Steamboat Dining Experience at Resort Seafood Steamboat Genting

Hi there my dear merry goers! First up I am terribly sorry for being missing in action lately due to my preparations to further my studies to the UK! Yup, this blog is going to international. It's just that these few weeks have been really hectic with tons of preparations to do but please bear with me and be patient. I will try to have more updates especially once I've landed and start the next three years of my life in the UK. I will be focusing more on the different food, lifestyle and travel scenes in the United Kingdom so stay tune!

Meanwhile, again my sincere apologies to some of my clients who have been really nice in not chasing me for my blogpost. Love you all lots! Here is another blogpost which is super overdue but here goes my awesome steamboat dining experience at Resort Seafood Genting.

Nestled up high in the peaks of Genting Highland, you can now enjoy steaming hot steamboat at Resort Seafood Genting. For me, steamboat represents union and also family gatherings. In my family, steamboat is a compulsory must every Chinese New Year and we will have tons of ingredients being thrown into that boiling pot of soup. Excitement comes after the ingredients are done and it's time to eat! Now imagine yourself at Genting Highlands, among the misty hills and cool air, tuck yourself with friends and family and enjoy this warm comforting steamboat.

The ingredients at Resort Seafood Genting are really fresh as you can even see them swimming in their glass tanks before being served to you. *horror* But that is how fresh the ingredients served for your dining pleasure. There are plenty of seafood to be chosen which choices such as Mud Crabs, Glass Prawns, Lobster, Live Fish and you have the choice of aromatic soups like Fish Head, Kampong Chicken Soup, Spicy Tom Yam and Chicken Herbs Soup.

Here are the prices for each Set Menu:

Set Menu for 2 persons dining 
Member – RM 98.00nett; Non-Member – RM108.00nett
Set Menu for 4 persons dining 
Member – RM 218.00nett; Non-Member – RM240.00nett
Set Menu for 8 persons dining 
Member – RM 456.00nett; Non-Member – RM502.00nett

We had the Set Menu for 8 person dining and had a fairly generous portion of mushrooms, fish balls, bean curd roll, ostrich meat, chicken slices, pacific clams, Grouper slices, vegetables, eggs and noodles. Yes that red meat that you are seeing is actually ostrich meat.

We had the Herbal Chicken Soup as our base which is so flavorful and I am telling you they were really generous with their herbs! Side joke, one of my dining partners had his share of the Chinese Tong Gui that he earned that nickname *rofl* The huge serving of ingredients made us super hungry we just couldn't wait to throw everything into the pot. 

Don't forget to make your own dipping sauce from the sauce station too! With my tastebuds I had to have my share of chili and garlic *yums* There were other sauces like belacan, ground chili, sweet sauce and a whole variety of sauces suited for all ages.

We also had these huge prawns to be enjoyed in our steamboat which was really fresh. Thank you to my dining partner for his prawn peeling skills so that I do not have to dirty my hands to enjoy these succulent babies! Tips to guys out there: Offering to peel prawns for your lady partners is definitely a plus point ;) 

For those of you who are looking for a place to dine when you are at Genting Highlands or you just want to escape this terrible haze now in KL, take a trip up Genting and enjoy this heart-warming steamboat.

For further enquiries, please call 03-6101 1118 or visit

Resort Seafood
Level 1, Resort Hotel
Business Hours:
Lunch (12noon to 2.30pm)
Dinner (6pm to 10pm)


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