Lugano Cafe Kota Bahru

Hello darling merry goers! Time for some cafe hopping session at Kota Bahru again. This time I visited Lugano Cafe which is actually by Hayaki! Ironically, Kak Ella actually asked me to review Hayaki but since there were several Hayaki branches in Kuala Lumpur I didn't really thought of reviewing it. That was until I realized that there was a cafe in Kota Bahru by them too so of course I have to check it out.

Located along Jalan Kebun Sultan which is also known as the 'Chinese Street' where you can get some Chinese cuisines, you can spot it at the T-junction along that road. So far, you cannot really locate it on Waze but you can search for Hayaki Kebun Sultan and it will pop up because right opposite Lugano Cafe is a Hayaki branch.

Really well decorated, I love the huge glass windows that allow so much natural lighting into the room as well as the brick wall decor. It kind of gives a rustic feeling to the overall interior especially with the wooden crates and the retro lamps. Although I do not get how the armor actually fits into the whole interior concept but it does make a point to the room.

You can see several of the food choices served at Lugano on the blackboard menu above the counter. Don't worry, there are some menu that the servers will pass to you as well. For cakes, you actually have to order it from the counter because there are different varieties of cake each day.

Now let us go to the spread of sinful food I had that day. I ordered the Chocolate Banana Pancake with Vanilla Ice-cream, Chicken Pita, Matcha Latte and macarons

While waiting for my hot dishes to arrive, I ordered three of their macarons to try. The flavors recommended to me were the Dark Chocolate, Lychee and oh gosh my memory. I cannot remember what was the green macaron flavor. The macarons were not too sweet so I was able to enjoy them and were quite well made. The amount of fillings were just right and for RM 3.90 it was quite a sweet treat.

Paired with my delectable macaron, I ordered a cup of frothy Matcha Latte which I totally did not regret. The Matcha Latte was fragrant and I love the whiff of green tea in every sip. Plus I loved that they did not add any sugar into my latte which seems to happen elsewhere and instead gave me a packet of brown sugar on the side. Knowing me, I really am not a fan of sweet treats unless they are really good and I love my drinks sugarless so I did not add any sugar into my Matcha Latte. The latte was smooth and really I would recommend you try this.

The pancakes arrived first and in case you are wondering why are there two plates of pancakes instead of just one, that is because I actually visited Lugano Cafe with my dear housemate, Alison and she ordered the original Classic Pancakes (RM6.00) with butter and maple syrup. I ordered their Chocolate Banana Pancake (RM8.00) and seriously come on where on earth can you find this price in KL. It would probably cost twice as much in KL.

These has got to be one of the best pancakes I have eaten hands down! Honestly, I did not have much expectations for the food but since it was on my list of cafe hopping in Kota Bahru so I decided to pay Luano Cafe a visit. Surprisingly, the pancakes were really good. They were fluffy, slightly sweeten and when topped with bananas, chocolates and ice-cream; this was just a great pair. If you know me well, I do not like my bananas mixed with chocolates because I feel it has this weird chemical aftertaste and if you are wondering why I ordered this then well I wanted to share with you the best thing on the menu so this was it. I tried my best taking photos and you know how long I can take to snap my photos especially since all I have been highly dependent on my Samsung Note 4 for my food adventures here in Kelantan. This phone is still one of my prized possession which can save me when I do not have my trusty Sony A5000. After all my photo taking, the pancakes still remain fluffy and warm and that was after a good 10 to 15 minutes! This was a good thumbs up for me because warm pancakes with cold ice cream... ah! Delicious!

Now I cannot just review the sweet treats so I ordered this Chicken Pita (RM7.00) which ok I will be honest was a decision I made without thinking. All that was going through my head was to share with all of you most of the menu but it is so difficult cafe hopping on my own! So many food to try and just one tummy. I ordered this and by the time I was halfway through my pancakes I was super stuffed! I normally do not eat a lot which is why buffets do not really work well for me  so I admit I didn't actually taste this on the spot. I packed it back home and had it for brunch the next morning and it was really quite tasty. The chicken bits were well seasoned with black pepper and I really enjoyed it.

Can you believe that I spent less than RM 40 for this whole cafe hopping? I would easily have spent twice that amount in cafes in KL. I was truly satisfied with the dining experience at Lugano and hope they will expand their menu and serve more good food.