Authentic Indian Cuisine | Mallika's Restaurant, Bukit Jalil

Malaysia is a country of diverse traditions and cultures where we can always spot in the local food scene. With three major races in Malaysia, you will be sure we celebrate tons of different festive and this is where my latest food adventure comes about. We normally get our Indian fix from the local mamak stalls but do you know that you can actually get some really good authentic Indian cuisines at the price you can enjoy at your local mamak as well?

Thanks to Aunty Lilly for arranging a makan session at a gastronomic hidden gem called Mallikas Restaurant located in Aked Esplanad, Bukit Jalil. This restaurant serving authentic Northern and Southern Indian cuisines has been operating for the past year and will not fail to satisfy those who love Indian food. I know that there are a few cafes located in this area but oh boy I am glad to discover this place.
Mallika's Restaurant is named after the owner herself, Madam Grace Mallika Judson who's dream was to have a place of her own serving authentic Indian fares especially as she was homesick. The menu was definitely very extensive, covering dishes from both the Northern and Southern side of India. You can be assured that you will enjoy really good authentic Indian cuisines with both the chefs coming from Northern India and Southern India themselves.
Let's not talk any further but dive straight into the food. Our hearty meal started with some entres which I must say nearly filled me to the brim. Get their Crunchy Onion Pakoda which has nicely seasoned deep fried onions bursting with the spices they used in the batter. Really addictive snacks especially while waiting for your meal.
Their Chicken Vepudu which is made with well marinated chicken breast cubes with ground masala spices was a delight to bite into. Well seasoned with the masala spices, the chicken breast cubes were still juicy and tender and I must say that I can munch on these bite size yummies!
We ordered their Tawa Fish as our next entree which was mackerel slices marinated with their homemade spice paste (chili powder, ginger, garlic, spices and lime juice) tawa fried til just perfectly cooked. I love my proteins especially fish so this fit right there in my tummy happily. Like I said, these entrees can really feed you.
An interesting addition before our mains arrive was the Shorba, an authentic North Indian soup prepared with your choice of chicken or seafood and spices which had a unique taste to it. Definitely  a palate cleanser before digging into our spread of mains.

I have to admit that I had my indulgence of Indian cuisines that night when the mouth watering spread was served. The aroma whiffed through the air and made my tummy rumbling for more. All I could think of to appease myself was this was my cheat day and I would work out twice as hard tomorrow!
You just have to try their Butter Chicken Masala which is just amazing. The Tandoor-cooked chicken, stir-fried with a rich and creamy tomato masala paste enriched with spices. Addictive sauce that you would just soak up with your naan bread or rice. A different masala option would be the Prawn Varuval, the stir-fried masala coated prawns. Cooked still tender and with the aromatic masala sauce.
Something sizzling came out of the kitchen with a classic South Indian dish known as the Chicken Andhra Roast. Tender, juicy ghee roasted chicken thigh which is served on a sizzling smoking hot plate which really brings out the aroma from the spices. It has a slightly charred and crispy exterior but still retaining the juices of the chicken within, not too dry but just right.

Now, their Mutton Pepper Fry you just cannot give this a miss because it is just amazing. If you think I am exaggerating you need to hop to Mallika's and give it a try. The mutton was cooked just nice, not too tough and paired perfectly with the spices. Trust me when I say it's good because it really is!
Savor your dishes with their Chicken Briyani, cooked using long grained Basmati rice with spices, herbs and chicken in a dum. You can choose from lamb, chicken, fish or prawn to your liking and to pair with your other dishes.
Vegetarian friends, you will enjoy the spread of vegetarian dishes they have to offer because even a carnivore like myself indulged in them. The Palak Paneer was an enjoyable treat. You get cottage cheese cooked in a creamy spinach sauce, well seasoned especially with the chunky bites of cottage cheese. It isn't easy getting good Palak Paneer and it was really a treat to enjoy dipping my naan in.
The Bhindi Aloo Do Pyaza which is stir fried okra and onion curry has the flavors to compete with the meat version. Super flavorful and packed to the punch with spices, onions and tomatoes; I kept picking on it.

Pair your vegetarian dishes with the Vegetale Pulav or Tomato Rice; both an excellent choice. The Tomato Rice used fresh tomatoes, pureed and sauteed with spices leaving it really aromatic and fluffy too. I can just eat it as a meal on its own.
Those like me who love naans, GET THEIR NAANS! They not only have the original Naans but also some really unique options as well. The Butten Naan was buttery and soft and fluffy and I can just keep dipping it into the different dishes and sauce. The Kashmiri Naan is actually filled with healthy nuts and raisins for additional flavor and texture and is super good. My mum would love this since she loves her nuts.
Ok ok.. sooooo we were still greedy for their other menu options so we got their Masala Dosai which is a super crispy and long dosai paired with potato curry and chutney. Come on, don't judge because we shared this among 5 of us and it was just so good to pick and eat while chit chatting.
Their drink choices were extensive as well. Try their Lassi although you might want to tell them to go light on the sugar if you do not want sugar in your lassi. Try their Badam Milk which was creamy and really a comfort drink. Knowing me, I ordered the Hot Lemon Tea which was super good because it was strong and sour and oh boy I felt I got my boost of Vitamin C from the lemon. Do take note that it is really sour so..... don't say I didn't warn you.

I really enjoyed my meal at Mallika's and I will definitely return to try more of their food! My dining companions kept teasing and laughing at me as I kept looking back at the menu planning what dishes I want to try on my next visit although we had eaten a whole feast. Honestly, for good and authentic Indian cuisines plus in an air-conditioned environment, the price is really worth it so do give them a try and you will not regret it.

Mallika's Restaurant

No 5-10-G Jalan Jalil Perkasa 14/155B
Aked Esplanad
Taman Esplanad
Bukit Jalil
57000 Kuala Lumpur


Opening hours
10am - 10pm (Daily)