[RECIPE] Simple Snacks using Mission Wraps Curry Flavour

Ola merry goers~

It's been a while since my last post so please forgive me for my tardiness. Today I would like to share with you some super simple and easy recipes that you can do just using tortilla wraps! Most of the time I really like to use Mission Wraps when making my wraps and snacks and I just found out that they came out with their latest flavour which is the Curry Flavoured Wraps. They have several flavours out there and I have nearly tried all of them so of course I could not resist the chance of trying out these new flavour wraps from Mission Food. 

Tortilla wraps are actually one of the healthier choice compared to rice and white bread as they have less calories and lower sugar content. Besides that wraps are a great ingredient to make simple and quick meals on the run. Have been checking up on my diet especially after Chinese New Year and all that glorious yet sinful eating so Mission Wraps are a great addition to my meals.

The new Mission Wrap have an aromatic curry flavour and are made with high quality wheat flour. The distinctive curry taste comes from a special combination of South Asian spices like cumin, aniseed, black peppercorns, cinnamon, cloves, and other spices giving it a nice mild and pleasant level of heat. As usual, the wraps are packaged in a resealable bag which is great to keep your wraps fresh after opening. My first impression was that it had a slightly yellow colour to the wraps compared to their other variety and there was a nice curry aroma once I opened the bag.

So here's how I enjoy my Mission Wrap. The first recipe I would like to share with you are my Homemade Tortilla Chips using the Mission Wrap. You know how at times you just have that urge to munch on something but you worry about the calories from all that potato chips? Well, here's a fun, easy plus healthy snack to share with you. 

This is my all time favourite snack where it can be done in under 10 minutes! First, you take your Mission Wrap and cut them into eight slices. I normally take my kitchen scissors and cut them up into these triangle slices. 

Next place these triangle slices flat down on a baking tray and place them in the oven at around 180 - 200 degree Celsius for roughly 5 to 10 minutes. This depends on your oven and on your preference of how crispy you want your chips to be. 

After they are done, leave it out to cool down and store them in an airtight container! Now you have your supply of healthy snaps to munch on! They are oil free and salt free too! To serve it, you can put it on a platter with your favourite dipping sauce. I normally have mine with my homemade tomato sauce. You can also make your own avocado dips or for some guilty pleasures you can top your tortilla chips with some savoury tomato meat sauce with some cottage cheese on top! Mmm.. yummy! I totally love this snack because it is guilt free and just a few pieces is enough to satisfy your craving. Besides that, the curry flavour really pops up in these new wraps.

So now for the second recipe is some healthy Grilled Chicken Wraps with Tangy Yogurt Sauce. For this recipe, you will be needing:

Mission Curry Wraps
Some chicken meat (Breast/Thigh)
Vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, lettuce or any other greens you like
Greek Yogurt
Spices (Curry/Cumin/Black Pepper)

So firstly, you rub some marinade on the chicken pieces. I used some chili powder, black pepper, salt and some olive oil. Chili powder is a great ingredient to increase your metabolism rate and also to give some heat to your food. After marinating your chicken for roughly one hour, place them in the oven at 200 degree Celsius for 10 to 15 minutes or until cooked. Make sure you cook your chicken properly as uncooked chicken will cause food poisoning. You can also choose to grill your chicken or lightly pan fry them according to your preference.

Next it is time to assemble your wrap. Place some lettuce on the wrap as your base and then place your other vegetables like carrots. Do not put too much vegetables as you may cause your wrap to burst. Then place your grilled chicken on top of your vegetables and top it up with some sauce. The sauce I used for my wrap is using some Greek Yogurt plus some curry powder and to sweeten it up a little I used some honey. This is a really simple and healthy topping with less calories.  

And there you have it! A simple yet healthy meal that is both nutritious and filling! You can change any part of the recipe like using beef or fish like tuna or adding your own sauces.

I hope you enjoyed this simple recipe and do share with my how you would make your own version of the wrap!


  1. sedapnya the chips.
    but my dad broke the oven not long ago. hahahah

    1. Babe you can toast it on a hot pan too!

  2. Thanks for sharing, will try it when I am free :)

    I would like to ask for 2nd recipe that the wrap can direct to eat with those ingredients? Do I need to bake wrap for few minutes in oven?

    1. Hi J-Mei! You can eat it just like that! If you prefer it to have a slight crunch you can also put it in the oven more a few minutes. Depends on your preference! Enjoy 😘