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Hello my dear merry goers!

How does staying in a gorgeous apartment with a monthly rental inclusive of utilities, FREE WiFi and FREE weekly housekeeping plus access to building facilities sound to you? Plus with just a minimum lease contract of just 1 week! If you like what you are reading, you will definitely like what I am going to share with you next!

I was actually browsing around some room and house rental sites for a friend of mine who is looking for a place to stay because her current location is seriously too tiring for her to commute. Being stuck in traffic for nearly an hour to and back from work has made her reach her limit but she was stuck with it because of the 1 year rental contract. Since her lease term was coming to an end, she have been looking for a place which has better facilities with easy commute plus within her budget range. That's when I came to know about TrupCotel.

TrupCotel is actually a one-stop property to tenant matching service aiming to ease rental process for young executives. They provide rental with a just minimum length of lease of 1 week with NO ADDITIONAL payment and NO 3 months upfront deposit! There is only a low deposit of RM390.00. Not only that, tenants can rent fully furnished apartments at one price which is inclusive of the monthly rent, utilities, FREE WiFi and FREE weekly housekeeping plus access to building facilities. It sure sounds like a dream come true. 

The 1 week to 2 years tenancy period was definitely something new because most of the time renting a room or an apartment requires at least a minimum contract of 6 to 12 months plus a large upfront deposit. Not only that, you get monthly rentals that most of the time does not include the utility bills plus extra access to building facilities. For young executives, most of their monthly salary goes towards rental and utilities. Just think about the all the money you are spending on gym memberships or even for your petrol. Especially for peak locations like KL City Centre, it is really almost impossible to get a good location for accommodation. 

Not only that, I still remember clearly me accompanying my friend to look at some locations. Gosh, the images we saw on the online site was so far from the actual apartment. Thank God that the pictures on TrupCotel are extremely accurate that you can even make your decision based on the photos and do not need to actually visit the actual apartment.

All you got to do is to register at and key in the requirements of the accommodation you are looking for and you will receive an email of the perfect match. It is so simple! All I had to do was to key in what I was looking for like the three areas I am interested in, my budget, how many people will be staying with me as well as if I am ok with staying with other people. 

Currently, they only have properties in KL Centre which are really gorgeous apartments! Seriously they are located at really easily accessible locations plus the amenities are just amazing. They offer apartment units in prime location, including KLCC, from as low as RM400/week, all fully furnished and all you have to do it to pack and move in! I guess you can say that TrupCotel is made for executives who are looking for that dream place to stay. Just imagine that your monthly rental includes weekly housekeeping! Say yay to that. With such a busy schedule, it is often difficult to do our own housekeeping but when you are with TrupCotel, you get weekly housekeeping too. Not only that, just count in your monthly WiFi bills, electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, maintenance bills.... all of these bills are included in your monthly rent at one price!

You know how sometimes you are not sure if you would really like staying at a particular location, the minimum one week tenancy period is just perfect for that. You no longer will be tied to a 6 months or 12 months contract period. Try it out for one week and if you really do not like the place, well you can just change! I think that TrupCotel would be great for those who are maybe just looking to rent a place for a short period of time or even for long vacations with a bunch of friends.  It would definitely be cheaper than staying at a hotel especially if you are coming with many people.

I've submitted my enquiry at and gotten a response within 24 hours which was great seeing how efficient they worked. Planning to maybe rent a week with my friend and see how things goes since she's looking for a place to rent too. She's especially happy how the minimum lease period is just 1 week so we'll see how it goes. 

For those of you who are interested, you can actually get a 5% rental discount when you use my promo code that I got with them


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