I'm FINished with Fin Mass Romantic Dinner @ The Grand Ballroom, One City

Friday, February 27, 2015

Bonjour merry goers~

If you have been following my posts regularly, you may have read my raving review about my Valentine's Day celebration with David last year at Milanese, Kajang. Unfortunately, due to unknown reasons we found out that Milanese has shut down and we could not seem to find out the new location. It was rather sad to see it not at the usual place as it was really one of my recommended restaurants to those who are looking for amazing and affordable Italian cuisines. 

Anyhow, this Valentine's Day we decided to spend our special day for a special cause by participating in the Mass Romantic Dinner held at Grand Ballroom, One City. This year, wedding.com.my together with venue sponsor MICE@One City organized a #VDAY2015 celebration with an overlying theme of "I'm FINished with Fin". This green themed celebration is in support of encouraging the exclusion of shark fins from wedding menus. As we all know, especially in Chinese weddings or celebration you will see shark fin soup being served as one of your dishes. Did you know that Malaysia is globally ranked 8th for shark catchment and 4th for shark fin imports? This is really terrible and worrying and has caused an epidemic worry about the abuse and extinction of sharks.

To support this special cause of encouraging people to stop eating shark fin, the #VDAY2015 celebration was held in collaboration with global savers NGO, Wildaid Shark Savers. The two day celebration kicked off on 14th February with Wedding Wonderland, a bridal expo and a Mass Romantic Dinner with 100 couples celebrating Valentine's Day together in support of this cause. The celebrations continued the next day with over 40 couples donned in their wedding suit or shark suit in a fun Shark's Saver's Challenge race.


Thematic Feast With Exclusive Fashion Show @ Charcoal, Saujana Hotel

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hello merry goers!

How do you love some juicy tender succulent meat or seafood grilled over smoky black charcoal? Salivating yet? If not, imagine all these amazing cuts of meat in a buffet line where the flow just does not stop and chefs keep grilling it one cut after another. Have I gotten your attention yet? 

Wondering where you can savor this amazing feast? Well presenting Charcoal, Saujana Hotel, the recipient of 5 awards in the recent MIGF 2014 serving themed nightly buffet dinners at one unique price of RM99++/pax

Saujana Hotel is one of the classiest hotels around town located at a short distance from Citta Mall, Ara Damansara along Jalan Lapangan Terbang which will lead you to the Subang Airport. This nature retreat includes a two 18-hole championship golf course which makes this a heaven to golfers. There are several restaurant that you can choose to dine but if you happen to be in town, I will recommend Charcoal for a great unique dining experience.

Charcoal is decorated in a cozy setting with both indoors and outdoors seating where you can dine al-fresco. Decor uses earth elements with warm wood panels and leather furniture. There is also several private rooms where you can have host company dinners or dine in private. 

Besides that, Charcoal uses a open kitchen system where patrons will be able to enjoy the sight of the beautiful cuts of meat being grilled over hot smoking charcoal with flames of dancing embers making the night even more meaningful.

There are three themed nights hosted at Charcoal which ranges from Nyonya dishes, Seafood Galore and Chargrilled BBQ Meat. 


Moist Diane: The Next Generation of Oil Hair Care

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Konnichiwa merry goers!

Have you heard of Oil Shampoos? Different from the regular shampoos we commonly use, oil shampoos actually uses oil to cleanse, protect and hydrate the hair and scalp. The ever famous Moist Diane from Japan has finally hit the shores of Malaysia and with the collaboration with Watsons Malaysia, you will be able to get your very own Moist Diane from any Watsons store nationwide for silky shiny locks.

Before the official launch of Moist Diane in Malaysia, we were given some background information about the product by Mr Keigo Hishiya the Brand Manager for Moist Diane and also the Director of Sales and Marketing. Moist Diane was launch in 2013 and is the No.6 top brand in Japan. The reason Moist Diane came to be was that the aim was to meet the wants of consumers hoping for new, high quality products with affordable price to be distributed in retail stores. This means getting salon quality hair care products but for a much affordable price.

