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Time for another #MiriamEats post! The past Chinese New Year has been an entire week full of non-stop eating and whenever we think about Chinese cuisine, one of the popular choice would be dim sum! My family and I love dim sum but it sure is not easy to find a place which serve some decent choices at and affordable price. Well, I came across this restaurant serving dim sum at only RM3 per plate from Auntie Lilly's blog and decided to check it out with the family.

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Restoran Yan Yan A One is located along Old Klang Road just after Scott Garden. Watch out for the turning once you pass the traffic light to turn into Kuchai Lama. You will be able to see the restaurant located at the corner of the road. Parking is not really a problem as you can either park in front of the restaurant or around the housing area.

We were asked if we wanted to have rice and dishes or dim sum so if you are looking to order some side dishes, you can check out what they have to order. I noticed several tables were there having their Chinese New Year dinner so I think the dishes are quite good. Since we were there to try their dim sum, we will be focusing our tummies on what they have to offer. Everything on the dim sum menu is priced at RM 3 per plate NETT which is definitely very much cheaper from other dim sum shops. By the way, Yan Yan A One Dim Sum is opened 24 HOURS EVERYDAY! So you can have your fill of dim sum at any time of the day especially when you have that sudden craving. After looking through the menu, we made our choice and started ordering.

The sister ordered their Prawn Cheong Fun which had silky cheong fun stuffed with several prawns served with some sweet black sauce and curry sauce. My sister would have preferred not to have the curry sauce but the chili sambal they served was quite good and overall quite a tasty dish.

Our fried items came rather fast and these are the items we tried:

Fried Shrimp Dumpling | Fried Yam Dumpling | Deep Fried Carrot Cake.

The fried shrimp dumpling is actually a dim sum dish that Jessy introduced to me during our previous dim sum gathering a few months back and I in turn introduced it to my sister which grew fond of it. The Fried Shrimp Dumpling pastry here was not as sweet as some other places, but the shrimp was fresh and was quite enjoyable. We nearly always order Fried Yam Dumpling whenever we go for dim sum and the one served here was really not bad. The charsiew filling inside was well seasoned and the yam dumpling was crispy and fluffy. My sister is a huge fan of Deep Fried Carrot Cake so we ordered it as well. Served three pieces per plate, it was softer and stickier than other places. Tasty but not really very memorable.

Here are some of the dim sum which I would recommend you try. Firstly, their Shanghai Xiao Long Bao. Of course, do not compare this to those from higher end dim sum places. The Xiao Long Bao here has a thicker skin which I did not really enjoy but the soup and filling were rather good. I love how the hot steamy soup pops out at your first bite. The right way to eat this is to nibble a hole in the skin and slurp the soup contained within. Remember to add the ginger vinegar and eat it whole. Be careful because the soup is hot. For RM 3, this is definitely something you should order because this may cost more than double the price at other places.

Some of the other choices we ordered and quite recommendable are 

Siew Mai with Yolk | X.O. Chives Dumpling | King Prawn Dumpling | Shark Fin Dumpling 

Among these I would recommend you try the X.O Chives Dumpling especially if you are a fan of chives. It was surprisingly really good. The Har Gau was flavourful and had juicy prawns in it but again the only gripe I have with the dim sum here would be the skin of the dumplings were a bit thick.

Now this is one of my favourite dim sum that I must order each time I eat dim sum which is the Salted Egg Custard Bun! This is just YUMS! Just imagine steamy fluffy bun with smooth, creamy, savoury salted egg custard flowing out from it. I just love this! Now not every place actually serves good custard buns and I hate it when there is insufficient custard inside which does not flow out but this place serves really good custard buns. It is not too salty or makes you get sick of it. The flavor is just right and I love how fluffy the bun was. One thing I would say is the size of the bun served here is smaller than the regular dim sum place. However, if you love salted egg buns you just have to order this!

Another star dish would be the Loh Mai Kai or known as the Glutinous Rice. This is one of the best glutinous rice that I have tried. The flavors were on spot, not overly oily, had mushrooms and char siew and was really good. We ordered two plates of this. 

The Fried Carrot Cake is another dish you have to order. For only RM3, you will greatly enjoy this dish. The portion is really quite generous with crunchy bean sprouts, cockles, and soft carrot cake. It is so flavourful and had wok hei which is really something I look for in my fried carrot cake. Order this and you will be tempted to order another plate! This was one of the last dish we ordered even after filling our tummies with dim sum and yet we cleaned the plate!

The Shrimp Dumpling with Angelica Soup is a dim sum that my mum feels is the most worth it. You get three shrimp dumplings in this clear broth which is loaded with flavors from dong guai, wolfverry and other herbs. The broth was really very flavourful and my mum regretted not ordering this in the beginning. We actually ordered the Shrimp Dumpling with Scallop but it ran out so we replaced it with this one which definitely was not regrettable.

Altogether we ordered roughly 13 plates altogether which only cost us RM63! For 4 people, this is really very affordable and we certainly had our fill of dim sum for that night. If you are looking for a cheap place for some decent dim sum, I would really recommend you to try this place out because seriously where else can you find a place serving all their dim sum for only RM3? Go have your dim sum feast!

Restoran Yen Yen A One ( Yan Yan A One Dim Sum Restaurant )

No. 233 & 235
4th Mile Old Klang Road
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 7984 5972
Opened 24 Hours
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