5 Reasons Why Althea Beauty Box Are a Must Buy

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Going through my blog posts, I realised how much I once used to blog a lot on beauty products and of course everything actually started on that particular topic itself. From beauty reviews to beauty boxes, there have been countless products that I've tried and I've always tried to give my best reviews of them.

There was once when beauty boxes were the "IN" thing.. where so many brands and online websites started offering beauty boxes although mostly are sample products etc. I've recently come across another beauty box that I must say have got to be one of the best beauty boxes that I will recommend which is the Althea Beauty Boxes.

Ever since Althea became available in Malaysia, that's where I get my makeup needs with hauls after hauls. They have tons of Korean beauty products and brands that you cannot find in Malaysia plus it is always at the best prices. They recently started offering Beauty Boxes with different themes from Makeup needs to even Skincare which are so worth the buck. 

Here's my TOP 5 Reasons why you should DEFINITELY get them.

1. Best Value For Money Box

Can you just imagine getting more than RM400 worth of products for only roughly RM100? That's like super amazing discounts. I got my hands on the Althea Anti-Pollution Box before they were sold out and it had 7 full sized items in it. Like seriously, where can you find a box with so many  full sized skin care products for only  RM139? 

2. Best for Beginners

I would really recommend you trying out some of their Beauty Boxes especially if you are new to skincare and makeup. You really get a whole lot of selection and you can try  them out before repurchasing the products that you love. With  7 Full Sized products, this is like my entire skincare regime. The Althea Anti Pollution Box has from a  Cleansing Balm, Cleansing Water, Cleansing Foam, Toner, Moisturizer and even a Mask and Sun Screen! 

3. Best Recommended Korean Brand

Getting the Althea Beauty Box means you actually can try new Korean brands that is not available in Malaysia. Like for myself, sometimes I wouldn't know what brands or product will work well for me. Also, Althea actually packs the best products in each of the themed box so that you can try if the product works well for you before you decide to repurchase. For myself, I just fell in love with ONSAEMEEIN Perfect Moisture Cream. If you guys are looking for the perfect moisturizer to use in this humid Malaysian weather, you should really try this moisturizer. I'm not a fan of cream and tend to go for gel products because cream products can really make my skin get really oily. Now this cream is just magic.. it looks like a regular cream but once you apply it on your face, it just turns into water and absorbs into your skin immediately! No oily residue at all and it keeps my skin really moisturized without turning it oily. I'm definitely repurchasing this once I run out of this jar but I doubt it would be anytime soon since it is a full sized product

4. Best Themed Beauty Box 

As I mentioned earlier, Althea has themed beauty boxes ranging from skincare to makeup products. The Althea Anti-Pollution Beauty Box is actually the 12th beauty box and helps fight against the polluted environment our skin is exposed to. As you know, Malaysia has this particular season which is... HAZE and during this time, our skin is exposed greatly to dust and particles. The Anti-Pollution Box caters to everything from removing makeup and even extra care with the Skinfood Bitter Green Soothing Mask. I've been using the whole box for my skincare regime the past month and have been loving it. After coming back from Europe, I really feel the effect of the polluted air compared to the clean air in Amsterdam. 

Cleansing my skin every night has never been easier especially with the CALMIA Rooibos Cleansing Water. The bubbles from the sparkling water effectively removes the fine dust from my skin ensuring that there isn't any makeup residue left on my skin which can clog up my pores. I then follow up with the ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Freshener which I have been meaning to try out but since it is in such a huge bottle, I never really got it to try. Now thanks to the Althea Anti Pollution Box, I can give it a try and it is quite a good toner. I actually like using it as a spray during the day to freshen up.

When I have more makeup on my face, the HOPEGIRL Jamong Cleansing Balm is perfect to melt it all away and cleanse my face. Love the grapefruit extract that protects my skin while cleansing it with just a minimal amount. Just look at how well it removes my makeup. Even waterproof makeup can be removed although you would need to rub it a bit more. Plus.. how can you not love that packaging? So cute!

I follow up with the MISSHA Deep Cleansing Foam which after using it really cleans up my pores but does not strip too much moisture off my skin. It has a slight fragrance and you have to mix it with a bit of water to make it foam up. 

5. Best...

Honestly I have run out of any more reasons on why you should just get onto www.althea.kr and check out their beauty boxes because there ain't no reasons why you shouldn't. It's your all-in-one beauty box that is specially selected and curated to meet your specific needs plus there is FREE DELIVERY for purchases above RM150. You no longer have to fly to Korea or pay expensive shipping fee plus it will be delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Here's an additional BONUS for you! Just click HERE and get and additional RM5 + RM30 discount when you sign up as a new member. That's an additional RM35 discount off your purchase. So what are you waiting for? Go check Althea Korea now and I assure that you will just get addicted shopping on this site.

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  1. This is real value for money! All those products for only 1/4 of the retail price. What a steal. Am going to check out what beauty boxes are currently being offered.

  2. Wah... Just pay RM100 for RM400 worth of products ? Will get 1 soon.

  3. Planning to buy every beauty box, but always so fast out of stock. huhu

  4. yea i would buy the box as well! so convenient and i like the packaging too.

  5. my fav online shop too.
    I like it as got lots info online as the packaging in korean language, I don't quite understand.

  6. Woowie... I think I've fallen for all the products in this box! I want the pore cleanser the most!

  7. love their products very much~ worth to try

  8. I'm gonna shop at Althea now! Shopaholic mode on! Hahaha

  9. I love shopping at Althea!! I got the beauty tool box recently, get to try fun and new make up products!

  10. I knew you! I am a loyal fans of Althea too! Hehe. so many good deals in a BOX!