After a short presentation from Tiger-san, Moist Diane was then officially launched by Mandom representative, Mr Morishita and Mr. Daniel Chin.

Now for more information on Moist Diane and why you must definitely go get your hands on it and try it out! 


Watsons Skin Advance: The Platinum Soothing and Hydrating Solution for Sensitive Skin

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Konnichiwa merry goers!

Time for another skincare post! Watsons Malaysia has introduced their latest all-new revolutionary Derma skincare line which is the Skin Advance skincare range that caters to sensitive skin users. This product was launched earlier in February at the plush Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa and it was an honor to be able to attend the launch. 

The Skin Advance range was developed by cosmetic experts in Japan who used an interesting theory known as the "6+ 6-" process which claims to counterbalance the effects of the modern cosmopolitan men and users. Yes you read that right. This skincare product caters to both men and women so to men out there who are still fretting over the correct skincare product or have yet to start a good skincare regime you may want to read on further about the Skin Advance skincare range.

The launch of Skin Advance was attended by celebrity hosts and Watsons Celebrity Friends Hansen Lee and Sarah Lian who shared their beauty regime and their love for Skin Advance as well as renowned dermatologist Dr. Lim Ting Song who shared about the causes of sensitive skin and treatment methodology.

According to Dr. Lim there are several reasons for sensitive skin reaction which includes skin disorders and allergic skin reaction like ezema, overly dry skin or overexpose to sunlight which is really damaging to your skin. People with sensitive skin needs to be particularly careful with their skincare regime and pay extra careful to the conditions of their skin. 

The Skin Advance products are infused with 6 vital skin friendly natural ingredients which improves skin hydration level and rejuvenates the skin elasticity as well as help fight against environmental damage and enhance the skin's antioxidant properties. Now you may wonder what on earth is the '6+ 6-" that Skin Advance is boasting about. 

The 6+ refers to 

Platinum Nano Particles
Alphine Glacial Water
Yuzu Ceramide
Hyaluronic Acid

The 6- refers to 

Chemical Preservatives, Artificial Pigment, UV Absorbers, Fragrance, Alcohol, Mineral Oil

Hansen Lee who is quite famous for his fitness program states that in his line of profession it is no secret that there are some guys today who uses makeup especially when they are on camera. So it is extremely important for men to also take care of their skin especially if they are wearing makeup. To men out there who think you are safe just because you are not wearing makeup think again. Constant outdoor activities, extreme exposure to sun will cause your skin to be dehydrated leading to dull and dry skin. It is very important to keep your skin hydrated both inside and outside. Undeniably, there are many men out there who have started paying more attention to their skin and appearance but of course without some guidance or advice, some may find it rather confusing on how to start your skincare regime. Well just remember this three steps:



Top 5 Things To Buy from Lazada

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey all merry goers! 

I had wanted to do this post about the Top 5 things that I would purchase from Lazada to usher in both the Chinese New Year as well as for my other half for Valentine's Day but it totally slipped my mind. Anyway, I'll still share with you the great buys I've spotted on Lazada which is totally worth spending on.

1. Calvin Klein Wallet with Leather Key Chain for Men 

 Firstly, I would look for that perfect gift to present my significant other for Valentine's Day. Taking note that his wallet is getting rather worn out *maybe due to all my shopping* I have decided to take a look at the wallet selections available at Lazada. My my.. to my delight there are tons of wallets of all designs and brands. Since my other half prefers a rather simple and versatile wallet, I have fallen sight on the Calvin Klein Wallet with Leather Key Chain in Black. 

This model has 1 ID window, 4 Credit Card slots and 2 compartments plus 1 bill slot which is just enough and suitable for his daily use. To my delight, Lazada is retailing it at RM 69.00 only after their discount so oh yeah! This is definitely an item I will definitely get.

