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When the tummy starts rumbling, it's the sign for another food post merry goers!

Today I am going to share with you hungry merry goers a super affordable place where you can get good Western dishes that will not break your wallet. This restaurant is one of the participating restaurant in the recent US Potato Culinary Festival Kuala Lumpur which I featured around a month ago. Since their dishes caught my attention during the preview night, I decided to stop by their restaurant to check out what other dishes they have to offer. Lo and behold, when I arrived at the restaurant I realized that I have actually eaten at their place several months back with friends and I was certainly not disappointed. So here I am to share with you a place to enjoy Western dishes which trust me are really affordable.

Located at SS15, Subang Jaya this area is definitely not a stranger to those looking for good food. With several universities situated nearby this area has always been blooming with new eateries which has to be not only tasty but affordable. Rendezvous Corner is a quaint eatery located in front of Canadian Pre-University which has both an indoor and outdoor dining area. Enjoy the cool night breeze with warm yellow lighting and dine with your other half on the swing table or on a warm night enjoy your meal indoors with air-conditioning.

Cheesy Baked Escargot (1/2 dozen | RM 13.80)

To start off the night, we were served with some appetizers that some might find rather difficult to swallow which are the Cheesy Baked Escargot. Yes, escargot meaning snails in French, this delicacy has been baked with savoury tangy cheese sauce. Trust me when I say I am rather of a daredevil when it comes to food so of course I would at least have one of it and to be honest, it was not bad. Chewy and slightly tender, the escargot was nicely baked with the cheese sauce. Just ignore the fact that these are the cute slowpoke snails you come across on a rainy day and you might just enjoy this dish.

Baked Potato Skin | RM 8.80

Of course we had to try the dishes which participated in the US Potato Culinary Festival where one of them is the Baked Potato Skin. Different from some other potato skins which I have tried, the portion of the Baked Potato Skin at Rendezvous Corner is rather large and generous with the amount of cheese on top. Slightly charred, the potato skin was baked crispy while retaining the moisture of the potato under that blanket of cheese. The skin was crispy enough to be enjoyed whol. 

Another special dish would be the Curry Mashed Potato where the inspiration came from one of our local Malaysian kueh, the currypuff. This Curry Mashed Potato is a huge ball of potato lightly battered with breadcrumbs on the outside and stuffed with chicken curry on the insides before deep frying it. The chicken curry had a spicy kick to it, savoury which was able to compliment the mashed potato which was creamy and well mashed. Personally for me, this dish is rather heavy to finish on my own but it would be a delight to share and enjoy it with my companions. Not too greasy, the spice from the curry chicken actually prevents you from feeling the grease from deep fried food. This dish is the newest addition to the menu so if you do not see it in the menu, do ask your server if it is available.

Cheese Fondue Chicken | Rm 18.80

Now this has got to be the highlight of that day which is the Cheese Fondue Chicken. You have an option to choose between chicken and fish but we opt for the chicken that night. Served with some criss-cross potato, the chicken bites were crispy and really good to even eat it on its own but when you have a bubbling pot of cheese served with it of course you have to dip them and coat them with the melted cheese! The cheese sauce is similar with the sauce used for the escargot and it is creamy and not too salty complimenting the fried food well. This is a dish suited to share and enjoy with your friends or family because well who can just resist cheese fondue? This is totally heavenly for cheese lovers.

Now as if the potato laden dinner was not enough, we just had to have this Molten Lava Cake because well who ends a meal without some desserts? Answer: No one! This Molten Lava Cake is just to die for. The rich gooey chocolaty centre which just oozes out when you cut it is so good especially when you pair it with the cold ice cream. We were served with coconut ice cream that night and it was just so good! The warm chocolate centre totally melts the heart of chocolate lovers and guess what? You do not need to pay a bomb for this dessert as it is approximately RM 8. Sorry for the goldfish memory lovelies because I forgot how much this cost. Must be due to all the chocolate going to my head.

You know what makes me more happy than good food entering my tummy? Service on the house with their Mini Cupcakes! They bake their own desserts and also take pre-orders for cakes and desserts! Just look at these adorable mini cupcakes. Aren't they just the cutest little delicious yummies? *Noms noms*

Rendezvous Corner also serves other western dishes like steaks which are all below RM 30 so if you are craving for good affordable Western cuisines, drop by Rendezvous Corner! Get the Cheese Fondue because you will not regret it!

For more details go to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/RendezvousCorner

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  1. Love this place coz the price is super affordable for western food. Yummy!

  2. Oh, have been to this place and agree with you this place is indeed affordable! Food also not too bad, with affordable price, at least it makes the wallet happy! :P

  3. went there a while back and i totally love all of their dishes with cheese. Cheesy Baked Escargot was my favourite dish :D

  4. I would love to try the Chicken Cheese Fondue. Looks tempting! :D

  5. The price for the Cheesy Baked Escargot is really affordable ler! Weeee gonna visit the place for all the yummy food =D