Virgin Brazilian Waxing Experience @ Bubblegum Wax

Hey there merry goers. 

Valentine's Day is coming real soon and it is time to start pampering ourselves for our other half or to those who are single let's start grooming ourselves well. Today I would like to share with all of you my virgin experience of waxing. I gave my first time waxing to Bubble Gum Wax, the waxing expert located at Casa Tropicana thanks to Butterfly Project. 

I have no experience whatsoever before going to Bubble Gum Wax and I was super nervous. I initially made a booking for underarm IPL but as the sessions were booked so I decided to try out their Brazillian waxing. I have heard tons of reviews from my friends and online about Brazilian waxing and how it is a torture and agony so I was really nervous before entering Bubblegum Wax. For those who are not familiar with Brazilian waxing, it is actually Bikini Wax which mean removing the hairs around the private area. *yikes* As we all know that area is seriously tender and sensitive so you really need to treat it with care. 

Being hairless is something most ladies out there want. To have smooth skin without any hair is not something everyone has the privilege of having. Most of us would resort to shaving, using hair removal creams, waxing and the latest technology IPL which uses pulsating lights to remove your hair. However did you know that it is really bad to use the shaver and especially hair removal creams? Using a shaver to remove your hair only removes hair at the surface of your skin and this causes the hair to grow thicker and also causes you to have dry skins and dark spots. Using hair removal creams is even worse thanks to all the chemicals they include in the cream. These cream when you use it especially on your underarms and at your pubic area is extremely bad as these are the most sensitive areas for your body and do remember ladies out there that whatever you put on your underarm will directly affect your breast as it is close with your underarms. 

The next best alternative is waxing but there are several types of waxing.  You can either use the Hard Wax or the Soft Wax. The soft wax is used more frequently as it is cheaper and the adhesive power is stronger than the hard wax. Using soft wax, you will be able to remove sparse hair and all those baby hairs as well. The downside is that since it is super adhesive, using the soft wax is more painful compared to using hard wax. To remove thicker hair, hard wax is sufficient and does not hurt as much but downside is that you may have to use it several times on the same area (around 2-3 times) to fully remove the hairs. 

Bubblegum Wax is daring us to wax and I was invited to check out their newest outlet at Casa Tropicana. It is located on the first floor above 7-11 and there is free parking for those who are driving there. It is quite a small outlet with around 8 rooms available. The Casa Tropicana outlet is renovated and furnished really nicely with their brick walls giving it a grungy look. 

Each customer is given a hygiene wipe to wipe the area that you want to wax. This is to prevent from any germ infection. So it was time for the first experience. I was attended by Wendy a super friendly and bubbly girl who really did a great job. She explained to me how waxing is and what you should do before and after waxing. Besides that she also advice not to use so much feminine wash and panty liners/ pads unless we really need it during that time of the month as using these products will cause us to have very sensitive and dry private areas. If your private part is dry, this will cause your waxing experience to be really painful. 

Since it was my first time, Wendy decided to use Hot Wax as it would not be as painful and she would use the Soft Wax just for all the baby hairs that the Hot Wax is unable to remove. It was initially really awkward to expose myself to someone who I just met for the first time but she was really professional about it and you will lose track of what was happening. We had a nice chat throughout my session and she really kept my mind off the waxing so it was bearable for me. Don't worry because all the staff at Bubblegum Wax are really experienced and will ensure you have a comfortable time there. 

The overall process took about 30 minutes and after she finished waxing, Wendy applied the post waxing cream to soothe my sensitive skin. I was also given one bottle of the cream to use at home. This cream not only soothes my skin but also provides moisture to ensure that it is not too dry and sensitive at my private areas. 

Here are several Do's and Don'ts that you should take note of

Please apply soothing moisturising cream on your freshly waxed area because your skin will dry after waxing
Exfoliate your skin after three days to prevent in-grown hair

Don't go for a hot bath immediately after your hair removal treatment.
Do not go swimming within three days after waxing 
Do not apply deodorant or perfume freshly waxed areas for up to 24 hours.

Overall I had a memorable and bearable virgin experience of waxing and there at least I can proudly say that I have done Brazilian Waxing! After all the torture stories I have heard about it I am glad that I did not experience such a terrible waxing experience at Bubblegum Wax and I will definitely recommend Bubble Gum Wax to any 'Virgin' girls out there who have not tried out waxing as Bubble Gum Wax is definitely the Waxing Expert in town! Thanks so much to Bubble Gum Wax and Butterfly Project for letting me try out this experience and also to Wendy for such a great service! I can't wait to make my next appointment and this time it is time to have hairfree legs and underarms this Valentine's Day! You don't want to look like an orangutan do you?

The prices at Bubble Gum Wax is really reasonable as well and you can practically remove your hair at every part of your whole body. I'm serious. They even have service to remove hairs on your toes, navel, nipples, etc!

They are also having a Valentine's Day promotion for both you and your other half. Yes you heard that right! Brazilian waxing is no longer just for girls but there is a Boyzilian waxing too! 

For more information about Bubble Gum Wax you can check out 

BUBBLE GUM WAX [ Sri Hartamas ]
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas
No 60 Jalan Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50480 KL.
Tel. 03-62115038/39

BUBBLE GUM WAX [ Casa Tropicana ]
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Tel. 03 7887 0669