Pablo Cheese Tart in Malaysia | 1 Utama Shopping Centre

Great news! You no longer have to travel all the way to Japan to savor the famous Pablo Cheese Tart because it has finally arrived in Malaysia. After months of waiting, Pablo Cheese Tart will open its door at their 1st outlet in 1 Utama Shopping Centre.
I was blessed to be invited and be one of the first few to enjoy their signature selections like the 6 inch cheese tart, mini cheese tart and many others. Pablo boast to serve one of the best cheese tarts and after trying a few like Tokyo Secret, Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart, Uncle Tetsu, I sure was excited to taste what Pablo has to offer. Located on the second floor next to Wondermama, you will now find the well-sought for Pablo Cheese Tart all the way from Osaka, Japan.

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Their Pablo Mini Cheese Tart (RM8.90) was flown in from Japan for us to enjoy and it was definitely a pleasurable first bite. Pastry crumbly and cheese filling light and airy, no wonder there were so many raving reviews about the cheese tart.
The tart consistency was flaky and buttery which crumbles easily so do take note that these are some delicate cheese tarts. The filling is not as heavy as Tokyo Secret but was smooth and creamy, just dancing on your tastebuds.
The main star was definitely their 6 inch Freshly Baked Cheese Tart (RM45.90) which until today makes people queue at their original store in Japan. This sure was one huge cheese tart that recons you to share; well unless you have a huge appetite and love cheese tarts. The 6 inch cheese tart is different from the mini cheese tart from the pastry to the filling. A flakier pastry dough resembling puff pastry that is crispy surrounds a pool of creamy, light and airy cheese filling with a sweet apricot glaze to finish it off. This is really a molten cheese tart that flows when you cut it through. Taste-wise, it is really light and you can taste that it has been whipped really well. The consistency is really smooth and resembles whipped cream which just slides down your tongue.
Enjoy this by cutting a wedge out to share among friends or dig in with a spoon. Another way to savor this specialty cheese tart is by placing it in the refrigerator to cool and enjoy the mousse like texture resembling ice-cream. I personally prefer it when it has been chilled as the aroma and flavor becomes more apparent although you will miss the molten flowing creamy goodness from when it is eaten warm.
Do not miss out on their specialty drink which was concocted from their 6 inch cheese tart. Inspired by their best seller, the Classic Cheese Tart Pablo Frute (RM15.90) is literally a cheese tart in a drink. With the apricot glaze jam at the bottom topped with a blend of their cheese tart filling, bananas, apple and mango before finishing it off with plant-based whipped cream, apricot glaze and some pie crumbles; this drink surprised me.
I initially thought it would be pretty heavy to actually drink it but the Classic Cheese Tart was an enjoyable drink. Light with the hint of bananas and apricot, it was smooth and somehow I managed to finish the drink. You can choose to drink it in stages; first sip the bottom with the apricot jam and the second layer of cheese blend before scooping the whipped cream or like me I just mixed it together and you get a well-balanced drink which is really quite filling.
I can't wait for the rest of the menu to be available especially their Matcha Cheese Tart with Shiratama & Azuki which I am sure will be a delight! Here's a bonus for you cheese tart fans out there. For their opening which is happening tomorrow (6 Dec), Pablo will be giving out 100 pieces of their 6 inch tart starting from 2pm so make sure you do not miss out on getting your hands on them. I am pretty sure that the queue for Pablo will be mad crazy so I think it would be a while til I next visit them.

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Pablo Freshly Baked Cheese Tart
Level 2, Old Wing
1 Utama Shopping Centre