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Nearly every girl's dream is to be like Snow White; to have fair porcelain skin and always photo ready. Well, I recently received a set of skincare and cosmetic products from Dr. Irma, a local beauty brand who aims to fulfill the dreams of girls everywhere. 

From their product collection, I received the Whitening BB Serum Foundation, Radiant White Vitamin C Serum as well as the Radiant White Brightening and Repair Cleanser. Even from the product name itself, you can see that the emphasis is on giving radiant and white skin. Packaging wise, it definitely gives off a luxurious feeling with the gold finishing. Let's get into the products that I received.
I have been using this set for the past week so I'll give a short review on how I incorporate it into my daily skincare regime. First up is the Radiant White Brightening and Repair Cleanser which is a moisturizing and mild cleanser suitable for all skin types. 
Gel-like formulation, it is enriched with grapeseed and cactus extract for brightening, whitening and skin repair. It also helps tighten pores, regulate sebum production while giving proper moisturization as well as lighten pigmentation and dark spots. I have combination skin type with an oily T-zone area. I normally prefer gel cleansers compared to foam cleansers because I feel that my skin is properly cleansed and not stripped off its moisture. 
After using this cleanser, I could feel that my skin is cleansed pretty well and did not leave my skin feeling too dry or leave a film layer over it. I realised that I do not get shiny around my T-zone area as fast as I normally do so I think it does work to regulate sebum production. I still have to see how well it works to lighten my dark spots but overall I am satisfied with this cleanser. The only downside is that the fragrance of this cleanser can be quite overwhelming as I do not prefer scented skincare products
After cleansing, I proceed with the Radiant White Vitamin C Serum. This serum is a water based vitamin C and aloe vera packed serum also aiming for skin whitening, heal acne prone skin, reduce pigmentation and scars, reduce sebum production, hydrate skin, erase fine line and to increase skin elasticity as quickly as 3 days. I do use serums daily and have been using It's Skin Vitamin C serum which I found really good to help brighten my skin. My sister who has acne-prone skin has been on board using vitamin C serums as well. Comparing these two, the Vitamin C Serum from Dr. Irma has a thicker and stickier consistency which can leave a sticky feeling on the skin. It takes some time before the product is fully absorbed into the skin. The serum also has a stronger fragrance of flowers which yet again can be pretty overpowering. Results wise, I can see that my dark spots were lightened and my sebum production is pretty much under control. 
One thing I liked about this sebum is the packaging where you can just press the top of the dropper bottle and it will pump up exactly the amount for 1 application. Priced at RM89 for a 15ml bottle, it claims to be able to use up to 2 months depending on usage. I think I might just restock it after I am done with it!
Lastly of course after skincare regime, it is time to prep up and I have been using the Whitening BB Serum Foundation which is a water based serum + foundation with SPF 35++. This foundation formulation has a whitening and treatment serum incorporated in it; making it an ALL IN ONE skincare and makeup product. 
You can apply this straight after cleansing. Packaged in a small jar is not my favourite packaging for foundation but they do provide a small spatula for you to scoop up the product. 
It only comes in 1 shade "Dr. Irma's Signature Shade" which has a pink undertone to it. Honestly, I was very worried when I first used it because I thought it would not match my skin tone but to my surprise, after blending it the color really suited me; giving me a healthy lively glow. The coverage of this foundation is amazing! You just need a very minimal amount to give you a natural coverage mimicking perfect skin. For those who need more coverage, this foundation is buildable and you can get a full airbrushed look if you use a buffing foundation brush. 
For myself, I just use an cushion puff to slowly pat and blend the foundation. Not only that, this foundation can last up to 12 hours without oxidation which is a plus point because it does not turn greyish/brownish at the end of the day. I still look great even after a long day at work. This foundation is priced at RM98 for 20ml which I think can last even longer than 2 months due to the coverage.
All Dr. Irma’s products are safe and does not contain banned substances and are registered with the Malaysian Ministry Of Health.

To purchase, please WhatsApp +6018-9867511, or reach the team via:
Instagram: DrIrma_Official
Facebook: fb.com/SerumDrIrma

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