PANAZ Slimming Pants - Burn Calories Faster Than Ever

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hi merry goers! 

If you follow me on my social media channels, you might notice me getting more active in sports and outdoor activities. I've really started to work out more often and join runs as well. I've realized that sitting at my office desk for long hours is really taking a toll to my overall active scale and I started making sure I had my regular exercise routines.
Of course, proper sportswear is very important and if I tell you that there is a sportswear that functions as a slimming pants as well... I'm sure you will be elated to know! Panaz® slimming pants have been popping up on my Facebook wall so often claiming to help you sweat more, burn more body calories even when you are not exercising. Just imagine being able to burn calories even at while you are watching TV or just lazying around. 

I got myself a pair of Panaz® slimming pants and well let's see how well it works! It claims to help their clients keep fit, increase fat loss especially when you are working out and with no side effects. The recommended time period to wear is 3 - 5 hours every day for better results and they come in many sizes! No worries about not getting your right size because they have sizes from S up to 4XL. 

All you need to do it measure your waist and hip measurement and check which size suits you.
I actually wore the Panaz® slimming pants when I went for the PUMA Night Run a few months back! Oh boy - I really did sweat tons! 

The material of the pants is actually quite thick but is very stretchable! It also has pockets for you to carry your personal belongings or phone around which is really very handy. The pants fit snugly following the curve of your body and does not restrict any movement at all. Just putting this pants on and lazying in front of the TV will make you sweat. I was surprised by the amount of sweat after removing the pants.

There are some Panaz® Wash Care Instructions that you need to take note :
- Hang to Dry
- Hand Wash
- Do not use washing machine
- Do not Soak
- Do not Wring
- Do not Iron
- Do not use Dryer
- Do not Bleach

Follow these instructions so that your pair or Panaz® slimming pants can last longer. You can get more details about the Panaz® slimming pants from their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/PanazMY/

Stay active, stay healthy!
Til next time.


#MARKETS20 | The School, Jaya One

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hey peeps! How was your weekend? I definitely had a fun time at Markets by Jaya One! This is the 20th time Markets is held at Jaya One and for those of you who aren't familiar, Markets happens 4 times a year and there will be an even bigger Markets coming up at the end of this year during Christmas.

There were tons of vendors and so many people on the day I checked out Markets20. Bustling with vendors selling accessories, new clothings as well as preloved items as low as RM5 plus it smelt so good thanks to the food trucks!

Things to Shop!

Tokki Ant was one of the stalls that I got an outfit which I have been looking for a while. Love their clothing line and their bags are so cute too! You can check out their Instagram and Facebook for more of their outfits.

I did my share of shopping at Pop again especially after my shopping spree the previous week. This time it was my turn  to shop! I finally got some new sportswear from especially since I've been getting quite active recently. 

Some other vendors that had pretty cool stuff were Nagano, Potions which had amazing bath products, Mamamiya which I really had to contain myself from shopping more. 

Make sure you check out Makan! Masterpieces from Artisan Kitchens that are All Natural. Really supportive for Homemadeall because the products are made by single mothers and are all natural as well . Definitely a lot of yummy healthy snacks at M.A.K.A.N too.

Things to Eat!

No worries about getting hungry or thirsty because there are plenty of food and beverage vendors like Grab Fresh where I got a nice bottle of cold brew hazelnut latte, other vendors like Artsy Tartsy Bites and Love Bug among many others.
You get an array of food choices from the food truck vendors as well like Oishii Onigiri, Meatball Kingdom, Juice Buzz. I filled my hungry tummy with some gyoza from one of the stalls and there were many people lining up for the Thai meat skewers which smelt amazing!
For those of you who are looking to rest your tired feet, grab a cup of coffee or some sweet treats at Bucket B Cafe which has some amazing sweet treats like their Brookies, Macarons and coffee selections.

