Lajeune e Lounge Pulsating Electrostatic Field Therapy @ Jaya One

Hi darlings,

In a blink of an eye and it's the mid of April! Seriously, time sure passes by in a flash and sometimes it can get rather stressful and tired. Don't we all wish we could just go for relaxing spa sessions or getaways at any time we want. Of course not all of us can just take off whenever we want but I've got a quick solution to solve that problem.

Facing the computer and with so much pollution and free radicals, how many of us actually know the condition of our body? We may be filled with tons of negative ions affecting our sleep and health or maybe you're inflicted with muscle aches and headaches? I was recently introduced to Lajeune e-Lounge where they offered a Energy Field Therapy that dedicates to offer a safer and sustainable healthcare alternative using Energy Field Therapy.

One of the Lajeune eLounge located at Jaya One, PJ is a quick stop centre where you can try out the Pulsating Energy Field Therapy. Just some background on this therapy, it is actually specially designed to relieve body stress and pain, improve blood circulation and stimulate nervous systems so that your body can perform at its more optimal level.

They claim to help those especially having health issues like heart problems, high blood pressure, muscle cramps, asthma, insomnia and many more. If you are skeptical about this treatment, you should know that it has been tested, approved and endorsed by our local authorities and various international health institutions in China, Japan, US, Japan and Korea.

Moving on to my relaxing experience in Lajeune eLounge, it is just a simple set up with 4 comfy sofa seaters installed with their equipment. The Energy Field Health Instrument generates a negative pulsating electrostatic field at low and safe current levels. Now bearing in mind that it is using electrostatic field, try not to touch anyone sitting on the chair unless you are prepared to get a static shock.

There is also an ion mat that confines the electrostatic field and delivering a more targeted and concentrated level of electrostatic field to the person sitting on it. Also, the foot device targets your leg area so that the ions actually travels throughout your whole body from top to toe.

Now, how does this treatment work? It's simple! All you have to do is to sit, relax and that's it. I'm not kidding you because that's all you have to do and the equipment does the rest of the work. Honestly, i nearly fell asleep just sitting there. You can choose to do some light reading or it's the best time to get that nap you are missing out.

The recommended treatment time is from 30 minutes to 1 hour per day. And for those of you who are interested, you can now redeem a Complimentary Treatment Pass and get a FREE TRIAL by just visiting this LINK. Not only that, check out their latest outlet opening in Shah Alam as well.

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