2. Salav Garment Steamer GS11-DJ Purple

The next thing on my list is something for my mum as she has been eyeing for a garment steamer for quite some time. It is so much more convenient having a garment steamer instead of the conventional oven as you can just hang up your clothes and steam iron your outfits. With this pretty baby, my new Chinese New Year outfits would be primed and pressed in a breeze! No more crumpled clothes for this new year. Since Lazada is having a discount for this item and selling it at only RM 85.00 I think I will get it for mum!

3. 6th Generation Po Bling Pore Ultrasonic Cleanser White

Having great complexion is essential to usher in the new year and how better to properly cleanse your face then using a pore cleanser which helps deep clean your pores better than using your hands. This Po Bling Sonic Pore Cleanser works by brushing gently and effectively removes the top layer of dead skin cells. With 10,000 sonic vibrations per minute, this amazing cleansing tool cleans dirt and acid without injuring your delicate skin. While deeply cleansing your pores, the brush exfoliates your skin leaving facial skin soft, smooth, and clean.

Since my sister has always wanted to try out this pore cleanse I would get it for her from Lazada especially since they are selling it at only RM27.00! So affordable!

4. ASOTV Glam Caddy Rotating Cosmetics Organizer

Since I started experimenting in makeup and other beauty product, my table has been an utter mess with brushes and other cosmetics. I really need to get a nice storage compartment to properly store my cosmetics plus is convenient and saves place. After browsing through Lazada, I saw my solution which is the ASOTV Glam Caddy Rotating Cosmetics Organizer. I heard that this cosmetic organizer is really useful but cost a bomb. To my utter delight Lazada has saved me from having a huge hole in my pocket as they are selling this at only RM 39.90 which is 56% cheaper than the retail price! Woo Hoo!! 

This amazing organizer can spin 360 degrees and can hold up to 200 items! Plus it has a sliding compartment where I can store my makeup palettes too! I will be able to properly organize my cosmetics and skincare items and no more mess!

5. Eco Friendly EVA Non Slip 6mm Yoga Mat - Pink

Last on my least is something I have been meaning to get for quite some time which is a yoga mat. After the feasting throughout Chinese New Year it is time to get back in shape with some exercise. Using proper equipment when exercising is really important so that you will not hurt your back. The Yoga Mat will be able to cushion my back while I do all my stretches, planks and others. This superior quality Eco Friendly EVA Non Slip 6mm Yoga Mat is cushioned and has a light-tack non-slip surface with just the right cushioning for your bones and joints during exercise and Yoga practice. Since I will be getting my other gifts for the family from Lazada I'll just get this Yoga Mat as well for only RM28.00!

And so you have it! My Top 5 Buys from Lazada for Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year!
In total I would have spent RM 248.90 and saved up to RM537! Amazing sales everyday at Lazada and since I have purchased more than RM 80 I am entitled to free delivery as well. I've always had great experience shopping at Lazada and I remember there was once when I bought a pair of shoes for David it came the very next day and it was in perfect condition! He even wore it for his graduation ceremony looking ever so smart.
I hope you all have enjoyed my Top 5 Buys from Lazada and if you are looking for something but can't seem to find it check out Lazada for tons of items and great prices. Til next time merry goers!

You can check out the products at Lazada
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Photo Credits: Lazada


XES Chinese New Year Luncheon 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Chai merry goers out there!

Happy Chinese New Year 2015! May this year bring prosperity, blessings, happiness, health and love to all of you out there and may all of you have more merry laughter!

This Chinese New Year, XES took the opportunity to celebrate the festive season with fellow media and bloggers and hosted a CNY Luncheon with their theme 'BE STYLISH WITH XES'. The host of the event was the ever pretty Ms. Sabrina Quigley Chin, the PR Manager of Shellys Marketing.

I was happily invited by my dear friend Sherry to be part of the luncheon date and it was held at Quill City Mall Kuala Lumpur. I have seen many of my friends attending XES events and am super glad to be invited this time round. Thanks Sherry! *hugs*

The event kicked off with the auspicious Lou Sang to usher in the new year and to wish for abundant luck and happiness for all. The yee sang ingredients were prepared to create the initial XES.

