Durian Chendol | Sangkaya

The King of Fruits is back! Durian season is finally here in Malaysia and what better way to enjoy this unique and distinctive fruit than to pair it with our famous classic Malaysian dessert; chendol! 
Sangkaya has now launched their very own Durian Chendol only at Sangkaya Jalan Alor from 24 June 2016 until the durian season ends. Selling only a limited number of bowls starting from 5pm daily, make sure you head on down early and grab a bowl before they are all sold out. 
The Sangkaya Durian Chendol has the classic Malaysian dessert topped with 3 scoops of the Signature original coconut ice cream plus a whole piece of D24 durian! The combination of the creamy nutty coconut ice cream paired with that luscious piece of durian will bring a sense of euphoria to your taste buds. 

To fully enjoy the durian chendol, you'll need to really smash up the coconut ice cream and let it mix well with rest of the ingredients to get that rich coconut flavor. But of course after taking photos of the dessert from all angles. *laughs* If you are a super sweet tooth, ask for an extra shot of gula melaka to suit your tastebuds.
Each bowl of Sangkaya Durian Chendol is selling at RM13.50 (inclusive of GST) and for avid durian fans out there, you can top up an additional piece of D24 durian for only RM3.50. It is seriously such a huge bowl so if you are a small eater, do share but maybe you would want to top up another piece of durian!
So what are you waiting for? Hurry on down to Sangkaya Jalan Alor and grab a bowl while there is still stock. Take note that the outlet only opens from 5pm onwards.

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