Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Grand Launch at Malaysia IT Fair 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Olla my dear merry goers! It's a long weekend with the Independence Day celebration and I have been sharing quite a number of posts on the Malaysia IT Fair which finally happening at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre!

The Malaysia IT Fair started on the 28th of August 2015 and will be happening until this Monday, 31 August. If you have not check it out yet, here are some of the deals and events that have been going on the past two days. Techbiz@Malaysia IT Fair has officially been launched yesterday with tons of on going seminars. The response has been great with many last minute registrations as well. Do not miss out on all the talks given by successful entrepreneurs plus getting insights in the IT industry. 

Not only that, Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 has also been officially launched during the fair. Kaspersky Lab presents the new version of their flagship security solution for home users. The new solution solution includes updated technologies ensuring that users are protected whatever they do on their devices online and whichever platforms they choose: Windows, OS X or Android. A set of new features has also been added with the aim to protect users' private lives. The Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 was launched by the Deputy Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Datuk Jailani Johari and Kaspersky Lab, SEA Channel Sales Director, Mr Jimmy Fong. With us relying a lot on our devices to store important information instead of trusting our memory, our personal privacy is at risk. Internet security system is vital especially when we follow safe Internet practices like protecting our devices with strong passwords, avoid downloading files from untrusted sources and run regular scans for cyberthreats on our computers. The additional features in the new Kaspersky 2016 has Change Control which detects any process attempting to introduces changes, Privacy Cleaner which helps remove all traces of user activity including browsing history, list of documents opened as well as Webcam Protection feature which prevents the interception of images. I personally love the Webcam Protection feature because honestly, how many times have we heard of people hacking into the webcam and being able to snoop and capture images using our webcam. The Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 will be retailing at RM100 per user license and is available nationwide.

Credits: Malaysia IT Fair 2015

Of course not only that, there were the daily deals, happy hour items, and tons of promotions at each booth! 

For those who are starting their semesters soon or looking to grab some new gadget, the Malaysia IT Fair is definitely the place to go to! Make sure you do not miss out on all this exclusive great deals available for this last two days. For those who want to grab the daily deals, make sure you head to the  venue as early as you can because the items are limited! As the saying goes, the early bid catches the worm you have to be there early!


Free Seminar at Malaysia IT Fair PLUS Great Deals

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello my dear merry goers! 

It has been a while since I last updated my blog and it's because I am now currently focusing on my preparations to further my studies so really sorry if you have not been getting much updates from me. On the other hand, I have been quite active on Snapchat so if you are a Snapchat user too do follow me at my username miriamgoh.

Anyway, it is going to be a long weekend soon due to the Merdeka celebration and not only that you will have another great event not to be misssed which is the Malaysia IT Fair happening at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. I have previously updated and posted about the great deals that this year's fair has to offer as well as the Techbiz@Malaysia IT Fair which you definitely would not want to miss!

There will be several free seminars which will be held during the fair and one of them will be given by the co-founder of MyTeksi, Aaron Gill. MyTeksi has ben quite a rage recently and has been gaining popularity among taxi users in Malaysia. Make sure you head on to this seminar and listen to his inspiring story of success! There will be tons of other speakers with their success stories as well as a total of 46 seminars ranging from GST, Cloud Computing, Systems and Solutions, Trending IT issues and many more so you really wouldn't want to miss them out. 

These seminars are held on each day of the fair and all you have to do it to register and sign up for them right here!

Here are more updates about the GREAT deals the Malaysia IT Fair 2015 has to offer as well from their Daily RM 1 deals to that super cheap RM99 1TB Hard disk as well as Auction Deals! I sure cannot wait for the fair to arrive so make sure you don't miss out on them! Be the first in line to grab those RM 1 deals!


TECHBIZ @ Malaysia IT Fair 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hi IT lovers!

I previously announced that the Malaysia IT Fair will be back in town in my recent post and there will be tons of awesome gadgets and IT related products on promotion plus not forgetting their daily deals.

