Eat! Play! Fun! at Bloggers BBQ Poolside Party

Hello merry goers~

Have been actively blogging for roughly one year now and one of the highlights of my journey is meeting tons of new friends from all aspects of life plus experiencing things I would never had the chance to experience. What I would never expect was a raving Bloggers BBQ Poolside Party catered to more than 100 bloggers including their plus one! Can you just imagine the noise and fun?

Well, thanks to Sidney from the biggest ever Bloggers BBQ Poolside Party was hosted at Opal Damansara and we had the lower floor with the pool to party! Although the party started with some heavy downpour but it sure did not dampen the spirits of everyone! Thanks to all the sponsors, we had an enjoyable time preparing and mingling among each other.

Desserts were well covered with gorgeous cakes from Eastin Hotel! These cakes were really grabbed like hotcakes and I only managed to snatch a bite thanks to the dear Jessy from JessyTheKLChic.

Of course thanks to Sidney for the amazing location and also NY Steak Shack for the food plus some balloons to decor the pool. NY Steak Shack not only sponsored the food but also some vouchers for us to enjoy in the goodies bag!

Note: Those balloons were not blown using any pumps but our own lungs! Can't believe the workout I gave my lungs that day even before the party started!!

For some fun and excitement, Fannie from Face and Body Art By Fannie was there to paint some artistic work onto your faces or body! Just look at that intrinsic face art on Miera! Lovely :)


There was also a jewellery and accessories class hosted that day thanks to Kelvin Gems and Elegant Jewellery Studio and the children who attended had a blast making their own personalized accessories to take home. If you feel you have heard or read about Kelvin Gems previously, you're absolutely right! They were the sponsors for my accessories during the Party of The Century earlier this year. Totally love their designs.

What is a BBQ Poolside Party if we did not have food??? Thanks to Bakarlah BBQ for the amazing non-stop flow of food! That charcoal grilled meat is so tantalizing especially the cuts on lamb! Although slightly on the fatty side, the lamb was so tender and moist it gets snatched up as soon as they are ready! I am not kidding you. We were practically vultures surrounding the grill eyeing on the piece of lamb that we want and once they were done *whoosh* off it goes onto our plates! And of course who can resist those shisamo fish and saba fish! Ah, flaky and moist the pieces of saba fish were huge that it fills up my plate! I definitely had my fill Omega-3 during the BBQ party.

But I must say that the highlight of the whole BBQ Poolside Party is no other than Zung, the ninja photographer! Having captured tons of photos from Donald Trump, Richard Branson to being the personal photographer of motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. It was really quite an experience being photographed by Zung, pretty nerve-wreaking too! This is him in action taking the photo of the Twilight shot.

Here's my Twilight shot taken by Zung! Doesn't it look just so ethereal! My first time doing a photoshoot and loving the outcome. You can also check out his other amazing works at Zung Ninja Photographer

And of course The Photoz was really generous in also giving us a black and white portrait photoshoot indoors! Totally loving the photographer who was in charge for taking the shoot. So energetic and really makes us enjoy the whole process. In the future, if I were ever to take a photoshoot and an afford it I would definitely choose them! And of course I think my personal photographer of the day was nervous when taking my photo with Zung and I only have a blur one with him. Haha.

At the end of it, the most memorable experience was to meet so many people in one setting and getting to know faces behind blogs I have read previously. It was amazing how so many of us come together and made this party a total success!

With the beautiful lighting and environment, how can we not take more photos! The balloons sponsored by Balloon Buzz USJ Taipan was a crowd favourite with us snatching it to take photos for the day! A fun prop for beautiful photos. Thanks to my dear photographer David for the shots! I know I'm no easy person to take photos of.

Lastly of course here's the photo of the man behind the whole idea and event! Thanks for getting awesome sponsors for the goody bags as well! Not forgetting Hei Sushi, Shills and NY Steak Shack for the vouchers and foot mask! Will greatly enjoy them. So the last round of applause for everyone who made the event a huge success!


  1. its yummy, fun party, plus seeing my son play swimming pool

  2. What a great party! So glad to be part of it.. :D

  3. Awww!!! Lovely post & so many nice photos. The best are the row of gals with balloons, right? Perasan overload blekkk, I miss the BBQ lamb :P

  4. Eat play and fun should be the main motive.