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Life is never short of good food, fun and laughter and Tiki Taka Bar guarantees you all these. Located at Medan Damansara, this corner lot unit sure attracts you once you turn into the area. Parking may be slightly difficult to find since it is near a housing area but good news is Tiki Taka provides FREE Valet Service! Yay to that! No more going round and round in circles locating a parking space.
Love the decor of the place, rustic and elegant with warm lights. Nicely spaced out with both an indoor and outdoor seating area plus a bar area depending on your preference. Tiki Taka is a Spanish inspired bar that aims to bring you a fun dining experience. The name is actually a style of play in football which means short passing and motion to maintain the possession of the ball. It is also the local lingo for "food hopping" which certainly plays into the characteristics of the food served here.
Tiki Taka has an impressive drinks list and so the first round of drinks were ordered. Some of the selected drinks were Asam Boi Mojito (RM25) which has fresh mint, sour plum and rum, bubbling with sweet and sour tones to it. We also ordered the Lychee Mojito which had vodka and lychee, sweet and smooth. Of course the guys ordered more rounds of drinks and tried the Connors Draught (RM18/pint) which is served the best in town. Hans, the owner showed us his skills in serving this black draught beer.

As an Spanish-inspired bar, Tiki Taka serves not just the regular tapas but also pintxos which are individual portions. I still remember the first time trying out a tapas bar at TTDI so I was looking forward to the spread served at Tiki Taka, 
I must say the pintxos and tapas served were firstly sooooooooooooo pretty! Love the presentation of each individual pintxos. First up we had their Salmon Crema (RM8) which had dill cream cheese, smoked salon, black lumpfish caviar and truffle honey. It not only looks good but taste heavenly as well. Love the combination of the smoked salmon with the dill cream cheese which made it so rich complimenting the caviar and the slight sweetness from the truffle honey.
The Nutella Bacon (RM6) captured my eyes with the presentation itself! Nutella, caramelized banana, walnut, grilled bacon paired with truffle honey and blueberries is seriously divine. Amazed at how they topped all these ingredients beautifully plus this combination is really so good. The sweetness of the bananas with nutella plus the crispiness and saltiness from the bacon was so good. Really recommend you order this!
The Salted Egg Crab Bun (RM9) is a must order too! Charcoal broiche with salted egg crab meat, curry leaves, bird eye's chili and salted egg cream sauce, this pintxos is one to enjoy. Very mouthwatering selection gaining thumbs up from everyone around the table.
Moving on to the Tapas, we got the Pork Satay (RM22) which had super tender and juicy marinated pork skewers served with spicy peanut sauce and kyuri. Even without dipping into the peanut sauce, the pork satay was enjoyable! Very flavourful and well done.
Another tapas that got everyone's appetite going was the Singapore Chili Prawns (RM24) which had deep fried mantou buns served with some Singapore style chili prawns. Juicy prawns with that spicy kick, it was just asking to be fully absorbed with the mantou buns! The deep fried mantou buns were still fluffy and not oily too which is a plus point.
Local tapas comes in the form of Ikan Bakar (RM25). Wild red snapper fillet grilled and served on banana leaf with chili sambal, tamarind torch ginger dip and kyuri. The spicy homemade chili sambal was addictive but more tweaks need to be done to get that fish grilled to perfection.
We got two pizzas that night with "Sin" is King Pork Pizza (RM25) and Char Siu Pizza. It is definitely a sinful pizza with back bacon, minced pork, spicy sausage, streaky bacon chips, pork floss served with red pepper sauce, red pepper, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan cheese! But oh so satisfying. The Char Siu pizza was a pleasure to enjoy as well with the caramelized bbq char siu, sweet and savoury.

Time to end the night with desserts as we got the Nutella Bacon Wantons (RM12) and the Ice Ice Baby (RM12). Deep fried Nutella and bacon wantons were served with macerated berries with balsamic glaze and snow sugar dip, this was an interesting choice of dessert. Unimaginable but definitely tasted good. The Ice Ice Baby was no ordinary ice cream where you had both mango sorbet and coconut ice cream served with toasted coconut flakes, pandan palm sugar syrup, buttered popcorn, crushed peanuts and some fruits. Taste all the elements together and enjoy this unique dessert. Their Churros (RM12) is not a bad choice as well especially when you dip into their dark chocolate sauce.

Overall, it was definitely a great dining experience at Tiki Taka and I can see why they are nearly always full house! Just imagine on a Wednesday night, and they are nearly full. Tiki Taka sure is one popular place.

Tiki Taka


138, Jalan Kasah
Medan Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur

Mon - Fri: 4pm - 1am
Sat - Sun: 9am - 1am (Breakfast available)

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