But hold on to your horses, because this year there will be an additional feature or shall I say activity during the Malaysia IT Fair 2015. This year, patrons of the fair will be able to attend TECHBIZ @ Malaysia IT Fair which is a new business platform combining exhibition and seminar.

This new business platform will allow visitors to explore the latest technology trends plus gain up-to-date knowledge in the IT world. It is catered not only for personal use but also for business needs as well. You definitely do not want to miss out on TECHBIZ@Malaysia IT Fair because you can DISCOVER new technology, EVALUATE solutions, CONNECT with same minded peers, get UPDATES on latest trends, DISCUSS initiatives as well as NETWORKING with business vendors!

Register now to receive a mystery gift and reserve a seat for the seminar!!

Techbiz@Malaysia IT Fair
Date : 28-31 August 2015
Venue : Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Kuala Lumpur

To help prepare you for this year's IT Fair, here's the Floor Plan so that you can prepare your wallets and not get lost on that day! Make sure you aim and head to the booths you're interested in.


Magical and Amazing Experience with Superstars of Magic 4

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hey darling merry goers! Time for some #MiriamTravel post!

How many of you are fans of magic shows? I believe every child loves magic or even adults. I mean come on, who doesn't love magic shows? They have such an air of mystery and excitement and never cease to amaze the crowd. Well if you are a fan of magic shows, I have great news for you because the Superstars of Magic 4 are here in Malaysia! They have actually been here for quite some time and I was really grateful to the team at Resort World Genting for inviting me to watch them live and also being able to meet them live in person.

The Superstars of Magic 4 has 7 casts but we were able to watch only 6 of them and yet it was already amazing. No doubt they are called superstars for a reason. The six magicians include the amazing America's Got Talent finalist Jay Mattioli from USA who was the emcee or host of the show, Alana Moehlmann from Germany who is the new generation princess of magic, the talented TV Maestro Jeff Lee from Taiwan, super cute Korean magician One Gun, Joseph Gabriel from USA with his amazing doves and not forgetting a magician that brings us back to our childhood memories Ted Kim from Korea.

We were first amazed with Jay Mattioli, the Electrifying Magician. He definitely started the show on the right note as he magically make a huge bike appear on stage! Seriously both me and my companion could not figure out how he make it happen! Between every act, Jay appeared and showcased his talents as well and earn applauds for each show! No wonder he is the finalist for America's Got Talent because I am telling you he is amazing. 

Followed up we had Jeff Lee from Taiwan who was the TV Maestro! Jeff is an award winning celebrity magician and performs with TV magic and modern music. His TV is like a Doraemon pocket or something as he keeps taking things out from the TV and also making use of LED lights entertaining us. The number of CD's he made appear and disappear are countless.

Now who says girls cannot be magicians with the ever pretty Alana hailing from Germany and was certainly the rose among the thorns. A new generation princess of magic, her act comprises of her producing life human hands out of her leather jacket and endlessly producing items from her 6 hands! You really have to look closely to differentiate which are her real hands and which aren't. Each time I thought those were her real hands, another hand appears! Gosh, makes me wonder if maybe she does have more than 2 hands. Her finale act of removing her head was well definitely a show stopper!

Now Korea is not only famous for their K-pop idols when you have One Gun, the Modern Chameleon. One of the hottest magicians in Korea and the world today, he was crowned the Korean Magician of the Year! He performs throughout the world with his T-shirt act and I am telling you I lost count on how many clothes he changed into from the different colour, patterns and it is not only his shirt but his pants too! On the side note, he is super cute! *fangirling*

My first magic show experience definitely had white doves in it and it is a classic with Joseph Gabriel, the Godfather of Dove Magic. His act was one of my favourite acts of the day with his countless dove magic and he even had a Broadway show to himself! Watching his show really bring back memories of magic shows in the past and his finale of producing a live Peking Duck was epic seriously acclaimed in the magician group as having the best dove or should I say bird act in the world. His act is light years ahead of the classical dove act we have all seen.

