Meatilicious Affair at Buns & Meat

Hello merry goers~ 

How's life lately? You know how sometimes you get these meat cravings like for those really good aromatic scrumptious good quality meat? Well, I've found a perfect place where you can satisfy these cravings and not burning a hole in your pocket!

Introducing Buns & Meat, located at Lakefields, Sungai Besi which is the perfect place for you to enjoy fragrant buns and meats! Just like it's name, this place offers great dishes featuring their homemade buns and assortments. This establishment is quite spacious and offers both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Besides that there is also a dart machine for you to kill time when waiting for your friends to arrive.

Let's not waste any more time but move on to the stars of this establishment. 

First up the delectable Char Siew Burger (RM 16.90) where you get a sweet pork patty burger plus sweet roasted char siew, tomato, lettuce and delicious crispy thick cut fries on the side. This burger is quite huge and is deliciously seasoned to perfection. The sweet char siew gives a nice balance to the cheese which was melted to perfection. This portion is adequate to serve two small eaters but I would not blame you if you plan to devour this delectable burger on your own!

Next up it's contender, the equally delicious but messy Runny Mess Burger (RM 20.90). This burger gives a winning edge by including a nicely cooked poached egg on top pork bacon and covered to tangy cheese sauce. Just imagine that runny yolk running down the sides of the burger when you bite into it. Gentle reminder to girls out there, this is not the burger to order on a first date if you plan to be sweet and dainty to your date. Nope this burger is definitely a messy but delicious burger to conquer! Served with this is their crispy thick cut fries as well as some creamy macaroni.

Not a fan of pork burgers? I've got you covered with the Grilled Chicken Burger with Cheese and Black Pepper Sauce (RM 16.90).  This chicken burger is no ordinary chicken burger as it is constructed using thick juicy chicken thighs well marinated and grilled to perfection topped with a slice of cheese and paired with crunchy lettuce and fragrant black pepper sauce on the side. This burger is no loser to the other burgers as the chicken thigh was grilled just nice retaining the juice of the chicken keeping it moist and tender. Pair it with their black pepper sauce for the additional kick!

Annyeonghaseyo! Any Korean fans out there?? Presenting the Spicy Korean Ribs Burger (RM 16.90) to satisfy your Korean cravings. This burger is constructed with de-boned pork ribs nicely marinated and cooked with a spicy korean glaze topped with fresh lettuce and served with a macaroni and ham salad. This burger gives the other contenders a kick with the tinge of fiery sensation on your tongue. Can you just see that amazing glaze on the ribs? Juicy and spicy; my favourite combination!

Let's not stop with the Korean craze as we move on to the Spicy Korean Ribs (RM42.90). This dish will leave you licking your fingers as you attack the ribs cleaning off the meat from it's bones. The ribs were well cooked and will practically come off the bones when you bite into them. Just imagining them makes me so hungry now. This ribs has the spicy Korean glaze as well and is served on a bed of thick cut fries.

Not a fan of spicy ribs? Not to worry too as they have their well received BBQ Pork Ribs (RM44.90). The pork ribs are glazed with sweet BBQ sauce with a tinge of smokiness to it. This rack of pork ribs are also well prepared and melts in your mouth.

Now now... Buns & Meat not only serves burgers and pork ribs but they also serve specially crafted hotdog buns. Don't believe me? Just continue reading!

Presenting the four contenders in the hotdog category: Hot Dog with Jalapenos BBQ Slaw, Hot Dog with Sautee Mushroom and Black Pepper Bean, Hot Dog with Pork Bacon Baked Bean and Mac and Cheese Hot Dog. 

All the hot dogs are served with thick cut fries and a macaroni and ham salad on the sides. 

The first contender, the Hot Dog with Jalapenos BBQ Slaw (RM 16.90) . This dish is crafted using homemade sausages on top of a freshly baked hotdog bun topped with delicous tangy jalapenos BBQ slaw. This hot dog is a mess to eat but it is definitely a mess that you would love to it. The addition of the jalapenos gives it a slight kick to the overall dish and really makes it a strong contender.

Another strong contender is the  Hot Dog with Sautee Mushroom and Black Pepper Bean (RM 16.90). This hot dog is topped with fragrant sauteed mushroom and caramelized onions stir fried with a generous amount of black pepper. The smell of the black pepper hits your nose as soon as it reaches the table arousing your tastebuds. The hotdogs were smooth and had a nice chew to it. 

Do forgive me if I am making you hungry reading my blog but I am not done yet. Next up is Hot Dog with Pork Bacon Baked Bean (RM 17.90) which has creamy tangy baked beans on top of a nicely done frankfurter. This hotdog is equally as messy as the rest with the generous amount of pork bacon baked beans giving it an extra oomph in every bite.

Gosh feeling so hungry now! Can't stop because there are still a few more scrumptious dishes you just have to try! Now that we are done with Hot Dogs, let's move on to some other dishes offered at Buns & Meat. If you are a pasta lover, you can try their Aglio Olio with Pork Bacon (RM 16.90) which I have to warn you is also a huge portion. Different from other aglio olio out there, the one at Buns & Meat uses penne pasta instead of the traditional spaghetti or angel hair pasta. This pasta was cooked al-dente and sprinkled generously with chili flakes which may be too much for some. For me since I am a super duper chili lover, I loved the fiery kick to it which makes the pasta less greasy and just so appetizing! 

For those who are just looking for some snacks to munch on or out for a tea session with your friends, I will recommend you ordering the Pulled Pork Fries (RM 11.90) which is just one word; AMAZING!! The sweet tangy well cooked pulled pork slathered with sweet BBQ sauce on top of crispy thick cut fries is definitely a snack that I will crave! The sweet and savoury goodness of this snack hits my tastebuds at all the right notes!

Let's end this review with a sweet note as Buns & Meat also serves yummy cakes and desserts!!

Here are some of the taste-worthy cakes that you need to try when you're there. Do take note of their tea time special as well and get a free hot Americana/Tea

First up is their Salted Peanut Butter Cake (RM 13.90) which features a really creamy peanut butter filling and frosting. Peanut butter fans out there would totally love this cake which is fragrant, moist and decadent.

Next up you have their Gula Malacca Banana Cake (RM 13.90) which features sweet banana between two moist sponge layers topped with crunchy gula malacca bits. The toppings give it an additional texture and crunch in every bite.

Lastly another star is their Bailey's Cheese Cake (RM 13.90) which really hits your nose at the first bite. The aroma of Bailey is really well incorporated into the Cheese Cake that  you can't stop from grabbing another bite. Not too heavy, the Bailey actually gives it an uplift of flavour making it one of the must have desserts of the night.

Finish up your meal with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee as they serve rather delicious and aromatic coffee too. I would recommend you getting their Affogato especially with their Coconut Ice Cream where crunchy coconut shavings tops the creamy ice cream blending well when you pour the coffee over it. 

There are also other coffee classics like Mocha, Americano, Latte etc too so just take your pick and I am sure you will have a lovely time enjoying them.

So there you have it! Another fantastic place that you should try out in KL!

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