Simple Yam Cake Recipe

Hi my dear merry goers! It has been a while since I last shared a #MiriamCooks post so here is a super simple dish that you can make at home.

This time round, I am going to share with all of you my simple recipe for Yam Cake. I actually made this for Chinese New Year because it is just so easy to make and can be enjoyed for breakfast or even brunch. Here are the list of ingredients you will need.

Yam Cake 

(serves 24 pieces)

1 medium size yam (roughly 500g) diced to 1 - 2 cm cubes
50g fried dried prawnssoaked, drained and coarsely chopped

2 bowl Rice flour
4 bowls Water (Can use chicken stock)
2 tbsps Wheat Starch
Salt and Pepper

Fried Shallots thinly sliced
Spring Onion

Step 1: Fry all the ingredients in A

So after preparing all the ingredients, all you have to do it to throw in Ingredients A together until it is equally mixed. Honestly, I am not really a cook and chef so I am not a recipe person. Most of the time I would just estimate and come up with something. It is up to you how much yam, dried prawns or shallots you want to add to your yam cake. If you prefer chunkier yam pieces like my mum, then add some bigger pieces. For those who love dried prawns, just add in more or even better leave them to be generously sprinkled on the top before you eat.

Step 2: Add in ingredients B

Now this part, you have to follow the recipe. Make sure the flour : water ratio is 1:2 so that you will get a nice consistency and texture. If you prefer softer yam cake, add more water but NOT TOO MUCH. Mix the mixture together until you will get a thick paste like batter like below. It would start thickening up as you continue mixing. 

NOTE: Do not leave it alone. You have to stir consistently or else it will harden

After you get a thick paste mixture like this (normally after mixing around for 10 minutes), you can transfer it into any pan you like. Preferably a pan that is able to fit into your steamer. You can also do smaller individual sized yam cakes.

Steam it on high heat for roughly 40 to 50 minutes. Stick a chopstick or a skewer in the middle to know if it is ready. If the chopstick comes out clean or almost clean, this means it is ready. Now you can generously garnish your yam cake with fried shallots, dried prawns, spring onion and even some sliced chili if you want! You have to leave this yam cake alone for roughly 1 hour before you can cut in. Yes I know it is a torture waiting especially when it smells so good but you really have to let it cool or it will not retain the shape and fall apart.

TIP: Place it in an oven to let it dry faster.

I do hope that you enjoyed this simple recipe which can be done ahead of time too. Do try it out and let me know what you think of it. I will update some other recipes that I made recently too so do stay tune.

Til next time,