The highlight of the event was a makeup and hairdo session sponsored by Sense & Style Beauty Academy and there was also a 10 minute Chinese New Year Hair Styling Demonstration conducted by them. They showed three different Chinese New Year hairstyles which could be styled in just 5 to 10 minutes at home!


A Moment to Remember @ Momento 7, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hello merry goers!

I would like to share with all of you a nice French Italian Fusion restaurant located at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Thanks to Stella from FoodInk for the invite to try out this nice restaurant located just around my area. I have not tried out this place before and was pretty excited to taste the food!

Momento 7 has been opening their doors to food lovers around since July 2014 and have been serving their patrons scrumptious creative cuisines ranging from pasta, poultry, cakes and coffee. This delectable place is opened by Dennis and his compatriot who are both from the culinary background. So you can just expect good creative fusion meals coming out from the kitchen. The name of this eatery comes from the memory of Dennis's father whose dream was to open up an eatery before he sadly passed away. To commemorate his father's wishes, Dennis opened up Momento 7 serving diners Italian French Fusion cuisines.

The decor of the whole place was really cosy with cute wallpaper bringing you the feel of a western modern Victorian age restaurant with some attractive trinkets on the walls.

Providing their patrons a nice and cozy environment to dine with friends and family, this eatery also serves cakes and coffee. Besides serving coffee, they make their own fresh yogurt which you can order and purchase. I love freshly made yogurt so I was excited to try some of their beverages. 

They have a variety of drinks for both the caffeine lover and those who prefer a healthier choice of juice. For those who prefer stronger coffee, you can try ordering the Macchiato (Double Shot) which was really quite strong. 

Of course for those who prefer non-caffeinated drinks, try out their Green Tea Latte or their Yogurt Juices made with their fresh yogurt. I love the Apple Yogurt drink which was made with fresh green apples and yogurt. Unlike other yogurt drinks out there, you would definitely be able to taste a creamier drink with less processed sugar. 

Of course coming to Momento 7 is not just about the drinks so let's get started with the amazing food served here!

Starting up with the appetizer which is the Caesar Salad (RM 13.90) served with crispy Romaine lettuce mixed with juicy cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and tossed with Momento 7 homemade dressing dusted with Parmesan cheese. This salad is well presented with crispy croutons as well making it a healthy appetizer before you dine into your main meal. For small eaters out there, this Caesar Salad will make your fill. 

Credits: FoodInk


All-in-1 Entertainment Experience @ The Ballroom, Nu Sentral Mall

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Ballroom, Nu Sentral Mall

Ola merry goers! 

Chinese New Year is tomorrow and have been super busy the past weeks. Have been up and about exploring many fun places to share with all of you. One of the places that I would like to introduce to all of you is The Ballroom! They have several branches example in Jaya Shopping Centre but did you know that they recently launched The Ballroom at Nu Sentral Mall?

Nu Sentral Mall is located at KL Sentral where there is an a bridge joining KL Sentral and the mall. It is really convenient especially for those without your own transportation as you can just get on the train and stop at KL Sentral. The Ballroom is located on the 4th floor just next to McDonalds and is a place where nice food meets nice music and entertainment; featuring Western Fusion Restaurant, Café & Bar, Brunswick Bowling, Pool & Dart Lounge, KTV Room, VIP Bowling Room and Music Party Lounge.

I am serious! You can bowl, pool, dart, sing and also eat at The Ballroom. Long gone are the days where you can only enjoy one type of entertainment when now you can enjoy all at the same place. Have problems when having an outing with your friends when some want to go bowling or some want to sing karaoke? Now here is the solution to your problems!

The Ballroom at Nu Sentral Mall is seriously HUGE! They have a huge place for dining and also several tables for pool. There are also three KTV rooms for your enjoyment and a number of bowling lanes. If you prefer something more private, you can also book the VIP Bowling room which consists of two bowling lanes. 

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