals not included) and if you want to know what else they serve, you can check our their menu HERE.

Another big THANK YOU to Butterfly Project Msia and TGV for such a great experience and I do urge my dear merry-goers to indulge yourself at TGV Indulge 


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