Do stay tune for their Markets21 which will be coming up pretty soon! For more information, follow their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/marketsmy/

Til next time,



Carbon Peel Laser Treatment & Omega Light Treatment Review - ONE DOC Medical Laser & Aesthetic

Monday, October 17, 2016

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" or so as they say. However, us girls definitely have to take good care of how we look especially as our age increases. I have to admit, I never really took particular care or attention towards my skin so I just used the minimal skin care products like cleanser, toner and moisturizer. As time goes by, I realized the importance of using different kind of skin care products especially sun care products to prevent dark spots, premature aging and etc.

However, of course my skin condition isn't as good as I would wish it to be but thank God for treatments and aesthetic clinics that use high technology to help revert your skin back to its younger days. I was privileged to be invited by One Doc Medical Laser & Aesthetic to try out some of their treatments and well to give my skin some TLC. Congratulations to their latest opening at Publika! Make sure not to miss out on their Opening Promotions up to 50% off!
ONE DOC Medical Facial is the most technologically advanced medical grade's skin treatment. 3 passes laser done by accredited doctor will provide deep cleansing and fix your skin problems effectively.

- Safe : non-invasive and safe for all skin type  
- Fast : 15 minutes including cleansing + laser
- Effective : for pigmentation, pores, pimples, rejuvenation ,uneven skin tone and fine wrinkles.
- No downtime : no redness/ swelling or skin peeling.
- Medical Grade : special and safe laser protocol created by accredited doctor

Located at IOI Boulevard, it was definitely a location near to where I stayed so I headed over one weekend after making my appointment. I then had a short consultation session with Dr Ong where we discussed my concerns like dark spots, uneven skin tone, etc and he suggested me to try their Carbon Carbon Peel Laser Treatment which would help brighten my complexion as well as the Omega Light Treatment.

Firstly, my face was washed and cleansed to remove any makeup or skin care product. Next, a layer of carbon was applied to my skin and left to dry for about 15 minutes. Yup! I looked like a black faced samurai of some sort at this moment. The layer of carbon actually helps to exfoliate my dead skin, leaving it smoother, brighter and fairer.

Then this is where the big guns enter! *joking joking*. For the Carbon Peel Laser Treatment, a machine is used to remove the carbon layer. The carbon acts as a medium to boost the effect of the laser as it absorbs more energy from the laser into my skin, removing the bacteria and also help control my oil glands. This is perfect for those who have oily skin conditions as it helps decrease excess oil from being secreted and reduce acne breakouts. The Carbon Peel Laser also helps shrink open pores. 

You might feel a slight tingling sensation when the laser is being used like little pricks which might scare you initially but you would get used to it. I wouldn't say that it was a painful treatment but it still depends on your tolerance. Imaging little ant bites. *wink* 

After the Carbon Peel Laser Treatment, we continued with the Omega Lite Therapy. Since my concerns were oily T-zone area and some acne breakouts, the Blue and Red light was used. These two lights helps to reduce acne, wipe out bacteria, control oil glands and also to rejuvenate your skin.
There are other light wavelengths used in this treatment as well like the Yellow light for whitening and lightening of pigment as well as the Green light to sooth your skin. 

Technically you just lie there and bathe yourself under the light treatment. Well I nearly fell asleep during that session! All these treatments are non-invasive and safe for those who are looking to try Medical Facial. One Doc Medical Centre also provides some other treatments like the Vampire Facial, made famous by Kendall Jenner!

After the treatment, my skin felt so smooth like a baby's bottom and I could definitely see my skin looking much brighter. I'm definitely going back to check out their other treatments especially for my dark spots.

For more information, head on to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/onedocmedical or website www.onedocmedical.com

One Doc Medical Laser & Aesthetic

IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 7,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong,Selangor.


Great Buys Under RM200 at POP by Jaya One!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How would you feel if you were given RM200 for a shopping spree? I'm sure you would be excited! Well, that's exactly how lucky shoppers felt when they were chosen for a shopping spree at POP by Jaya One! 

Pop by Jaya One is the first pop up retail space for start ups, that puts you in control of your ideas. At Pop, we take care of the "not so fun things in business" so that you can enjoy the process of getting things started. 

