A Moment to Remember @ Momento 7, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Hello merry goers!

I would like to share with all of you a nice French Italian Fusion restaurant located at Bandar Puteri Puchong. Thanks to Stella from FoodInk for the invite to try out this nice restaurant located just around my area. I have not tried out this place before and was pretty excited to taste the food!

Momento 7 has been opening their doors to food lovers around since July 2014 and have been serving their patrons scrumptious creative cuisines ranging from pasta, poultry, cakes and coffee. This delectable place is opened by Dennis and his compatriot who are both from the culinary background. So you can just expect good creative fusion meals coming out from the kitchen. The name of this eatery comes from the memory of Dennis's father whose dream was to open up an eatery before he sadly passed away. To commemorate his father's wishes, Dennis opened up Momento 7 serving diners Italian French Fusion cuisines.

The decor of the whole place was really cosy with cute wallpaper bringing you the feel of a western modern Victorian age restaurant with some attractive trinkets on the walls.

Providing their patrons a nice and cozy environment to dine with friends and family, this eatery also serves cakes and coffee. Besides serving coffee, they make their own fresh yogurt which you can order and purchase. I love freshly made yogurt so I was excited to try some of their beverages. 

They have a variety of drinks for both the caffeine lover and those who prefer a healthier choice of juice. For those who prefer stronger coffee, you can try ordering the Macchiato (Double Shot) which was really quite strong. 

Of course for those who prefer non-caffeinated drinks, try out their Green Tea Latte or their Yogurt Juices made with their fresh yogurt. I love the Apple Yogurt drink which was made with fresh green apples and yogurt. Unlike other yogurt drinks out there, you would definitely be able to taste a creamier drink with less processed sugar. 

Of course coming to Momento 7 is not just about the drinks so let's get started with the amazing food served here!

Starting up with the appetizer which is the Caesar Salad (RM 13.90) served with crispy Romaine lettuce mixed with juicy cherry tomatoes, quail eggs and tossed with Momento 7 homemade dressing dusted with Parmesan cheese. This salad is well presented with crispy croutons as well making it a healthy appetizer before you dine into your main meal. For small eaters out there, this Caesar Salad will make your fill. 

Credits: FoodInk

After that delicious appetizer, let's move on to Momento 7 Teriyaki Chicken Bowl (RM13.90). This hot pipping chicken goodness is a combination of a secret recipe developed by the chefs with teriyaki sauce over stir-fried chicken/beef plus fragrant rice and egg. This recipe was created by accident when they were coming up with new recipes and instead of the regular fried rice where you fry the egg and the rice, the egg is actually cooked using the heat from the piping rice giving it a nice soft fluffy texture. 

Now let's move on to pasta dishes which is one of the most favourite dishes in this establishment. Coming on first is the recommended Tom Yum Seafood Spaghetti (RM19.90) with fresh seafood like prawns, squids and clans cooked in a traditional Thai tomyum sauce which will blow your mind off., The tomyum base is really fragrant and concentrated which really hits your palates and make you crave for more. The sourness of the sauce is helps in balancing the sweet and spiciness of the dish. Do take note that this dish is rather spicy so for those who cannot tolerate spicy food, I would suggest you telling the chef to tone down on the chili. 

Another pasta dish that I would recommend trying is the Classic Italian Seafood Cioppino (RM20.90) where the chefs prepared a classic stewed seafood broth which is concentrated with seafood, herbs and spices. The broth is sweet from the seafood used and do not look down on this dish as it is different from other pasta you may have had. 

For carbonara fans out there, not to worry as Momento 7 also serves creamy rich carbonara pasta with their Carbonara Salmon Pasta (RM18.90). Thick al-dente fettuccine pasta served with creamy mushroom garlic Alfredo sauce and salmon topped with some golden orange ebiko. This pasta is sure to not disappoint Carbonara pasta lovers out there. I love the presentation of this pasta which is so colourful and eye-catching plus the generous amount of ebiko on the top.

Another pasta dish to take note of is their Scallop Linguini (RM18.90) with fine strands of linguini pasta cooked al-dente served with succulent fresh scallops grilled with herbs and spices. The scallops were cooked well, not overcooked and rubbery which gave this dish a thumbs up! 

For those looking for some meatier options, there are also some other dishes to be highlighted like their succulent Signature Poulet Grille (RM16.90). This dish highlights Momento 7's signature "French-style" grilled chicken served with delicious sauteed veggies and potatos. The chicken was grilled with a delicious rub leaving it moist and tender. Although I would prefer less fats on my meat, this signature dish at Momento 7 still deserves praises for not overcooking the chicken thigh. The veggies were sauteed well although it was slightly over seasoned for my tastebuds but I enjoyed the crunch in every bite. 

Fish lovers out there, there are two dishes which may meet your fancy which is the New England Fish and Chips (RM14.90) and the Pan Fried Deep Sea Salmon (RM24.90). 

The New England Fish and Chips uses a prime cut of white dory fish fillets dipped in Momento 7 signature crispy batter. This fragrant dish is served with fresh purple cabbage coleslaw and thick cut French Fries. The minute the dish left the kitchen, the fragrance of the battered fried fish hit my nose making me salivate. The fish was fried to perfection where there is a crispy surface but still soft flaky white meat inside. I always love eateries who serve me thick cut fries instead of the regular shoe-string fries so this is definitely a thumbs up for Momento 7. Using purple cabbage also gives it a fresh burst of color in their coleslaw.

Although I do love my Fish and Chips, I am a huge fan of salmon so I was definitely excited to dig into Momento 7 Pan Fried Deep Sea Salmon. This fresh piece of salmon was pan-fried exactly the way I liked it and served with sauteed veggies and baked potato. Although I do feel that for this price I would expect a larger piece of salmon but I do like the freshness of the salmon paired with crunchy beans. The salmon was pan fried with a tinge of salt and pepper keeping the original taste of the salmon.

After that galore of food, I was certainly stuffed and had my fill for the day. For those looking for a nice place to dine with good food, head on to Momento 7 to have an enjoyable meal. 

Momento 7

31, Jalan Bandar Puteri 2/3
Bandar Puteri Puchong
47100 Puchong, Selangor


Tues - Thurs: 11.30 a.m.- 9.00 p.m.
Fri - Sun: 11.30 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.
Closed on Monday


  1. Coffee and Yogurt. Wahhh .. mcm best je.

    1. Yup kak ella..I suka dia punye Yogurt. Quite tasty and different from other places.