Julie's Biscuits One Bite's X Chatime Contest

Hey there merry goers!

Have you noticed this Be That Winner contest that has been going on for the last two months from Julie's Biscuits and Chatime? This is not the first time that these two brands have been collaborating with each other and this time there are awesome prizes to be won!

Running from 1st April til 30th June, all you got to do is to purchase the Julie's Biscuits One Bite's to obtain a code where you just have to SMS in your code and win these prizes. Not only that, the voucher included in each One Bite's variant is a FREE Chatime Voucher where you can get your favourite Chatime drinks at a discounted price.

With SEVEN different flavours, my favourite will definitely have to be the Cheese Sticks with BBQ Seasoning! So tasty and convenient to just pop it into my mouth when I am on the road. If you are a fan of Julie's Biscuits Peanut Butter Sandwich or their Love Letters you just HAVE TO try out their mini versions! Yums :)

I must definitely say that I personally feel that Julie's Biscuits One Bite's series is definitely UNDERRATED! Even before the introduction of Mini Oreo's the One Bite's series have already been on the shelf and they have three main types which are the Sandwich series, the Cheese Sticks series and the Flavoured Cream puff series. If you have not gotten your hands on these yummy snacks, make sure to get one and stand a chance to win awesome prizes. 


Grand Prizes:
1st Prize x 1: iphone 6 
2nd Prize x 2 : iPad Air
3rd Prize x 3 : iPad Mini

Monthly Prize: 

2 movie tickets for each winner, total 30 winners per month (April, May, June 2015). 


Step1:Answer a simple question correctly & fill in your personal detail.
Step2:Reply us as format below:
JuliesNRICFull NameCodeAnswer
Step3:SMS to 33213

Note: RM0.30 is charged for every message received.

For more details: Julie's Biscuits