For shoppers, Pop is filled with surprises from unique one-of-a-kind fashion pieces to bargain buys, home made jams to sporting accessories and wear. Brought to you by Malaysian entrepreneurs who wants what you want!
Some of you may think that RM200 might not be much but well me and my shopper managed to snatch up 4 outfits while we were shopping. POP by Jaya One has tons of selections from all styles! Japanese, Korean, Funky, there are many different vendors with fashionable pieces sure to match your style.
The shopper I was assigned to help style and pick her outfit is Racheal, a super sweet and petite girl. Her biggest concern was she always had difficulty getting clothes that fit her well. Now who says only larger girls have issues finding the right clothes? Even those who are small and petite have their problems as well. 
We searched through every rack to find that perfect outfit for her and surprisingly we managed to get 2 different bottoms that fit her nicely! Most of the time, these kind of pants can be quite heavy and make her look even more petite and kid-like but heyyy this pants really fit her very well! We were even contemplating on which color to choose from. 

Besides that, we also got this super cute light blue denim-inspired one piece dress that comes with a belt. It fits her just nicely and she does look really cute in it! Top it up with a hat and she's all ready for a picnic date. We got a kimono-inspired outerwear as well as another one piece dress which I totally forgot to take photos of and guess what? We were below our budget and just spent RM198! YAY!

Check out the video of us shopping at POP by Jaya One!

It was definitely a fun experience and here's an even more fun news! Markets is back this weekend (15 & 16 October @ The School) with MARKETS20! Stand a chance to win some awesome goodie bags by leaving a comment on my Instagram post HERE!


Pim's Thai Food - Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No place is too far to travel for good food and this time my food travels took me all the way to Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang for some good Thai food! Curious?
A few weeks back. I heard that there was a new restaurant in Klang serving up some good Thai dishes so of course my tummy leads me wherever good food is. PIM's Thai Food- Pimlicious is a seafood cafe and restaurant which definitely deceived my eyes when I first arrived. The ID of the whole place was so hipsterish cafe setting that I was surprised that it was actually a Thai restaurant. 
You definitely have to order their Signature Seafood Pot - Pim's Super Seafood Tomyum Pot (3-5 pax) @ RM158. This appetizing pot is filled with crayfish, fresh Tiger Prawns, Prawns, Hokkaido Squid, Onsen Duck Egg, Mushroom, Fishballs, Scallops, Thai Instant Noodles and topped with 2 fresh egg and Pim's Tom Yum Kung. Best eaten together with their Thai Roast Pork. 
This was definitely a huge pot to share and the soup base is really very good - flavorful, creamy with that sour and spicy kick! Don't be shy to ask for more soup if you run out of it.
For those of you who are coming in smaller or larger groups, you can opt for their 1-3 pax pot @ RM98 or their 6-8 pax pot @ RM288. 
Besides their Signature Seafood Pot, PIM's Thai Food serves other side dishes as well like the Pa Meng Pad Kai Meng (Stir Fried Squid in Salted Egg) @ RM22.50. Not too overpowering, the salted egg complements the stir fried squid well. 
Try their Tod Man Gong (Signature Fried Donut Prawns) @ RM18.90 which is made with fresh prawn and fish paste compact then fried in a ring shape. Dip it in Thai Chili sauce for the maximum satisfaction. 
Those of you who need more seafood, try their Kong Tod Ka Tiam (Deep Fried Crayfish with Garlic) @RM39. Sweet and flavorful, it's like a mixture between a prawn and lobster where the sweetness is enhanced by the subtle fried garlic.
The Pad Thai Noodles (RM18.90) would be a recommended choice where you can choose to have it with Tiger Prawns or just have the basic pad thai. Nicely fried and well seasoned, mix in their peanuts and chili powder for a nice balance in flavor. 
End your meal with a cool refreshing coconut jelly served in the coconut itself! Love coconut jelly and this is sure some good silky smooth jelly that just slides down your throat.
Klang-nites! Make sure you do not miss out some good authentic Thai food and try PIM's Thai Food. Chef hailing all the way from Thailand, you will be sure to have a satisfying meal.

PIM's Thai Food

23, Lorong Batu Nilam 21B,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2,
41200 Klang,

Operating Hours: 
12pm - 3pm | 6pm - 10pm

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