The last magician to appear was Ted Kim from Korea with the nickname Dream Magician. His magic is not like any other you have seen as he is the current FISM originality act champion holder with his one of a kind performance. Forget flashing lights and smokescreen when his performance infuses modern video technology and incorporates latest video games and music into his illusions like Super Mario Brothers. Honestly, his starting appearance really did not suit my taste as he came out looking like a clown and FYI if you did not know I have a huge phobia and fear of clowns no thanks to my babysitter who made me watch the horror movie IT when I was younger. Now whenever I see clowns, I seriously run a mile away. But then when the illusions and lights came on, there you see his talent which was more of an illusion magic act than the other magic acts. He is definitely one of a kind transporting you to dreamland.

I had such a fun time watching the show and what makes the whole experience better was we were able to snap photos with them! Whee and thanks to my dear companion who pushed me out of my fangirling and shy moment to snap a photo with One Gun *psst he is seriously a cutie* and also look there's Joseph's Peking Duck! Where have you seen a magician using Peking Duck in their show? Totally loving their showmanship and I would recommend you to catch the show while it is still on because you will not regret it!

They will be performing until the end of October but for more details on the ticketing and showtimes, head on to http://www.rwgenting.com/shows/events/SOM_Tickets/ plus there is even some special room rates prices if you stay a night at RWG too!


Laneige Beauty Road Tour BB Cushion Makeup Trend

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Credits: Laneige Malaysia

Hi there my dear merry goers!

So sorry for the lack of updates! Have been so tied up with some stuff and it has been really hard to find the time to sit down. Anyway, if you haven't noticed yet I am a huge fan of Korean makeup especially their natural makeup look and everyone loves to get that flawless look that Korean artist always have. One thing I noticed every time I watched a Korean drama is that even though they look like they have so minimal makeup, all of them still look so flawless. My favourite Korean beauty brand has definitely got to be Laneige!! I recently attended their launch of the all new Mini Pore range and so loving their products as well! It was so good to minimize those huge pores.

Well, a few weeks back the secret to that flawless look anytime and anywhere was revealed at Laneige Beauty Road Tour where the ever popular BB Cushion Makeup Trend was officially introduced to Malaysia!

Laneige Beauty Road is on a tour to seven cities around Asia to educate women about K-Beauty and the Cushion Makeup Trend which is a huge hit in Korea and they featured their bestseller - the BB Cushion. Malaysia was the 3rd stop following Bangkok and Singapore! After Malaysia, they will be hitting cities in China like Beijing, Xian, Chengdu and Shanghai.

During this roadshow, there was a special appearance by Hwang Se-On, Korean's celebrity model who offered modeling and photoshoot tips alongside the Laneige Global Makeup team who offered makeup techiques to help one look their best in photos! The BB Cushion was first introduced in 2011 and has been gaining tremendous popularity with its multi-functional use and convenient touch-u anywhere, anytime that it has evolved from a must-have makeup item to a makeup trend in Korea. Nearly every women in Korea carries a BB Cushion in their bags!

At the roadshow was also Cat Koh, a professional makeup artist from Korea who demonstrated the products from Laneige to get that flawless look! She gave great tips from the base makeup to the eyes and lips.

Can you just see that obvious difference from the left and right side of the model's face? The left side has the Laneige BB Cushion only and it totally brightened up her complexion and giving her a flawless look. You can achieve that flawless skin in just 2.5 seconds!

Laneige products are so unique and handy like their latest Cushion Highlighter and their Loose Powder which has a compact brush in it for easy travelling purposes.

The finished look of the model! What I really like about Korean makeup is that although she actually has quite a lot of makeup on but it still looks really natural and not heavy just enough to bring out her natural beauty.

Credits: Aliza Sara

During the roadshow which was held at North Court Mid Valley, there were other activities and games to keep up the excitement. Among the attractions were the BB Cushion testing stations, free giveaway and fun games plus complimentary makeover sessions. One unique feature about the Laneige BB Cushion which makes it different from other brands is that they have the most shades! So you will definitely be able to find the shade that matches your skin tone the best plus they recently came out with a new shade 21P which is great for those with a pink undertone.

For more details on Laneige head on to their Facebook page 

Photo credits: Steven Goh

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