[BEAUTY]: REALASH Eyelash Enhancer Review Part 1

Hi there my dear merry-goers! You know how sometimes Asians are faced with the dilemma of short and sparse eyelashes? Now there is a solution to all you beauty lovers out there! 

Introducing REALASH, the world's best eyelash enhancer. Its pioneering formula is taking the cosmetic world by a storm! This growth nutrient has been objectively tested by real women, clinically examined by dermatologists and highly recommended by demanding bloggers!. 

REALASH is said to give the celebrity look: luxuriously thick eyelashes, lengthened and seductively curved to the max! The revolutionary secret of this product is that it is not a cosmetic or a temporary solution. REALASH helps your body to produce real lashes with incredible density, length and strength. 

I was given the opportunity to try out this amazing product and I can't wait to see the results after 30 days. I was surprised to receive such a cute and pretty packaging in my favourite colour purple when I reached home! This is definitely something I appreciate from company who take the effort to package their product nicely before sending it. 

The product comes in a small tube comfortable to hold and I was expecting something like a mascara brush but instead I was surprised to see a small thin brush like an eyeliner brush. 

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to use REALASH once a day, preferably in the evening after removing makeup and apply the enhancer on the upper eyelid. One tube is actually sufficient for a 4 - 5 month therapy. One stroke and my eyelashes will be nurtured so that I can enjoy my new extraordinary look!

So it was time to put it to the test! I will be using REALASH for one month to take it to the challenge of giving me beautiful lashes! First off my lashes before the treatment.


As you can see my lashes are definitely short and not as full and thick as I want them to be. This is before I apply any mascara.  


Now of course with the help of mascara, my lashes are longer and much defined. But I still don't get that fluttering butterfly lashes like the celebrities. 

I can't wait to see how my eyelashes will look after one month! So do follow me for more beauty updates and see the results of my eyelashes after using REALASH for one month! 


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