[BEAUTY]: Platinum Purified Therapy @ esmé Clinic, Jaya One

It's time for some pampering time my dear merry-goers! I had been invited by esmé Clinic to the launch of their new service which is Platinum Purified Therapy.

Platinum Purified Therapy is the basic principles of traditional Cuban theory with combination of herbal and plant extracts. Using this recipe could result in direct penetration into skin growth layer and produce detoxification over the face and enable skin microcirculation in acceleration, smooth blood and increasing blood supply to the skin. The plant extract used is an active ingredient for skin’s penetration. 

This therapy also helps long lasting skin whitening, reducing skin pigmentation and rough skin problem while reducing pore size as well.

  • Able to solve heavy metal that cause skin sensitive, redness, itchy, acne, pimples, open pores, rough skin, dry skin. 
  • Nowadays youngest people age 18+ get ageing faster, easily got sensitive skin, due to bad ingredients in their skin care and cosmetic stuff. 
  •  This therapy also very good for back acne people, back is our mirror reflected of our inner organ cleanliness, if got more toxin out means inside got more toxin, which cause hidden acne problem and skin not healthy with easily get sensitive

A special guest from Taiwan, Mr Freeman was present during the launch to demonstrate the whole therapy and also to explain to us the benefits of the Platinum Purified Therapy. One of the customers was selected for the demonstration.

The first step is Cleansing where all residual dirt like makeup is removed from the face surface. For cleansing, the Apple Cleanser was used. This product is a Beauty Cleanser + Glycolic Acid-Rich Peptides where the glycolic acid actually removes dead skin cell when used with Jojoba Scrub in order to rebuild new skin metabolism. The Apple Polyphenols helps to protect the skin surface from free radical damage and creates a smooth, clean and beautiful complexion.

The next step is Purification where Purification Superconducting Capsules are used. These capsule contain flavoanoids with gingko extracts and natural whitening ingredients. They act as a strong carrier which can penetrate deep into the skin and activates the cell autoantibodies and remove all the toxins under our skin especially like mercury, lead, heavy metal and colouring which are found in our face products and makeup. The 4 active ingredients are Rose Whitening Factor, Stem Cell Extract, Lycopene and Trace Elements. The capsules are applied onto the skin and the Ultrasonic Purification Superconductor  is used to ensure deep penetration.

After 15 minutes, the process it done and you just have to wipe off the remaining product on your skin. The product will turn from white to translucent to black depending on how much toxins you have under your skin. The machine is actually quite warm to the skin and the beautician will rub your face for around 15 minutes on both sides to detoxify your skin. It was like a smooth face massage. After 15 minutes, you can see from your residue how much toxins you have. Fortunately, I did not have much toxins under my skin so the residue was not as black as other customers.

After the purification step where all your toxins are excreted and removed, the Collagen Essence Purification is done. These unique and small molecule formulation has a strong ability to penetrate your skin later in order to rebuild your tissue collagen and elastin to give you that supple and elastic skin. The Fiber in the essence promotes active cell secretion and lock moisture in while the Light Transmission Line promotes shiny, bright, white, soft skin for a long term to delay skin aging.

The last step is to apply the Purifying Mask which is made of Tremella Polysaccharides (White Fungus) where it forms a protective physical film which enhance skin moisturizing effect and improve skin water retention. The three-dimensional network mask provides full absorption of nutrient and the essence of the ingredients are slowly released to penetrate the skin. Long term use can make skin white and delicate, soft and flexible, reduce facial wrinkles and restore muscle fatigue. My skin felt soft and cool after using this mask and this mask is actually edible as it is made from white fungus that you normally use to prepare dessert!

So I was given an opportunity to experience the therapy as well. My beautician for that day was one of the guest from Taiwan. I think his name was Wayne. Sorry if it is not.. :( But I must say he was good-looking! *smiles* 

So firstly, he removed my makeup with the cleanser and applied the capsule on my face. 

Next the capsule was slowly massaged into my skin using the applicator. The applicator felt slightly warm and it was rather soothing. He massaged my face for about 15 minutes. As you can see the white cream is turning translucent. Honestly, all I could think about during the whole time was "Please God, don't let it be super black! How horrifying and embarrassing it is going to be"

Honestly, I thought that there will be tons of toxins under my skin as the previous night I didn't really cleanse my face properly. But! Surprisingly, the toxins in my body was not that alarming. Technically I had the cleanest face that day *Yay* After the therapy, there wasn't much toxins that were excreted meaning that my toxins level were low. 

So after the massage, it was time to apply the Purifying Mask. It was super cool and really elastic and thin. You can even tear it if you did not handle it properly. As I mentioned before, the mask is made using the white fungus that you normally use to make desserts but of course other treatment products have been infused in the mask. The remainder of the serum was brushed onto my face as well. So now it was time to wait for 15 minutes for the mask to rejuvenate my skin.

And tada~ My clean and purified face after the treatment! 

A big thank you to esmé Clinic for inviting me to the launch of the Platinum Purified Therapy. The details of the therapy are:

Treatment: Platinum Miracle Therapy
Normal Price: RM 680
Current Promotion: Buy 3 sessions FREE 3 Sessions

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  1. WOw~ my face would be at quite high level of toxic I guess. Havent had facial for more than 1 year! *OMG!!

    1. Hey thanks for reading! You can try out this treatment. Remember to mention my name to get RM 100 voucher and special promotion price for the first try